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    A few black and white pics:
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    I dont remember if it was Amazon or Flipkart, but once a COD item marked as out for delivery was changed in status by the delivery guy as " Item could not be delivered due to insufficient funds with the customer". The value of the order was around 100rs..
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    My Mother Tested Positive for Covid19 on the 18th and I had to admit her. She is 71. Her symptoms started on the 10th with a sore throat. She then developed a cough and eventually lost her appetite, became extremely weak and from the 17th evening she developed a temperature (99-100.1F). On the 18th morning I checked her Oxygen Saturation Level (SpO2) via an Oximeter and it came to 86-88. She could hardly sit straight due to weakness and her breathing was very heavy. I took her to AMRI (Kolkata) and admitted her immediately. Thankfully, the doctors working on her administered Remdesivir along with other medicines and she was released from the nursing home on the 23rd without symptoms. I'm now solely taking care of her at home and slowly her weakness is going away. Hopefully with time she will return to good health with her diet and care. I'm trying my best to give her all the support I can.
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    According to patent, there is a rod that connects the back of the trigger to a motor that controls tension and acts like a spring with variable pressure. Austine Evans did a disassembly but he's too much of a dumbass to understand how it works. Gotta wait for someone else to tear it apart.
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    I don't want to fight with trigger
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    An update: Now FK CS comes back to me with the bestest of the best lines in the history of stupidity FK: Sir due to technical issues we are unable to track the package. But you can always check the app to know the status. Me : Are you serious? FK: Yes sir we unable to track it. Thank you for your understanding. Me: No I'm ok with the technical issues but did you just tell me immediately after that I can track status on the app? You realise how stupid that is right? FK : Sir please understand Me : Yeah ok sure. I'll wait till today. Thanks for your help! I'm laughing out of my skull at this exchange. It's the weirdest sh*t in a while.
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    will be exclusive to 200$ elite controller.
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    *runs to PlayStation India twitter page, calls them Bhenchod. Feel better for bit. Now cries in a corner.
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    Dude, it's a message to help him GET OUT OF THE MATRIX !
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    Yours might be a one in a hundred case scenario with DS battery, but look at how frequently you have to open up the back cover and slide new Duracells in the other one and what if the batteries die in between the games and you don’t have extras lying around or you forgot to charge them beforehand. The best way would be the mix of both, provide the battery that can be charged like Sony does but keep it in such a way that it can be easily removed by users without undoing the whole controller, when it’s time to finally replace them.
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    Don't worry, the first few books (some 4-5 I think) will fly by, leaving you on the edge of your seat. Then the next set of 6-11 books will ensure you have a great sleep. Then Sanderson takes over.
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    Yeah, I am not proud of that one.
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    Its a good tech which improves gameplay so devs would be excited and show it off in their games. Wont be surprised if Xbox comes with a mid gen refresh of controller and come out with a statement like: "We heard the feedback from you and adding this revolutionary feature in your all new Xbox Controller"
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    BC iska 1 GB daily limit khatam nahi hota hain kya
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    The world is divided into Sony fanboys and closeted Sony fanboys
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    CC is always an afterthought in India since we all have the "chalta hai" attitude. I have had terrific experiences with both AMZ US and UK peeps. UK, as you said, is just on a different level. God knows how many times they have refunded for items I might have received 3-4 weeks after the refund, and their go to is always to keep or donate the item. AMZ India is definitely OK, but not at a global level. Our consumer courts are pretty awesome though. One just needs time and patience with them to get a resolution.
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    Amazon UK plays on a whole other level. Way back I remember I ordered a 16Gig vita memcard. After a few weeks had passed with no delivery I contact Amazon UK CS. They were apologetic said they'd reship the memcard since it seemed to have been lost in the mail. I was ok. A couple of weeks later I received it and then a few days later I received the one that was supposedly lost in the mail. I contacted Amazon UK again and advised them I received both. Imagine my surprise when the said I could keep both. No charge. I bought a TM150 from Amazon india. After the return period had passed one of the springs broke. Since it was in warranty, I contacted Amazon who referred me to the TM India service guys. Who refused to entertain my query. So since I was out about 15k with only a month of use I contacted TM global in France. Their support team asked me to upload a copy of the invoice, which I did. A day later I get a mail back that the spring was being shipped to me free of cost. Nevermind the spring costed them lesser than the cost of shipping, that's f**king service.
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    Extra 20$. That's like 1/3rd the price of a new controller for something that should have been bundled by default.
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    Google makes the best cases. Period. The wonderful dual tone scheme from earlier Pixels is maintained: Now the wait for the actual phone to be available begins
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    I feel sorry for people who bought the special edition Xbox 1X
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    Das ist gut. sehr gut. I am sold on DE. The symmetry. Looks so like PS5 was designed to be a digital only from the very beginning and then they slapped a drive to the side.
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    Nice to see Clooney after ages
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    Don't think it is going to fit in PS4 Pro space for me.
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    It's gonna be alright.. don't get your hopes too high..
