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  1. Dude mp games have Mtx ,looks at all the free games which are consistently topping charts on pc,ps and xbox. also all free to play mp games go through lean periods ,once they add something meaningful then things again change. Wait for sony to launch its gaas titles and everyone will see how you change your tune.
  2. Will this make a difference on xbox consoles?
  3. I am sure sony isnt happy either with the decision, discless is produced less and with the chip shortages a lower spec model could have worked wonders for their sales target.
  4. Xbox stopped doing that since the slump during xbox one generation ,but What happened to sony? No 1st week sales ,no monthly sales ,nothing?
  5. True ,thats one way to sell 10 million copies Has sony announced any sales for this game till now?
  6. No harm in trying out ,ubisoft games are sh*t though.
  7. Good read ,this is the 1st game i will play on my ps5 when i get it.
  8. read about this on reset era Jason is talking about late 2020 and early 21. He doesnt know the scale of the reboot ,however jez and klob have seen gameplay last june /july after the so called reboot. so whatever it is ,i guess its not a major thing considering how everyone from the xbox camp is pretty stoked about the this game. This is going to be the 1st AAA game from obsidian without any monetary constraint.
  9. I dont care about challenges from from school children
  10. The dlc is rumoured to be as big as the current campaign. 3-4 yrs of development time is the minimum we can expect.
  11. This will be fun and money saved đź‘Ť
  12. XSS doing the job it is supposed to do .Haters can keep hating before eventually buying it is a win for Xbox.
  13. Stop following fanboys blindly. And just start reading ,doing some research before posting nonsense
  14. Good come back later when ank is back ,we will again have this discussion for sure
  15. Is he really doing this? the game is atleast 9-12 months away ,no one knows how old the gameplay trailer was either. Some people just want to whine for no reason. @gecko89wait for the game to release then we will criticise the game together for its shortcomings. Till then enjoy the 2nd ,3rd or 4th play through of a remarkable game called HZW .
  16. Jeez its the same stupid argument again . Starfield is going to be a bug fest just like the earlier games were. Have you already played the game?
  17. Again a game of this scope will always have bugs . We can just hope that its less than the earlier games ,but it cant be 100% bug free. No open world game is ever whether its cyberpunk ,gta or rdr etc. Also the comparison to sony games is just laughable when they doesn’t have anything of this scale.
  18. 15 hr game VS 150 Hr game scope is not comparable therefore the graphics shouldn’t be too. compare gears and lou if you want to compare 1st party of the same scope
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