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  1. Sweet! Love the bike, Red color looks dope!
  2. Just wanted to say i check this thread only because of you man, Bought a quite a few stuff you share here, Thanks for sharing !
  3. Congrats man, Hands down this is one of my favourite bike out there, Ride safe buddy!
  4. Downloaded the prime app on my xbox one after changing the region to US, Switched back the region and i am a happy guy!!! Loads too watch! 500 is literally peanuts!
  5. Hey guys, Anyone from Mumbai if your looking for a job which is related only with Gaming and gadgets then contact them, They need people like us, Their website : https://in.webuy.com If interested drop in a call to the HR Manager for more details @ 9967204923 Please note : I am sharing this so incase any fellow gamer from Mumbai is looking for a job which includes games and gadgets they would enjoy doing it plus earn. Thanks!
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