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    Bought these today. Now this thread will be more fun to read.
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    A goldmine from reddit. Patch Notes for Episode 5 1. Scorpions got nerfed. Significantly reduced accuracy. And the hero character Euron no longer gives a bonus to Scorpion accuracy. 2. Dragons got buffed. Speed and stealth have both been increased. They can now take the hide action while flying. 3. Dothraki have been added back to the game. Fans were upset about their removal, so they’re back now. 4. Battle Times have been shortened. Complaints that the Battle of Winterfell lasted too long have been heard, so now battles last no longer than 5 minutes. 5. Northerners and Unsullied both have reduced honor and morality meters. It is now possible for them to commit war crimes with little to no provocation. 6. Cersei’s speed has been reduced. She now moves sluggishly, if at all. 7. Euron’s plot armor has been removed. 8. The Mountain’s loyalty has been reduced for the introduction of the Cleganebowl game type. 9. Arya’s conviction has been reduced after complaints that she was too OP. Her plot armor has been significantly increased to compensate. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6000 using Tapatalk
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    Another Switch and another Smash Bros
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    Got Days Gone Special Edition from Amazon India some weeks ago. It's going for 4.4k now, a very good price for this edition Steelbook with Gane Disc and OST: Artbook Front and Back: Got this warning for Artbook:
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    LOL I'm old enough to remember buying a GC just for RE4 for $350 because Mikami assured people (with his life) the game will never come out on any other platform, and then remember being pissed because PS2 version came out 10 months later. I have no issues with people claiming old school is superior or whatever, but if you're going to wave the flag of originality and authenticity, and then brag about playing a shitty port, I'm just going to laugh and ignore. Btw 10 months is 300 days, that's not "almost simultaneous" lol.
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    Pretty much the Indian education system.
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    This. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    I feel like enough people have (deservedly) taken a dump on this episode, so its worth talking about some of the things it did well. I thought the Cleganebowl was fantastically done. The entire build up of Sandor riding through a city on fire just to get to his brother (who would have died anyway) for revenge was fantastic. The moment between him and Arya was really well done too. The fight was amazing as well. Having the mountain kill off Qybern so casually made him really f**king terrifying and I had no idea how this fight would end. Also the shot of Sandor walking up the stairs while his mountain of a brother stands above him and you can see the dragon ravaging the city in the background was f**king amazing. End to end, it was superb. Well worth the 8 years of build up. I also thought they did a good job with Arya in this episode. She comes to the city a battle hardened assassin ready to kill someone and is absolutely shaken to her core with the genocide going all around her. Speaking of which the city getting absolutely f**ked was fantastically from a visual point. They really captured the absolute chaos very well. The moment in the tent between Jaime and Tyrion was also really good. It probably should have been a little bit longer but you really feel bad for both those characters on the choices they have made and are going to make. And lastly, I loved how absolutely subtle their showing of Varys's attempt at poisoning Dany was. Most shows would have had the characters spell it out. It took me a while to realize that he was trying to assassinate her. Holy sh*t! They really did the show dirty by shortening what should have been 3-4 seasons in 1.5 season. What a colossal f**k up.
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    Age of Empires + Spawn Dragon + Unlimited DragonFire Cheat.
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    Totally forgot which thread I was in.. Thanks for making me remind which thread this is.. And great buys there.. @Bauji Everytime I come across your ID I am like in my mind saying "Pairi Pauna" 😁
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    Thanks Afty, Madmage for the inputs on kindle
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    I for one prefer digging up bulbs and picking berries from trees like the old times. And drinking untreated water after that. I believer the EColi added a lot of flavor which the water of today simply lacks. The new age hipster food doesn't have that feel.
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    Better yet. Don't support companies who don't give a sh*t about you especially when there are quite a few alternatives. There have been quite a few years since pixels started selling in India and they still haven't fixed their after sales support. I don't care about pricing. I just won't buy until the price sits right with me. But having such sh*t support for what is supposed to be a premium phone is just ridiculous. Also the phone will be a decent deal only at 30-40 percent discount. So there's that.
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    Finally should be able to complete it this time. Cost : Old blood plus a 30 km morning cycle ride. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    Can't complain for 95 rupees. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    Imagine if they got RARE, one of the top Nintendo studios to work on first party stuff. It'd be awes- oh waitaminute. Forget about it, imagine they got Insomniac, one of the top Sony collab studios to work on first party stuff. It'd be awes- oh waitaminute. Forget about that too, imagine if they got Platinum studios, one of the top and most reliable developers ever to work on first party stuff. It'd be awes- oh goddammit.
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    "My Vengeance Ends Now." Also,now have got a Platinum in every Greek part of my all time favorite Video Game Series. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    BUY on PC! Phenomenal combat! A very enjoyable game with some technical hiccups and not very slick on the consoles.
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    This Season: Mumbai 4, Chennai 0. Teams making < 150 batting first in IPL Final: DC (143) beat RCB by six runs, 2009 MI (148) beat CSK by 23 runs, 2013 MI (129) beat RPS by one run, 2017 MI (149) beat CSK by one run, 2019
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    I've seen the first season, and it was quite well made with a strong cast and exceptional performances. But it was bit dark & quite disturbing at times , so stopped watching it. I mean, its not gory or anything , but its one of those shows which is so realistically made, it can make you quite tense / anxious long after watching it.
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    Tetris 99 aka the best battle royale game you'll never play (or maybe you will).
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    Liked the episode, but then if you can kill the dragon just like that, why not kill those handful of soldiers and Danny, just like that, let Jon and othes think of another strategy. Also rain fire in the night, make those weapons blind.
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    Ps2 sadly missing Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk