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  1. Yes so whats the solution? Create a very successful IP first and then buy anything after 6 years?
  2. Buying is the easy way out ,these guys make everything at home. Probably knitting sweaters for the winter.
  3. Lol still waiting for a half decent mp from sony and ya killzone 2 doest count coz it was sh*t.
  4. Scummy because they are hypocrites and practising the same things they are worried MS could do in the future. yes ms doesnt have the creative vision and can afford to buy studios and ips so doing that.
  5. Noise is there because its one of the biggest deals in history. It was never going to be a cake walk and 2nd phase etc was always going to be there.Nintendo and other publishers dont have a problem ,ABK is looking for a way out .Sony being scummy is the only surprise. Ms just needs to say YES moving forwards thats my guess.
  6. The deal will pass easily ,MS will abide by everything . Its not just about COD but also about candy crush and blizzard. They can always make a cod spin off and make it exclusive.
  7. Its does actually ,the back and forth is hilarious. i am more interested to see how ms uses part of that 70 billion to f**k sony over if the acquisition fails. Smaller Acquisitions will continue for sure ,but more interested in the money hats.
  8. That a personal preference for majority of people with gamepass .Once you finish the sony AAA banger there is not much to do there.
  9. Ps4 is not holding back and series s is holding back even if it is i am sure the lowered spec pc’s are equally to be blamed. There is no way of knowing how things could have been sometimes its the series s price ,sometimes its series s specs ,sometimes its xbox has no games ,sometimes its xbox is a monopoly. Itni games hai sony console pay toh itna time bakwass karney ka time kahan sey milta hai?
  10. I blame phil that he hasnt given a major discount in our market where monthly consoles sales are as much as japan or Usa. Also the price gap between the series S and series x/ps5 has actually increased now that the series S is easily available for 30k and it’s automatically become a better deal it you are price sensitive. But the easily underwhelmed pony population conveniently fails to see that.
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