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    Nope of course this is not full time. Only during sales, you will see me post a lot. I have a full time job which is not related to affiliate marketing. Those who have been doing for a long time and have a good target audience can easily make in six figures, it's just like youtube and twitch. Right now it's quite saturated, so it's not possible to get more than a bargain worth of games in a month. Ah I didn't know this either. I didn't register my ssd. Apparently my motherboard doesn't have that m2 ssd slot and pci x4 is already blocked by gpu. Will wait for next year to get a new mobo, hopefully ssd will work then. Same reason I don't order much from fkrt either. It went terrible since Walmart takeover. It was much better before that. Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit -Mario Set - Mario Set 13319 Use Axis/Citi/ICICI CC/DC to get 10% Off Dragon Quest Builders 2 (PS4) 50% Off 1499 HORI Officially Licensed PlayStation 4: Wired Mini Gamepad - Blue (PS4) 2299 Borderlands 3 PS4 699
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    Been a sh*t month for reading tbh, but finally decided to start The Wheel of Time. @dylanjosh Been a long time coming, lets do this. I have a feeling the next few months are going to be absolutely insane.
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    Live-Action Assassin’s Creed Series Coming To Netflix
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    Everyone is going to play Assassin’s Creed & keep playing Assassin’s Creed till the end of time anyway
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    Oh it's the same Gamespot joker from the other video. Also just put the screw hole cover where you removed the screw from.
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    Spawnwave will be over the moon at the idea of dissecting Dualsense and talk about all the tech.
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    Sony should just hire him to make commercials for them. Guy knows how to produce a top quality video.
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    I tend to agree. My old Netgear R7800 conked off last year, and I called up NG. They didn't have my purchase proof, so I was asked to provide that. Their global backend team took about 4-5 days for verification, but that was the only time I had to wait without any communication. The India CC took over, and they followed up with me AT A TIME AND DAY OF MY CHOOSING till I got a replacement with a higher model (replacement R7800 were not in stock). Then they followed up with closing the ticket, but I had used the new model for a couple of days, and the USB port wasn't working. So they again issued a replacement invoice, and followed up until I was satisfied. I must say except the fact that I had to go to Nehru Place to drop off the router and pick up the replacement, it was smooth sailing. The CC guy, Amandeep (he was so good and polite that I remember his name) was a gem of a fellow, and I rated him highly, even sending an e-mail to NG. Hence when it came to buying a mesh, I was biased towards Orbi by NG. That's how you manage a long term customer.
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    Waiting to see how Xbots spin this into a positive thing about Daani Baba PhilChomu
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    What's with the unwarranted personal attack on another member? Take some time out and come back later.
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    lol Flipkart Ekart logistics is some weird sh*t I ordered something on the 18th of October and expected delivery is 27th of October. So I'm chill. I'm ok with it being later than the 27th because its not something really important anyway. So on Saturday the 24th when Flipkart tracking shows its out for delivery I'm surprised and a bit happy too. Always nice to get something before time. I receive a few unexpectedly early packages from Amazon and things are hunky dory. Of course there was no delivery from Flipkart Around 9PM, I crack my first beer and settle down for dinner, still not really bothered about the delivery because ok so they'll deliver the next day or maybe Monday or next weekend. It's all good. And then I get a call from Ekart Logistics. The package will be delivered tomorrow sir as it's very late now. I'm all Yeah sure that's fine. At this point I'm still not bothered but now they've made me a commitment without me asking for it. So sunday came and went, Monday came and went and we're now at Tuesday and lo and behold Flipkart status has changed from Out for Delivery to Item yet to be delivered. For some reason this pisses me off. I contact FK CS and then the rage. Guy says sir they tried to deliver on Saturday and Sunday and it was refused from your end. God help me, I wanted to go through the lines and strangle the f**k out of him. Anyway he assured me it'll be delivered today. So yeah I'm pissed now. Its the principle of the thing and all that. This is the precise reason I mostly avoid FK like the plague.
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    its an issue company has acknowledged. Warranty will be handled by bill
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    Embargo lifts in evening. That is 5:30PM India time.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti specs confirmed An anonymous and public GPU-Z validation confirms the specifications of the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, the second graphics card from NVIDIA based on Ampere GA104 GPU. The RTX 3060 Ti, which appears to be made by board partner HP, is confirmed to have 4864 CUDA cores and 80 ROPs, while the TMU could is clearly incorrect. More importantly, the validation confirmed the frequencies of the graphics card. The RTX 3060 Ti would have a base clock of 1410 MHz and a boost clock of 1665 MHz, both reported as default by the software. The graphics card would be equipped with 8GB of GDDR6 memory across a 256-bit bus clocked at 14 Gbps, the same configuration as RTX 3070, which NVIDIA is officially launching in two days. NVIDIA has not yet confirmed the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, but AIBs are very busy preparing for this launch, our sources claim. The pricing and launch date are not set yet, but the model is expected to launch mid-November with a price tag under 400 USD. https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3060-ti-specifications-confirmed-by-gpu-z-validation
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    My DS4 battery crapped out after 1.5 years, was giving barely 2 hrs backup. Managed to find a replacement on ebay (Flipkart hadn't killed it yet) and put it in after a lot of struggle. That did fine for a few months and went to sh*t again (was likely fake chinese stuff). Compared to that- simply opening up a back cover and sliding in a couple of new Duracell sounds pretty nice to me.
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    The rate at which Ms has been busy showing off older games on a NEXT GEN 12 TF CONSOLE. it's the equivalent of this saregama radio which comes loaded with old songs on a chargeable radio.. [emoji23] Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    https://psprices.com/region-in/game/2962822/judgment Click on "email me when price drops".
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