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    Got this today. All set for next gen.
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    Bought these cool Katana Bookends from Amazon. Love Katanas even more after playing the Ghost of Tsushima. Sent from my SM-A920F using Tapatalk
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    Why worry about this when you can play 5000 old games at 8k/240 fps
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    https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/523013-white-house-science-office-says-trump-ended-covid-pandemic-as-us-hits '
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    Excellent explanation of how haptic feedback and adaptive triggers work in the DualSense controller. Also he put a Matte Black skin on PS5 panel.
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    That should be a concern for everyone. Because it is illegal, unethical and pure exploitation just to bring down the cost. But it doesn't mean that one shouldn't feel bad about exploitation that happens in white-collar jobs. making 450$ a month & paying rent more than your salary... yes you have a white-collar job but to bring down your CoL, you can't start living in slums, can you? So what is it...if it is not an exploitation.
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    All a matter of perspective really. There's also crunch when you have to put in extra hours for no pay which is what most of us in India normally put up with. Not saying they're wrong or right for that matter. Just it's hard to relate when you come from a place where you make a noise about crunch without pay and then eventually have to quit your job because you're slowly and subtly being targeted, scrutinised, sidelined and basically stressed the f**k out.
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    Not sure why people have this crab mentality. "All our jobs are shitty so nobody should complain about their job" Executives dream come true How about, you know, everyone making a f**king noise about their dissatisfaction instead of pulling down people who are trying to?
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    Do chaar Gali bhi de dete sir hum sab ki aur se 😂
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    Date is again gone from website 😂😂😂😂 Bola tha Maine
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    koi inhe mummy kasam de kar pucho...tabhi sach bataenge ye...nahi to inke twitter pe Andi Mandi Shandi kardo.
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    No they can't. Only way you can shrink the size is if the process becomes mature enough so you don't need as many redundant CUs to cover for failure so you can shrink it. Or just straight up jump the node and shrink it that way. Like how PS4 Slim is 16nm compared to PS4 (28nm). Smaller chip, small transistors, less power, less heat, smaller size.
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    I don't like to be selective AND I don't want to outrage about anything and everything. But top of that I don't like to be the guy who says -- "hey dude, why are you cribbing about putting a few hrs on a Sunday, when there are literally thousands of 9-yrs olds rolling up the crackers for your Diwali"
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    Yeah 8 year olds working in sweatshops to make our clothes and phones and working with toxic waste to recycle the copious amounts of trash we generate each year is a much bigger concern for me.
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    The blade looks dangerously real! Like the short blade (ninjato), used mostly for swift melee attacks.
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    Roun explained it really well. Pre mining Pascal was the last era of sane prices. Post mining everything went to sh*t and the prices have been sh*t ever since. While this AMD competing at the top end and giving Nvidia a run for their money all sounds nice and dandy the fact of the matter is less than 1% of Indian PC gamers can buy the 6 cards announced till now due to the crazy prices they have. Nvidia and AMD have just normalised super expensive cards. Exactly, the good old times when you got holy sh*t performance at super budget prices. There is a reason cards like 7870/r9 280x/RX 580/gtx 970/gtx 1060 have legendary status. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Problem with some of the folks who can't be bothered to go out of their way to bat for others is that they will be first ones to bat for these exploitative companies
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    That happened during Maxwell. 25k was 970 FE price. And around 32k-33k (I think) would get you the premier versions like Asus Strix. Around 50k was the absolute top end 980 ti. As for games, you can imagine what Maxwell games were like. Pascal was a bit more expensive, but still manageable. 1070 started at 40k and you would get 1080 tis starting at 65k (Around 72k for premier versions) until the mining craze screwed up the prices royally. Then Nvidia screwed up prices themselves with even 2070s launching at around 46k (basic FE) And now 3070 FE seems to start at 51k. 3080 at around 71k for FE. But of course these are "official" prices. Currently all sellers are screwing around offering 3080s "unofficially" at 1.2 lakhs something (102k Rs equal to around 1600 USD) and 3090 at 2.4 lakhs something (204k Rs equal to around 3200 USD). And that "unofficial" stock is the only one available in the entire country it seems.
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    Yeah lol. Will it go bye bye with one drop. Dualshock 4 are fragile pieces of sh*t anyways.
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    Just wanted to ensure they have change the display and not returned by polishing it
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    Demon souls preorders LIVE on ps india store... Just checked!
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    I meant my prior post was a joke. Never buying that piece of sh*t.
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    They removed the launch date again from Indian site LMAO Th
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    Ivg bhi tweet daal raha hai ab.. Bhai koi kuch bata do Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    We have a very active trade section where users sell new/used physical games and other stuff.
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    Dualsense controller offering next gen experience 😍
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    You are searching for logic at the wrong place brother.
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    Amazing logic. So basically, it is factually ugly. Anyone who doesnt think so is a fanboy. Simply amazing.
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    Yes. The PlayStation 5 will launch in Malaysia, Singapore on November 19, 2020. Even pre-orders are up. South Korea on Nov. 12. India isn't really big on gaming. Majority of it is still playing on phone or low end PC.
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    A few black and white pics:
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    Sunday lunch + dinner Halwa fish shallow fry and Halwa head curry Raagi chapati Soyabean capsicum
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    So finally bought this after a lot of thinking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally something vegetarian.. Everytime I get to this thread I become like a PETA member...
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    Hi all, Joined today , a very old passionate retro/modern gamer. still own consoles/games from atari 2600 to ps3, Love the ps3 a avid collector of games for it and still stuck with one. Also a huge nintendo handheld fan (pokemon games) here is a old video i made of my ps3 collection using a outdated redmi note 3 Suffering the blues of getting good deals on games/console ever since ebay india shutdown , was using that very much , now looking to get gaming here.
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    How about 20 reps + 3 or 6 month old IVG account - So can restrict newbies or 20 reps + 3 or 5 positive feedback
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