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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely gift @fatpigeon check PM for the shipping address 😜
  2. Play-Asia discontinued all discount codes non of the 5% off codes work anymore
  3. Lol would have refused the package if the art book was missing 😇
  4. Yes it's a useless sleeve to wrap the game along with 200 page art book (NSFW), the package was heavy maybe that is why got stuck in the customs
  5. Yes PA ! free shipping on 2 games the package value was $55, again got stung by the customs paid Rs.1022 ☚ī¸
  6. If this is the case I'll definitely ask for refund 😒 waited 6 months for this to arrive paid customs as well
  7. The package value was $80 paid Rs.2234 as duty ! the only shipping option that LRG gives to India is delivery duty not paid starting $15 (airmail fully tracked)
  8. Where to get Zelda Joy Cons ? how much did you pay ? white color is not looking good definitely ordering Dbrand skin
  9. Palika ! doubt the exchange is possible, will try to get it fixed later 😌
  10. Order placed for the set 😁 @fatpigeon you can have one New OLED switch turned out to be a little annoying left joy con analog stick making metallic spring noise
  11. Is it worth 1.2K ? is it ok to apply this over the already installed screen protector on the oled screen ?
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