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  1. Nobody cares about what happened in the past generation ,its all about what have you done lately. Xbox has done enough to set the tone for this generation on where they are heading. Also all the talks about sony and nintendo merger if these 2 cant evolve then they will most likely partner with amazon,netflix or apple or be bought out. Atleast nintendo might
  2. They just need to show Uk sales charts and they anti trust goes out of the window .
  3. I think some old games will be added in the coming months ,just like what we saw when bethesda was bought .
  4. Do you think it matters to them ? they just made the most unimaginable 70 billion acquisitions,i am sure they can take a loss another 500-1 billion by keeping the games off sony and then recouping that sum through new subscribers. Growing subscribers is the end game not making 70% from game sales on a rival platform or service. And hopefully sony will bend the knee and allow GP on playstation. P.S as much as you want to make it sound like its sony vs xbox its not ,Xbox is more worried about netflix ,amazon ,apple etc who can anyday pick up a few publishers and start their own rival service cutting into the subscribers.
  5. Easier said than done ,still waiting for a decent 1st party mp game from sony since more than a decade .
  6. Its already gameover for other services , i doubt they can compete . Its better to join hands and add your games to the service or let the service be on your platform. Losing out on COD, diablo ,overwatch is a major revenue loss to sony . Ms is removing major 3rd party games .
  7. Independent studios go out of business ,not Publishers . Dont know what you are smoking Also Activision has been milking it ,i wont be surprised if cod this year is still the best selling game of the year inspite of being the worst in years.
  8. Definitely Day 1 on Gp this year while you pay 70$ on ps ,something like psychonauts 2. They cant make it exclusive till the deal is done but can definitely make it day 1.
  9. Should expect games to be added to GP and new ones too even before the deal is done.
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