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    Brought these items last month (June, 2020) after saving my pocket money for 3 years continuously The Last Of Us Part II Limited Edition PS4 Pro Gaming Console The Last Of Us Part II Limited Edition Dualshock 4 Controllers (I have bought 2 of them) The Last Of Us Part II Limited Edition Game Drives and a charging cable for the controller, it came with a free controller grip
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    Ohh by damages we meant damages to the wallet haha, how much it costed you. Of course everything looks absolutely brand new and well put-together, nice one
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    Reveal crackdown 4 and my money is yours MS.
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    Do also try Gran Turismo Sport soundtrack by Lenny Ibizarre. Its more of soothing though.
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    Picked up a sideshow figure, got a really good deal for it to add to my collection. Love the classic Wolverine from the comics. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Congrats @gmanu555 I never had the CPU sit on top of my desk till now, always goes under the table.
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    Pre-ordered it from Steam just now: 979 bucks
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    Left has open space, will look weird. I think there is a wall / cupboard to the right. So right would look better.
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    Hmm, left drawer looks like IKEA Alex but wide. They are pretty good. Same for BEKANT desk. Nice clean setup. I usually prefer CPU on left so I have more space with mice. 😌
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    Frozen Wilds DLC for Rs.500 on PSN Sale/Discount lasts till 23rd July
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    Listened to it all morning, the whole fam was vibing with this. Thanks man. @Nathan.Drake Will check all of 'em out
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    Tu kis kis ke random videos dekthe ho yaar? Who is this guy Rand Al Thor 19?
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    @Bauji @playstationdude Really sorry for the late reply guys. I don't login much in IVG. This Inverter/UPS is advertised as a Home Inverter and *does not* come with an in-built battery.
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    Happy World Chocolate Dayy! [emoji515] Dark chocolate cake strewn with a healthy selection of nuts.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    When are we getting news about the DTH console, all I see in this thread is Xbox bashing Game pass bashing Now lets discuss broadband. Everything except anything on PS5 Let's talk about some board games and cricket also...
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    Fantastic track, its really calm but kinda like an Odesza track Something you'd expect to hear in Forza or a racing game GIVE IT A GO
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