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    so many here are out of touch with reality
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    Bhai... yeh wala injection lagwa le
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    Some light moments.. Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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    Maybe they delayed it as the console is white in color. They'd need time to prepare a black version and then do this conference.
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    This is worth a watch. Breaks info down for the layman.
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    bro its not even the largest civil crisis in Americas history
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    The cyclones and severe weather is just the beginning. Shouldn't have burnt the fking rain forests in the Amazon basin last year. Also daddy's little boy is in charge of environment and tourism and is handling cyclone crisis. RIP in pieces Mumbai.
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    PS players after E3 2013
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    I had to google that damn KC, let the man live
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    People are so out of touch with reality. USA is massive and brings in big chunk of sales. The event was supposed to be grand and first major event for PlayStation 5. Given the situation in USA with both Covid and Floyd protest, this is a terrible time to celebrate. On top of that, June 4 is memorial service for Floyd. But why should people outside USA care? Well, you don't have to if you don't want to. You are free to ignore but at same time, SONY doesn't have to cater it for you at the moment either. Losing your sale isn't same as getting major backlash from one of the major selling country. That would be a terrible marketing. Also, PlayStation 5 is still launching as scheduled and you still have to wait for it. Event or no event.
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    Took ages to find. Thought of going with MX Master series but this maintains nice balance between work and gaming.
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    Thanks to the Lockdown finshed some of the games I was halfway through God Of War (Main Campaign) The Witcher 3 Uncharted Lost Legacy MGS5 (Main Campaign) The Order 1886 (Don’t know why) about to finish Inside God of War is the perfect example of how to not let a franchise roll over & die due to cash grabs Sadly not all franchises get same treatment The Witcher 3 is a game that will define the PS4 generation of gaming I have tried my hand in sandbox RPG’s before but just couldn’t find the zeal to finish them Skyrim & Fallout 3 were great but at times you do have to realise that leaving players to choose their own path sometimes makes things over complicated Witcher 3 is the perfect balance of openness yet a tightly put narrative so that you do feel like knowing how the Story unfolds Uncharted LL is the future Tomb Raider It’s nice to see that they are setting stage for the next set of characters for the Franchise MGS5 is the king metal Gear Solid when it comes to gameplay After MGS4 there was little to explore in the story arch MGS PW GZ & this all were not really needed but gameplay is king so why not Obviously it’s an unfinished game...not really the true vision but can’t really judge Konami Still have to play Chapter 2 maybe at a later date The Order I’ve already given my opinion on nothing really to add Inside is a Gem obviously will finish that tonight
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    Absolutely devastated by the news that Larry Csonka passed away. I have read something from him almost every day for so long, one of the best and hardest working wrestling writers/reviewers ever. Many people used to read his reviews in order to skip the stupid weekly shows and still be caught up. He had also let me review TNA shows on 411Mania for a little while many years ago when they needed a TNA reviewer.
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