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  1. The new IP s wont be big games, probably best not to over hype yourself. E3 2020 will be the main event with the big games and Scarlett news
  2. That hatred is at another level my friend , I am afraid to even ask what happened 😅
  3. As far as I know this 1$ deal is only a one time offer to reel new people into the subscription just like Netflix gives a free month. Each gamertag can make use of it once, so next time when a big game launches you get the regular 10$ or 15$ deal with ultimate even if the 1$ deal is on.
  4. What is this guy smoking ,he doesn't even the previous generation sales. 😅 "100 million is obviously a very notable landmark for any console," he begins. "We've only done it once before.
  5. I didn't know Geoff keighley wrote reviews also .
  6. Kojima really got carried away it seems Kojima fanboys soothing the controller and themselves while playing this disaster 😬😅
  7. It will happen more and more nextgen, just pick a platform you enjoy gaming on.
  8. I won't b surprised if they do it actually, makes more sense to launch day 1 with a new console even though it will be cross gen .
  9. Obsidian is already working on a 1st person new AAA Ip, but ya outer world 2 could be green lit also. It's a 3 team studio
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