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  1. Yes Windows and Emulator ? for porno have seprate server
  2. Getting 512GB for 65K ! loot gaye ?
  3. Kishore is offering 64GB for 45K ! good price ?
  4. Any idea about the price of Splatoon 3 OLED special edition console in Delhi- NCR ? @playstationdude
  5. Thank you so much for the lovely gift @fatpigeon check PM for the shipping address ?
  6. Play-Asia discontinued all discount codes non of the 5% off codes work anymore
  7. Yes it's a useless sleeve to wrap the game along with 200 page art book (NSFW), the package was heavy maybe that is why got stuck in the customs
  8. Yes PA ! free shipping on 2 games the package value was $55, again got stung by the customs paid Rs.1022 ☹️
  9. If this is the case I'll definitely ask for refund ? waited 6 months for this to arrive paid customs as well
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