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  1. Damn, that’s a good price I got mine at 2250.
  2. So who all added Deepak nitrate ?
  3. Yes, even I read it. YOY is good, but as you said QOQ matters. Have placed gtt on Deepak Nitrate for 2260. Let’s see when it’ll trigger and also need to resist buying something else so that I could buy when it comes down.
  4. Should see the rally of praj tomorrow.
  5. Yup, I've read about the business in brief and looked good for long term that's why I wanted in my pf for long-term. Anyway there's always next time.
  6. There goes Deepak nitrate😕
  7. Is it better than Garmin? Thinking of asking my friend to get Garmin dashcam without screen from UAE as I like it’s tiny form factor and also polarised cover.
  8. Get the Honda, I can confidently say it is very spacious as I previous owned City diesel 1st gen and clocked more than 1.4lakh with no major repairs. I feel servicing Honda is cheaper compared to Hyundai.
  9. Same here, I might buy few tomorrow for long term.
  10. My avg is around 550. Will add more when it hits below 500.
  11. Kotak Mahindra bank
  12. Sold 1 share of Clean yesterday. bought few Rolex rings now.
  13. Around 10% of Pf is laurus and star
  14. I sold on listing gain and re entered.
  15. Does anyone know why GMR infa going up? I invested when one of my customer forced me to invest and wait for 3 months it'll go up, its been 2 months since he said and I invested and its going up.
  16. I know bhai, just happy at least one of my family member holds a good amount of ITC.
  17. My Father in laws Pf
  18. Added few indigo today as well, I had SpiceJet in my PF. Thanks to you for recommending indigo Had forgotten about aviation sector
  19. Applying for the sake of it. Anyway won’t be getting.
  20. I’m adding more Laurus to my PF.
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