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  1. How many of them are bundled
  2. Dangal was good but its the usual underdog story. Writing needs to be excellent in these kinds of movies but they were ok. Fight choreography and cinematography was excellent tho. Amir Khan was amazing too
  3. even if that demo was not set in south(Tamil Nadu), there are couple of issues as well. Chances of Tamil text appearing outside of Tamil Nadu is pretty much 0.
  4. Here is the thing, understanding a culture is extremely hard especially when it comes to India. It so divers even Indians would get it wrong like Ank did Fact is ND didn't spend a lot of time in research to create an believing world and i'm calling them on their bullshit Lets move on
  5. Haha, 1-3 tour is all you need to know about the entire culture then and worst of all you are trying to convince a guy who spend all his life time in Kerala and Tamil Nadu btw those are capital city and ofcource you are going to run into couple of Hindi speakers. What about those remaining 206 million people in south
  6. haha. Please tell us more on how absurd it is to expect some kind of authenticity. Free bird trapped inside ND's cage ND defense force don't know when to stop, do they lol
  7. now we are dismissing facts now? According to 2011 states, Marathi is the most spoken north Indian language in Tamil Nadu and that is just 0.1%. Come on man, I know about my own state. Have you ever been to Tamil Nadu or know the history behind the anti-Hindi movement ah Come on, this is getting ridiculous you are giving way too much credit to ND and western media. Think of this, only after 2010 they came to a realization that not all Indians wear turbans. i do respect my regional language but i would be equally pissed if they portrayed India like middle east. ND defense force at max and they don't know when to stop I bet ND fans would go even further and defend ND when they make a came in Delhi and everyone spoke french
  8. No its not, probably tourist or 1st generation settlers. Last time I checked punjab was not in south India, lol also language is not the only problem with the trailer.
  9. well i didn't claim whatever they did was lazy, only the research part. One more thing What if Vs What it is War torn India is a what if situation, they can go as crazy as they want but they should be accurate when it comes to what it is which is where ND failed. All this is based on the demo, actual game might be different. who knows
  10. it boggles my mind that fans can go this far to defends their fav. dev's shitty and lazy research behavior. People need to understand what is artistic liberty and what is laziness If you are going to set your game/movie/book on an actual location that exists in real world and tried to create an authentic representation and failed miserably then you deserve to be criticized what it looks like right now is, ND did some basic google search about south India and stopped. Instead of digging deeper and trying to create a real representation , they just assumed rest of the stuff like architecture, cloths, language etc you cannot set a game in china and use Japanese architecture, language or cloth etc why is it so hard for some to understand this Edit : Life of Pi had the same issue as well, Tamil guy named Patel sure. How about a gujarathi guy named subramaniam or tamilselvan
  11. so you brought something completely out of the blue which has very little relevance to this topic because you don't have anything valid to say? can you get anymore defensive than that. Next time ND will put a game in Pakistan speaking Malayalam and fans will eat that sh*t up. ND fans are the biggest cocksuckers on this planet Btw there are muslim, jain and every other community neighborhood all around India
  12. libertalia is totally a fiction, there is no prove that it actually exists. so they have all the liberty but when you are depicting an actual location that exists even today you don't have the same level of liberty
  13. its not going to affect the actual core game-play but severely affects the presentation, especially for people who live in those parts of India . Demo presentation was quite jarring
  14. i was being sarcastic. Anyway, make believe need some authenticity as well. You cannot just put whatever you want, there should be some kind of relevance. You cannot just put a Dravidian style architecture in Gujarat and say its just make believe
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