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  1. triggr happy ss

    Gears 5

    Gamepass is amazing ,I like all the backing it has from MS. Next gen is all about Gamepass and MAU for them. It's a must have for the value it offers.
  2. triggr happy ss

    Gears 5

    Not surprised by the way they were promoting it through gamepass, also for mp games people prefer to lean towards digital more than discs. Anything on game pass numbers? Or is anything expected from Ms? Only that will give the exact picture.
  3. triggr happy ss

    Gears 5

    They are promoting this game on gamepass everywhere. I think they are looking at the bigger picture, these 1$ subs don't matter to them as long as they are able to reel new people into the ecosystem.
  4. triggr happy ss

    Gears 5

    Game is doing really well ,thanks to gamepass Ultimate edition is No 1 in all major markets pushing fortnite to no. 2 for the first time in since last year. Something rdr2 and cod also failed to do.
  5. triggr happy ss

    Gears 5

    I think we can blame gamepass for servers outage. The game hasn't even released technically, I think the 1$ promotions are paying dividend for MS.
  6. triggr happy ss

    Gears 5

    Change region to NZ gamepass users and can play at 2.30pm
  7. triggr happy ss

    Gears 5

    87-89 ,I doubt it will cross 90. I agree with Zodak had this been a Sony exclusive ,easily add 4-5 points extra.
  8. Another game I will buy and never finish, thanks open world games 😪
  9. triggr happy ss

    Gears 5

    Previews are really good so far,sounds promising.
  10. So you think the 100 million ps console owners will become PC gamers? console Comfort and convenience > PC gaming.
  11. Everyone knew it will happen, except for fanboys here. Oh Sony will never do it, that's what sells consoles bullshit 😂. They are just setting the narrative for the future when they will eventually end up releasing each and every game on the PC.
  12. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-08-20-sony-open-to-pc-ports-of-playstation-exclusives Sony is also going to bring their games to pc 😂 Told you it will happen,they will start with mp and then eventually sp games.
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