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  1. Hi guys, am trying to add fund in my account but i get this msg everytime :(


    I have ICICI Instant Credit card, works everywhere even in PAYPAL!!


    What to do?


    The credit card information is not valid. Please check your entries carefully.

  2. List of Indian credit and credit cards and work and don't work on Indian PSN Store
    Working Credit cards
    • HDFC
    • ICICI (Visa)
    • Citibank (Visa)
    • Citi Bank (MasterCard)
    • Axis Bank (MasterCard)
    Working Debit Cards
    • State Bank Of India/SBI (Visa)
    • Punjab National Bank (MasterCard)
    • ICICI (MasterCard)
    • HDFC (MasterCard)
    Non-working Debit cards
    • ICICI (Visa, Visa Infinite)
    • Union Bank (Visa)
    • State Bank Of India/SBI (Maestro, Visa)
    • Development Credit Bank (Visa)
    • Axis Bank (Visa)
    • HDFC (Visa)
    • South Indian Bank (Visa)
    • Axis Bank (Visa)


    Updated: 10th October 2014

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