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  1. hussain

    Elden Ring

    I tried that, but the spells do so littel damage, no matter how I scale. I have the scepter the second boss uses at +6 it still does low damage with my spells. Enemies I can kill with 2 regular hits of moonviel
  2. hussain

    Elden Ring

    Since I got the moonveil katana the game has died for me. I cant play with any other weapon and I can play in only one very specific way with this weapon. I would still say bloodborne > elden ring Im too tired with this game, I dont think Ill finish it. Im at the godskin twins
  3. Hussain 6 - 0 Sudhir Sudhir 3 - 1 Hussain
  4. Name: Mohammed Hussain PSN: Whosane3450 Team: Liverpool My first IVG tourney! Lets go!
  5. hussain

    Elden Ring

    Oh man I am so TIRED of the bloodhound fang. I want something wierd and flashy too
  6. This is genuinely great because I’m mostly going to wear them while I work so 6-8 hours a day. Thank you guys for the feel good words haha
  7. Im explicitly asking you guys to lie to me.
  8. Just bought the Bose QC35 ii. Now feeling post purchase dissonance. Please reply with "It is much better than Sony 100Xm3" please :/
  9. hussain

    Elden Ring

    When are you boys planning to sell this game? the trading post is empty.
  10. Its too late for me again isnt it?
  11. what is the lowest the m1 macbook airs go for and when will the next sale be ? Does anyone know? My macbook is showing its age, its time.
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