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  1. Even me, I order a lot but still no invite.
  2. Yeah, but I got no hopes for this. Its been in my portfolio very long and I'm actually fed up seeing around single digit. I almost would have sold today morning but got busy with my work so couldn't. After selling my shares ill change my network . I'm done with their crappy network too .
  3. I do have a bunch, will sell it off 1st thing tomorrow. Thanks for the info.
  4. Thanks man, sold for 2395ish
  5. Created GTT for 2500. Let’s see when it’ll trigger. Missed 2500 coz I was having my breakfast .
  6. Guys, any suggestions for Tatva? Should I sell or hold?
  7. I’m adding adding more, coffee prices are high and can expect the same for another 3 years.
  8. Anybody applying for Network People Services Technologies IPO?
  9. Applied both. I don't think ill get any
  10. All in red, very few in green
  11. Bought few Jubilant Foodworks yesterday! Thanks man will be adding few today.
  12. Zeroadha, paid via Google pay linked to Axisbank.
  13. Received a msg from bank stating account has been debited towards Tatva Chintan Pharma. Does it mean I got the IPO?
  14. Entered Tata Coffee, such a mistake not buying it earlier as we are into coffee business
  15. Got the 2nd dose of Covishield yesterday, so far so good with no side effects. Wife had mild fever last night, now all good.
  16. New India Mediclaim policy. I personally never had any issues regarding claim also my insurance agent highly recommends only New India Mediclaim and he has faced zero problems regarding claims with his other clients. Last year friends mum got admitted to Colambia Asia Bangalore due to COVID, she had 2 health insurance. One was Star and other was New India, the hospital insurance office took New India over Star and said why don’t more people just take New India as its fast and claim rate is very high.
  17. Let me apply for a loan then
  18. Anyone has idea about GMR infa? One of my friend said it’s gonna raise for short term and told me to invest.
  19. Can I get an invite?
  20. Planning to upgrade my 2013 pro, How much did it cost you?
  21. Any thoughts on union bank? Been adding to my portfolio from past 20days.
  22. Check with him once. http://meeshgames.com
  23. You can check Zebpay, I’ve been using it since the bitcoin was still around 2lakh.
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