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  1. Maybe they should have remastered lou 2 then ,or maybe its time will come after a few years.
  2. Possible gamepass games in 2023. Avowed Diablo 4 Overwatch 2 Redfall Starfield Hellblade 2 Cod Library Contraband Stalker 2 Ghostwire Tokyo
  3. Since they are doing it ,give it a fair price . just the Campaign without dlc and Mp for 70$ is just greed. even the factions mp will be 70$ i am guessing ,people are so hyped looking at a concept art.
  4. When a remake is the highlight for the show ,you can imagine how sh*t the show was
  5. I dont think they are talking about these 2 ,sony wont let them announce anything till the exclusivity is over. its 2-3 different games which will be clear by sunday.
  6. Could be ,but they are already launched elsewhere. But who knows 🤷‍♂️
  7. Forza motorsport will be there the remaining 2 we will find out on sunday night.
  8. Adding game demos behind subs is the worst thing anyone can do. Really sucks
  9. Hopefully don’t have to buy a console next generation 🤞
  10. Ohh ya ,quote me thats your assignment for today
  11. He buy cod every year and on all platforms. He clearly has no taste so you are right there.
  12. Yes when i made that statement 6-7 years ago we had only played and seen activision developed spiderman which was nothing but mediocre. Insomniac has certainly done a tremendous job with the franchise so full credit to them.
  13. Yup they should through money at sony to bring spider-man to the service ,sony is as it is very bukha right now and its been 4 years already .
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