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  1. Damn ,these things should never happen with a leading publisher like sony.
  2. Ms will f**k sony now ,there goes sony’s opportunity to buy anything in japan. Waiting for more info from sony’s 2019 deals they are supposed to produce to FTC. Jim Ryan
  3. Like redfall ,Starfield ,forza motorsport and hellblade you mean?
  4. Breathe deeply it will help ,you are lost my friend and its not easy at the moment
  5. My opinion too. However the new ips will be exclusive.
  6. All the best to them , but lets see how long sony waits.
  7. Thats good to know ,that called competition. Surely they will go for square soon ,they have to make a big move now.
  8. This guys with the thread is a xbox fanboy going by his tweets ,but his analysis is very elaborate and one of the best.
  9. FTC will withdraw soon ,their case lack merits . They blocked to wait and see what the Eu and CMA does . The deal will close by June and we should get majority of the games on GP latest by this fall.
  10. So another case by case basis if the deal goes through it seems. Sony pressed on just cod and they will get just cod as a grantee . Their approach was wrong ,should have just insisted that all legacy titles and spin offs should continue releasing on the PS and signed the deal without any drama. I think Diablo should be added to GP once the deal goes through.
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