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  1. Whats the cheapest way to get the 15. Like during the festive season does Amazon or Flipkart give a big discount on them?
  2. A sign of getting old is, I have struggled to start a single match or campaign in the last 2 call of duties I tried downloading and playing. I literally could not start the game.
  3. Registering! Name: Mohammed Hussain B. origin ID: Whosane3450 C. Team: Liverpool
  4. Damn 1080p 60 requires a 3060!?
  5. what was your favourite or most memorable moment from the game? For me it was the moment when Atreus comes back and Kratos goes "What name do I call you" Goddam broke me man.
  6. Is there a spoiler forum ? I want to discuss SO MUCH. This game is maaaaad
  7. Played Sanwal Won 11-3 Played Vaibhav Won 3-2 and 3-1.
  8. A. Name: Mohammed Hussain B. PSN ID: whosane3450 C. Team: Aston villa or Crystal Palace.
  9. Theres no preorder t shirt anymore right? I miss those days... What's the best place to pre order?
  10. I REALLY dont want kratos to die, I want more god of war.
  11. Does anyone know a good market / seller for used bikes? I want to purchase a continental GT.
  12. hussain

    Elden Ring

    I tried that, but the spells do so littel damage, no matter how I scale. I have the scepter the second boss uses at +6 it still does low damage with my spells. Enemies I can kill with 2 regular hits of moonviel
  13. hussain

    Elden Ring

    Since I got the moonveil katana the game has died for me. I cant play with any other weapon and I can play in only one very specific way with this weapon. I would still say bloodborne > elden ring Im too tired with this game, I dont think Ill finish it. Im at the godskin twins
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