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  1. Yep, next GoW or Uncharted would be a system seller for me, would also wait to get a limited edition this time rather than get a standard ed and then drool on LEs later.
  2. Posting here after an eternity, but this arrived last week and got unboxed couple of hours back
  3. I meant him getting a PS3 towards EOL, 2013 I guess after being a xbox person for so long, though we were not as loud as Zodka, Zee or Ambar back then when it came to fanboyism
  4. I remember registering on 360 indians during college but then not using it much. Enter 2012, bought a xbox360, thrived on new games for good 6-7 months before realizing used games are just as good and joined IVG. Bought a lot of games, made friends in the process. Lent games to @Captain Galba on the condition he pays both side shipping Observed @waveking's purchases and ended up getting a PS3 after seeing him drift towards playstation Cant forget, all the great deals @otaku.u and @Monokuma have provided thus far; and checking out PS3 and PS4 for the first time at @Monokuma's place, not to mention the sweet PS3 deal he offered me. Getting my first ogXbox from @rahul vyas and then discussing about og xbox and retro games at length. trolling @prabs over Red dead revolver sale. Getting some good deals from @godspeed4476 during the 360 era Checking out all the cool stuff in "What you bought this week" Ordering first games from PlayAsia with @bneck Needless to say have met a lot of other good people over IVG whom I keep disturbing on whatsapp @PreethamJD @blitzkreiig @popeye @GunnerY2J Getting roped into Collectors edition after checking out @DiehardD3solent's collection
  5. Passport seizure alongwith 5 lakh INR fine maybe. The problem is that we are not tracking people who are supposed to be in isolation, at max a physical stamp on the hand. We should have means to track people (I would probably have not said the same 4 months earlier), but there should be a facility to track a person using big data such that their cards, phone, passport etc is linked to their profile and we can easily trace out who are the individuals who came back to India in the last 2-3 weeks and whether they are flouting the isolation norms. Have heard Taiwan was able to do this and keep things in check.
  6. Getting a physical release on Week 1 whenever this comes out
  7. Can I have one of the n64 region convertor stuff please Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  8. My copy arrived today and its a damn normal edition, pissed off with Croma, will ask for a refund; hows the status at your end guys?
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