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  1. Ah, what a trip down the memory lane The pre-orders were the best part. Still have the GOW Boxers, and handmade paper Poster for Fight Night, and the tees! Also, slightly less popular but we had some great MW2 sessions too?
  2. Leaked gameplay for Thor, Iron man, Hulk, Cap and BW
  3. AirPods 2 for 13k, with HDFC card 11.6k - Amazon Prime Sale
  4. 2 vs 2 Gunfight (ignore the commentary) https://youtu.be/jPPv_yIr_xM
  5. Membership fee = Revenue, buddy. If there wont be any profits then no tax implications. Where would you show donations under the balance sheet? Last I read that Donations weren't allowed for private companies, if you have some information to share would love to get updated
  6. I don't think a Pvt Ltd Company can accept Donations in India, you might want to check with a CA for that. You can direct those donations in the form of revenue. Other than that, you can otherwise show the donations in the form of unsecured debt but that would mean you to pay some form of interest. As far as the tax implications are concerned, IVG will be charged a 25% corporate tax (as per the new budget) of whatever profit you make.
  7. this thread is for all the watch freeks here. Post here the watch u own(pics if any) and your dream watch u think to buy in the future BTW here is my dream watch and the watch i own here are the video of the features of my watch
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