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  1. Its because most of the guys care about the brand a bit too much.Most of the people often don't know the features that phones like Huawei offer and just opt for the Galaxy Y/Ace because it comes from a reputed company and regard people buying phones from Huawei as low lives ...etc...etc although the Huawei phone is superior in all aspects.Sh*t the world will really end in 2012 with retarded people like these. :wallbash:.


    I am not talking about everyone here but most of em.

    Peace :hypocrite:


    BTW Congrats Naman.


    its called marketing.

  2. picked up a VITA a couple of days ago.


    got the following games:

    F1 2011


    Escape Plan

    Capcon vs Marvel

    Motorstorm RC


    Table football (free to download)

    Cliff Dive (Free to download)


    Super Stardust

    Fifa Football




    Travel Pack


    16gb card


    will pic this once back home from work





    have a new psn id for my vita as my old one was linked to a US profile


    arjunshah - PSN id


    add me if you guys wanna play any of the above online

  3. picked up an LG 47inch LED 3D TV last week.


    will upload real pics once im back from work.


    Model: 47LW650T




    intitial feedback:

    passive 3D is a lot easier on the eyes and watched super sunday in 3D and felt no strain on the eyes even after 5 hours continuous playback

    2D - 3D conversion is much better than I expected (esp. FIFA 12 :D .... no perspective fail due to camera anymore)

    lovefilm/netflix work like a charm

    bbc iplayer etc seemlessly integrated into UI

    200hertz makes a big big difference during 3D playback - flicker free

  4. ^^ avoid the g1 .... imo a flop.... the shape and form factor sucks .... you will keep dropping the phone while talking on it cuz its tilted at the bottom.... im bbay you could get 1 of these new for around 18-19 and a used sparingly used 1 for around 12-13 as this phone didnt work here one bit

  5. im travelling via dubai to europe and im halted in dubai for a day.

    im looking to buy a laptop and need some suggestions.


    things im looking for -


    a good gfx card


    4gb + ram


    large hdd


    bluray writer


    battery life


    dont have a budget as such

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