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  1. Oh got it thanks. You know who from IVG faced the issue? Maybe they can tell how long the replacement took
  2. In India or worldwide? I just hope they have some stock kept for replacement @HundredProofSam Sam you have any info on replacement stocks?
  3. Guys anyone else facing disc jamming issues? My ps5 won’t eject the disc in vertical mode
  4. Im in, thanks for the giveaway HPS. Rushal bhai ki list main naam- PS5 thread Post -
  5. In which city does he live? My friend bought the 55cx for 1.3l from a shop I recommended him in GK1, Delhi bro
  6. Shukriya sir, aapka bhi darwaaze tak aa gya ab There is nothing in the courier packaging, ps5 ki packaging yet to check. Waiting for girlfriend to come over as she bought it for me, will unbox then
  7. says Bilaspur-Hr . If this is the Bilaspur I know, then this is 30kms from cyber hub
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