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  1. Ms will never make these big ips exclusive , we will most likely see them on gamepass day 1 and everywhere else for 60$.
  2. It will be a great show ,since its not called inside xbox😂
  3. Then you would have again complained about how the generation is being held back and cracked 10 more bad jokes .
  4. Lockhart wont be more than 300 ,ps5 digital at 400 and the series x at 500 ,Surely everyone wins with these prices.
  5. Sony doesnt need a subscription with day 1 games on it ,there games sell well enough. People will happily pay 70$ or 5k to play them , but please lets not compare ps now and gamepass.
  6. Just curious as to what specs you have have on your PC?
  7. 3rd party will have the same targets for both consoles , will be interesting to see what route the 1st party takes . Resolution or FPS or options with both which makes the most sense
  8. Nice , so basically bringing the e3 demos to your homes
  9. The 1$ never ending deal is only for sony fanboys
  10. So which one is it really ? 1$ deal thrice a year or 1$ deal every month ? Different people saying different things
  11. This 1$ deal is only for one /first time use . The following month is a 15$ subscription amount. Don’t know if you guys really don’t know or just dumb to mention it as a 1$ sub for the sake of making fun of an exceptional ,consumer friendly gaming subscription.
  12. Why are you even bothering ,don't you know you are on PS Ivg?
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