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  1. not to forget that sony wouldn’t have been expected to release on other platforms to recoup the 7.5 billion investment . People here actually think that PS is bigger than xbox +pc+ Mobile (Cloud gaming) combined where Xbox will be releasing.
  2. They didnt leave WB in the cold ,Ms wanted them but Wb went off the market.
  3. Bethesda games are consistently rated very high , go check the meta. Though Some of them might not have done well commercially , inspite of good reviews.
  4. If there is actually an event ,it should be announced today i guess
  5. He is obviously asking for a Friend , who happens to be you .
  6. Ya i agree ,amazon and google can buy some big publishers anytime they want . No one builds studios from scratch when you have the money to buy them. i think WB will be the next big publisher MS,google and amazon will have their eye on once the opportunity opens up.
  7. 70% ?? I think it should be 90% You are clearly underestimating .Just do your calculations once again ,i am sure you will agree. also y just bethesda games ? I am sure we will see other xbox 1st party games on PS too.
  8. Well for right now it clearly kills the argument that xbox cant ignore a big platform like PS.
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