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    Not a purchase but a gift from my uncle. Couple of years back, my uncle gifted me a Made in Japan PlayStation 1 + The orignal black colour CD of Formula 1 97 When I was a kid, he had purchased it for me but my parents did not allow him to gift me (coz usual indian parents ). He finally gifted me after my marriage and having a child Really loved it and he was so thoughtful of keeping it safe all these years for me. Powered up console and everything working fine, except the game doesn't goes past the title screen (Looks like the CD is busted, too many scratches)
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    Sony Fans just went from "xbox has no games" to "please keep these games on PlayStation"
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    Confused? Here's a simpler explanation.
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    @WhiteWolf utho utho, you are back in game.
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    The physical disc isn’t the only cost that goes into it. Sony first party games cost $100+ million to develop and on top of that there’s the marketing and other expenses that go into it. For third party games like FIFA the development cost is on top of the licensing cost that goes into millions. All of that is factored into the cost of the game. If a game costs $100 million to develop and the game is priced at $60. After all margins, let’s assume Sony makes $30. To recover just the development cost (not counting the marketint, manufacturing, shipping etc), they would need to sell 3.3 million units. Now if you were to lower the price for a country like India, where Sony already only makes about $10 per game, you can imagine how difficult it becomes. So sure, they make $10 revenue from India per game, but that isn’t a profit for them, especially if the game doesn’t sell 5-7 million. But here’s the other side to it. The argument in favour of lower game prices is that to grow a market like India, you need to support it with lower prices. Every publisher bought that argument until they realised that in India, dropping the price doesn’t lead to a proportionate increase in sales. Same goes for the console. If Sony was to launch PS4 at 20k rather than 40k, the install base would have been maybe 1-1.5 million by now rather than the current 500k. Thats a measly 500k units (which they can sell in the US in 1-2 months) sold at a huge loss. That’s also being optimistic because the only console that has crossed 1 million in India was PS2, and only after the price dropped under 10k and only because you could pirate games easily. The biggest hindrance to console sales in India is the sustained cost of games. Doesn’t matter what the price is, simply having to pay for games prevents the console from selling. Economies of scale comes only when there is scale. 500k install base with an attach rate of 3-5 games (optimistic) per console isn’t big enough to make pricing games lower profitable or even sustainable, because there’s an entire supply chain to feed in addition to the actual development cost. If you lower the cost of a PS4 game to 1000 bucks, distributors and retailers will stop selling it because the margins they make will be peanuts and they rather use their warehouse and store shelves on something that will give them higher margins, like Chinese toys.
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    Xbox India on social media: Everyone get ready. Preorders begin at 9 am IST tomorrow PlayStation India on social media:
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    Suddenly Zodak wants people to upgrade PCs
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    Today's arrival from Japan. Could not afford the Pal special edition so got this [emoji4] I have the steelbook so shall keep it in this edition. Sent from my SM-A920F using Tapatalk
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    Lets just live it to people to decide what links to use, Its as simple as seeing the deals that are posted clicking the IVG link above and searching for same product and buying it. If you think you got the sweetest deal ever just because @santanu18 took the effort and posted, then support him. He may be doing it for his own good, everyone does that but lets admit he is saving time for many of us to go in and search for things especially during those Big Billion type of sales. No more OT on this thread as well please, please keep this thread to posting the deals and related only discussions which it is known for.
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    Thanks a lot @HundredProofSam The contents are so damn good! Especially that steelbook! Sorry for all the hungama in this thread.
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    Backing myself out of this competition. Used another account to vote for myself and also told friends to vote. It wasn't against rules but I realise it was unethical. Will win next month for sure.
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    What if Sony buys Microsoft itself
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    Where are the two little kids, wa*king off I guess before posting :p
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    Wow so many pages, must be some good discus....
