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  1. Can anyone suggest some shows like bojack horseman. It’s an amazing show, I’ve seen it through twice already
  2. hussain

    FIFA 19

    I literally just bought a PS4 so I’m probably going to get it on there. 65 dollars is a steal deal though. sh*t. Hard choices.
  3. hussain

    FIFA 19

    @Joe Cool how are you getting the game for 40 dollars ? Mexican origin ?
  4. 6.5k is a little steep for me personally but it’s still great value. Origin access is itself amazing. Only 315 for a month. I played Arkham asylum, origins, bf1 after getting it. This is a great service.
  5. Truly excited for origin access premier. If it’s like 60 dollars for a year. Will be worth it easily. Hopefully it doesn’t cost more than that.
  6. hussain

    FIFA 19

    PS4! The PC community is... very meh
  7. hussain

    FIFA 19

    I wasn’t able to get on board with Fifa 18 because of college and poor access to Internet. Gonna jump back into Fifa 19 can’t wait ! Champions league as well this time !
  8. Guys I’m looking for tv suggestions. I want to watch shows like Bojack horseman. I tried flaked with will arnett and didn’t enjoy it that much. I’ve rewatched the show takeaway 3 times by now. Like it ,ore than rick and morty. help me !
  9. hussain

    Battlefield V

    Is anyone here playing bf1 on pc?
  10. Does anyone still play this ?
  11. Playing Fifa 17 and fortnite. Need someone to play with lol. Is anyone here active ?
  12. What about fortnite? Are there people who play that here ?
  13. hussain

    Fifa 17 pc players?

    I don’t have fifa 18 on pc and I don’t have my PS4 but I do have an insane amount of time to kill... someone play with me ;/
  14. Exactly. It feels like I’m playing a ps2 game. I used to play pes a lot during 2006 and all those years ... actually liked pes more because it was more fun to play but now maybe because they don’t have the money ea does. It’s just not a great experience overall. mostly though, I can’t play pes because none of my friends would ever even try to learn the different gameplay
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