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  1. Does anyone know when dubai/Abu dhani is supposed to get new stock. I’m thinking about just having a friend bring it over from there... I can’t wait indefinitely like this... :/
  2. I honestly prefer single player over multiplayer games. I never understood the obsession over battle royal games. There’s just SO MUCH walking involved
  3. Ok I’ve just started playing this and I love it but the game offers very little explanation about stuff... like what are the numbers next to clothes and armies represent?? I’m so confused. How do you level up? Is it just by wearing and using better things ?
  4. I’m not quite there with family but my time gaming has also drastically reduced since I started working... that’s why I just don’t get games like assassins creed... I even disliked RDR2... I mean I don’t have the time to walk around with the horse from one place to another shoot people and then do the same thing over and over again
  5. I read about the Samsung steam link app but I can’t find it on my tv. I can’t find any information about it anywhere either. Does anyone here know what happened to it. Can I AirPlay from my iphone/iPad to the tv ? Like steam link on iPad and then airplay that to the tv?
  6. How are there so many walkthroughs and sh*t out before a review?
  7. We should have a Mumbai version of this group purchase thing
  8. But i mean, we must be a bigger market than the phillipines, indonesia or malaysia right? Are more playstations sold there? compared to us?
  9. Well at least I got mutliple centers ... but it’s still 7.5 months... damn I feel stupid now
  10. How much does a cult fit membership cost usually? I bought a 6 month membership fir 18k and I feel like I overplayed because a friend of mine got a years worth for 15k sometime back. Does anyone know how their sale works ?
  11. I can’t find this app on my tv... does anyone know what happened ? This would be amazing
  12. Yes, I was considering the hisense and the even the qled tcl. I ended up buying this just because I know the after sales will be better and because in my personal experience these “get all the expensive features for cheap” brands usually end up not having something or something that doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, I’ve just had bad experiences. Especially considering I don’t know much about tvs so I thought just picking a brand would be safer.
  13. hussain

    Gran Turismo 7

    Do any of the gran turismo games have the budh circuit track ?
  14. Haan this is why I also didn't bother... weird...
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