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    ] Sent from my SM-G985F using Tapatalk
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    Really happy with today's arrival. Got it from a friend from the UK. This would be my 5th press kit. Sent from my SM-A920F using Tapatalk
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    when a cross gen game looks better than your nextgen flagship title INFINITE HALOL
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    Why not support IVG? And regarding effort, let's take the discussion offline. Meanwhile people are supporting him as if he's doing God's great work. He's just running a business. The best part is that he's helped a lot of us and we're thankful to him. But for god's sake just stop with all this "He's a saviour and all other bullshit". He's posting links out of purely his own self interest. I was merely asking him the same, if he clarifies the same it's cool.
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    But on a serious note, it's a good call for gaming industry generally, PS was running away and monopoly in any sense is not good. This brings back MS in game, also I hope majority of the games stay multiplat and MS works on developing a few new IP.
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    My first and bestest ever purchase on the Launch, Midnight launch in best buy when I was in Philadelphia during 2013, Crazyy feeling it was, I actually reached late and they had already given out the buy slip to those who were in line, I was about to go back and one guy who just stood in the line was going back and gave me his slip. I paid him like $20 and inside I spent a bomb like buying 3 games, addl controller, stand and protection plan and what not lol Yes, Day 1 is all about the feeling and the experience of some moments after you come and unpack and feel good about it the whole feeling is awesome after that it becomes usual but when you have a chance why not, now even if I want to I won't be able to do it unless India pulls off mid night launch during Corona
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    Bose TV speakers Decent speakers for gaming and entertainment! It has speech mode which makes the vocals crisp and clear while watching movies. Not much of bass which is fine with me considering the size of the room.
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    Since @eddy4823 has withdrawn himself from the voting, congratulations to @kold_war for winning this month's IVG Community Showcase! Please PM me your full name, email address, contact number and platform of choice for Marvel's Avengers.
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    When you're playing one of those Anime titty games and mom walks into the room
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    A lot depends on who the players in the semis and finals are and how stable their internet connections are. We would not want to compromise the match quality while attempting to stream it. I am working on rule set for the tournament and will recommend everyone to use the save highlight option to save the match and upload it to youtube after the match is complete. This should not cause any lag issues during the match
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    He is using his own affiliate links which I think is fine considering how much effort he puts into it.
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    @WhiteWolf coming in Chowde hoke
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    That arnab "THE SUDDENNESS" clip is really relevant here
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    For those who don't want to buy a PS5 now, I'd suggest hanging on to your PS4....in 10-12 years you will get a PS5 in a straight swap
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    haha nope. Sony India Support and SBI at 2PM are the same to me. Kaun mu lage
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    As expected, Customer Care is Chu. I asked them about the release date of PS6 and they replied a copy pasted reply without even reading it or comprehending it.
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    An update on BIS process: For Sony to launch PS5 in India in November, they would have had to send the console (both SKUs) to India for BIS certification 6 months in advance because that's how long it takes. So there may be PS5 units lying around in govt labs since May-June. For PS5 to launch on Nov 19, stock would need to hit India by end of October, which means it would need to be shipped to India from Europe around 1 September (18 days ago). This is the same process for Xbox Series X and if MS has committed to Nov 10 launch, Sony should be able to launch by Nov 19 if they play their cards right. Besides, brands like Apple go through this process every year so it shouldn't be impossible. On a positive note, BIS certification is not needed for peripherals, which is a relief.
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    All this effort for avengers . This is a horrible hill to die on.
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    Btw guys can you please tell us who the hell won? Warna Kya fayda password change karneka? Dan didn't even remember his user id FFS. For people who don't know Dan, he's an old man who used to throw games around like we throw channa to kabootars. Unfortunately his bank balance couldn't support this craze for long so people stopped caring about him and he stopped visiting. We will be starting a GoFundMe page for his game throwing hobbies soon. Stay tuned for more updates.
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    Donating RDR 2 to the IVG library Location: Mumbai
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    Available now __ Download Rocket League on the Epic Games Store, Get $10
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    In near future, Zodak would have added all of us to the ignore list and he will see only Trigger's post and be at peace
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