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    First try at chicken biryani Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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    WTF I thought the glitches were fixed by now?
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    Had cooked some Australian lamb today. Just on the grill. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    These "scientists" must have definitely educated & recruited through the superb quota system in our country
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    Lg generally has a very good customer service, it might have been a bit of hassle because of corona, but you are in safe hands.
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    @AtheK Nice beer mug you've got there
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    Oh sh*t nice. Cancelling from gts and getting from here then. Thanks
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    GG dev tweeted mark your calendar for the event, then deleted that tweet. HZD2 confirmed.
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    Please add a NSFW tag to this.
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    Even I'm playing this now (for the first time) and I just started Chapter 4. There's no specific strategy that I could think of, except for relying on parrying in the best way possible. Also, using Atreus' arrows helps a lot, too. Combines effortlessly as a mid-point during Kratos' Light + Heavy combos. For groups, check if you have equipped some rune attacks which allow you to do some area attacks. There's one that stuns multiple of them. However, I must add, that timing them right would be crucial for it to be effective. BTW, what difficulty are you playing on? I'm playing on Normal and overall, it's just the right amount of challenge. Nothing too difficult or frustrating. ----- About the game, it's sooooo much better in terms of how the narrative is paced, compared to previous GoW games. I have never liked any of the previous games (tried playing multiple times over several years but just can't play post 2-3 hours of the first game). It borrows heavily from UC4 and TLoU (not complaining at all) and it's very evident. Also, the combat is 😍. The weight of the character, the animations and the movements really are something else. A lot of care has gone in the game and it's evident with every passing moment. The side-quests are simply, kinda meh. Totally unnecessary, IMO. Barely adds anything to the overall game. Seems kinda tacked-on. The main story however, is very intriguing and there's an instant connect I felt with the characters. This wasn't the case with the old GoW games. In those games, Kratos is just mindlessly killing and killing with no end in sight (at least the game doesn't make it clear). Here, I love the calm and composed Kratos who has a sense of responsibility. Overall, loving the game and looking forward to the story.
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    f**k these Riddler trophies. There are so many of them and many are so hard to get. One trophy in Bleake Island gave me headache as it was super difficult to get. f**k Rocksteady for locking real ending behind collectibles. I like solving Riddles but hate collecting these Question mark trophies. Bc c*** ki tarah video guide khol kar betho. Iam done with this game. Completed all those super short Arkham Episodes DLCs and other most wanted missions except Riddler bullshit. Mohit and Ethan Bhai hats off to you both for getting all Riddler trophies. When it comes to collecting useless sh*t Mohit is expert
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