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  1. Why do you guys want to play the same games again, there are so many new games releasing. I thought all you wanted were true nextgen experiences, maybe hoping for bloodborne 2 is a good idea.
  2. It's a great move, I agree But try explaining it to Sony fanboys and the closed ecosystem they desire just to brag about those hardware sales 🤣
  3. E3 was always a media event as far as I know, it's only since last few years they started making a transition to a consumer event. So comparing the attendance at the event is pointless.
  4. I see Sony revealing the ps5 in Feb and the games with ps5 price after MS e3.
  5. Well those guys just need to get a 2nd or 3rd job and upgrade to a better system 😂. Anyone with half brain shouldn't expect that.
  6. I think that's probably through xcloud
  7. A nice breakdown of MS strategy by a non fanboy
  8. I agree it's coz of the subscription that they don't want to split the install base. At the same time it is a very pro consumer since it's not forcing you upgrade to a new hardware, you can upgrade after 2 years also when it has exclusives and you feel confident enough that the games are not being held back. Looking at hellblade 2 , it looked shiny enough taking advantage of the new Xbox. I see no reason how a 12tf console will be held back in any ways. That's like saying a GTX 2080 is held back by a 1060 and as soon a new card release we should drop support of all the old ones 🤔. All those people worried about games being held back will be the first one in the lines buying the next cod, a*s Creed or lou2 to play on the new console. I still remember how Sony milked all PS4 users by the last of us and all you could here that time was OMG what an upgrade 😂. That time non of the fanboys had a problem paying another 60$. Let's wait and see what Sony does, coz dropping 120 million PS4 owners overnight won't be an easy decision for them. Also majority of you are as it is going with the ps5 anyways so why the fake concern of Xbox 1st party being held back?
  9. If Xbox is aiming for 500$ and ps5 for 400$, it's pretty obvious it will be powerful. Just like the pro and the X,it ultimately comes down to preference in the end like always.
  10. Crazy to think that we will have 3 new consoles out in the market competing against each other, I doubt it has ever happened before.
  11. Seems like it, kinda disappointing considering all the talk about the ps5 being aimed at hardcore gamers and being a premium product. No doubt it will be fine as far as 1st party is concerned but multiplats will suffer for sure. It's funny how Sony is still stuck to a 400$ price inspite of all it's killer exclusives. Still hoping for a 500$ console which can last an entire generation without the need to consider a midgen refresh.
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