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  1. Nice how is this game compared to dying light 2? I enjoyed dying light a lot.
  2. what the f**k are ponies playing? Killzone 2? Crazy stats and all that flexing over steam players lol
  3. Coming soon Crazy how both MS and Sony are scrambling for more people to bring their games too.
  4. He thinks MS is run by sath walley ghar ki aunties. All xbox criticism in the last few days is valid but come on man get a hold of your emotions
  5. He fooled everyone at MS he used to make exaggerated excels ,take out prints and used to keep on nadella’s desk signed after forging Amy hoods signature . You really are the dumbest guy on this forum for typing all that sh*t and believing it also.
  6. What court documents? Jim ryan saying its not sustainable? Source if xbox has said it?
  7. My sub is going to expire ,will give you 36$ now go and arrange a 3 year sub for me.
  8. Exactly i have made full use of the service and will continue to do so. Bakki sab gaye tel leney
  9. Me buying ps will depend all on Xbox’s strategy. If sony embraces pc then i will buy a pc only.
  10. jab tak service hai tab tak i will enjoy freebies and console . When i say its not sustainable its not only me its the heads of xbox and sony saying too. Hence they are looking to release their games on pc and other consoles smarty pants. Its doesnt means they are shutting down ps plus or GP. If Gp is not sustainable then its for ms to decide ,offer games at full price and leave us no option like GP.
  11. Imagine wanting to play starfield on ps after all the criticism the game has got from ponies .
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