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  1. They lost but Frank is getting Chelsea playing pretty decent this season despite no transfers, seems like a good manager in making. Their midfield is very good too, especially Kovacic.
  2. Nah the ball hit Bernardo Silva's hand first, at best it was a free kick to Liverpool. If it hadn't hit Silva's hand then yeah that would have been a pen. Thing is though you play to the whistle. Ridiculous from Aguero & Sterling to completely lose focus there in a good position and start shouting which enable Liverpool to start a counter. Second was nowhere near a penalty.
  3. Yeah Fillion has always been the dream fancasting for the role.
  4. Environments & world design look very similar to DS1 which is nice. Combat is a bit boring though, DS2 for all its flaws got the combat right. Still disappointed they do not seem interested in following up to DS1 ending
  5. Cheers. Yeah got the blood gem workshop tool but still pondering on which weapon to fortify with it. Currently got Saw Cleaver +2 & Saw Spear & got enough blood echoes & STR to buy Kirkhammer but heard some mixed thoughts about it so not sure. Happened a lot of times with me too
  6. Okey, so game encourages co-op huh? perhaps for new players
  7. So insights are just used for co-op right? Or do they serve any other purpose as well? Also beat both CB & Gascoigne. The rush I felt was ..INCREDIBLE.
  8. Haven't played any souls game prior to this myself, dropped this for a couple of days after dying at Cleric beast's hand for like 10-12 times. Got told that lock on camera is useful for landing strikes but dear god when I lock on in his boss battle I can't see sh*t and he always gets some shots in sideways even when i try to go behind him. Parrying him doesn't work either and I could swear no matter how many lets play I see, he just isn't as dumb in the game as he is in those videos (maybe I'm the dumb one doing something incorrect) Tried leveling up (13th now) and buying the hunter gear at the start & still no luck. Though found out later that you can get the hunter gear in sewers so all those blood echoes were wasted :/ I deffo don't want to beat him with co-op, maybe will try to get him tonight. Yeah yeah I know am woefully bad at this game.
  9. Jericho vs Omega was f**king fantastic. Naito should have had the main event tho, Okada winning made no sense.
  10. That would be beyond stupid, even for Vince. Roman is the most likely rumble winner for his main event with Brock at WM
  11. Fair enough I suppose. I'm happy too with the unconventional approach Johnson took, just a bit iffy on that one. But yes on that note it was nice to see how he handled Kylo Ren throughout, I thought Driver's performance was exceptional.
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