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  1. Thanks bhai was able to link to the authenticator app on the new phone and log on to the other laptop. Any idea how can I generate backup codes for this (so that I dont have to trouble the mod team again). Is this article relevant? https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/1187538?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop
  2. Team, Facing an issue while trying to logon to a diff system (as I have to turn in the current system back to office) with my IVG account. On successful credentials, it demands Google authenticator 2FA (which I believe I had set when GaneshRoy was cheated by folks via established accounts); now I dont have the backup codes, neither do I have any registrations on authenticator in the old or new phone. The logon window, gives me an option to either "Get an email to recover access" OR "Login from previously used device". Not getting an email with recovery code with my registered email account; logging in from current device, asks me for authenticator code again if I try to go into Security settings. Whats the best way for me to retain the account, can anyone from the mod team help? @sathyabhat @ALPHA17 @Assassins Creed, need to return this machine back in 7 days, kindly help me reconfigure authenticator on my account Cheers NT, xbx360patron Edit: Tried logging on again from my phone (previously used device), it didnt demand 2FA, its doing that only for new laptops, @HundredProofSam any idea what needs to be done?
  3. From here. I am interested in CoD WW2. I will need t owait till the 11th to order it from you though, provided it remains unsold.

    Will message you on the 11th.

    1. NightTroller


      Sure thing, DM me to check, its in stock as of now

  4. Yeah I guess, I bought this in 2013 from you and maybe few games too, cant recollect been too long. Happy to see you are still active at IVG
  5. Good to see you back Sunil bhai Your Mcfarlane Halo master chief says Hi I always thought you would go for another Gears of war console after selling the NTSC 360 all those years back.
  6. Added amazon / cloudtail to no buy list, same as PPGC, only exception I will make is for games that are under 1K Can't risk high value items Apna time ayega, right now waiting ....
  7. As a collector, I would have been mighty pissed at both the outcomes, I prefer to maintain my consoles complete in box and in top notch condition
  8. Beats me, they didnt even process a return on this, decided then and there not to order from them
  9. Was the tape in the center used to stick a brown paper slip with amazon sticker and address on it? sh*t move, they will say this is eco friendly etc, did the same for one of my xbox games
  10. @fatpigeon time for your poonam pandey moment normal means without ?
  11. Says, he is facing the same error even now, can read General chatter as guest, but cannot login
  12. Team, @Assassins Creed @GunnerY2J is unable to access his IVG account, he is facing issues while trying to log on IVG. He is getting a "Unable to log in error", any suggestions on what should be his next steps of action? Update: Error code : EX1205 Something went wrong please try again
  13. Yep, next GoW or Uncharted would be a system seller for me, would also wait to get a limited edition this time rather than get a standard ed and then drool on LEs later.
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