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  1. 3 minutes ago, eddy4823 said:

    Any idea about the 3 month voucher that comes with Bundle ? I can use it after the trial is over. I've created a US PSN account. Eagerly waiting for PS4 to arrive.

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    It would not work in a US ID, since u are buying PS4 in India, the code will be in Indian PSN.. But you can play online on any of your ID in the same PS4... Better to create a Indian PSN..

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  2. If u are new to PSN, then u can use the free trial.. once per PSN ID... I remember back in 2012 when I created my ID it was 30 days free trial...

    Just ordered the Slim 500 GB. PSN website says 14 days free trial. I should start this before I redeem the 3 month voucher that comes with the 3 game bundle, right ? 

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  3. On 5/29/2018 at 9:19 PM, Abhi5hek said:

    I think also you would need to confirm the BR Games Discs and DLC codes ... if HK / Singapore matches / compatible with the ones available in india.

    Only DLC's are region locked..Discs are region free. Getting no issues at all as long as I don't need DLC's

  4. 6 hours ago, Ripper667 said:

    PS Plus 12 month Sub for 3.1k (Indian Store) Days of Play Sale948bfc43b1f84290fb7e8d12c30ed122.jpg

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    Seems like a good deal.. But unfortunately bought a Singapore PS plus for 2700 a few days back...Maybe next time.. Thanks anyway..

  5. Thanks ..will do a bit more research then instead of buying from Indian PSN.. But HK PSN language would be Chinese I guess.. won't it be a problem?

    You can find hk ps plus even cheaper in other places. There are no issues with using it. 

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  6. Hi guys..  Going to subscribe to PS plus. In PSN India price is around 4.2k. But in eBay one seller is offering Singapore card at 3.3k. Anyone using it by creating Singapore ID. Is it causing any issues? Because it is quite cheaper compared to India PSN.

    Please let me know. Thanks for looking.

  7. I took a new broadband connection from some local cablewala in Mumbai. I'm facing this weird problem where the torrents are really fast as i get around 4 to 5 MB/s , but when i try to browse the pages load at an atrocious speed. Even the speedtest shows speed as 0.5MB/s. A simple google search takes 1 minute to load.

    I'm using Windows 8.1 and i used to have Airtel Connection a week back before i moved here. System worked pretty fine that time.

    Its called peering... google it and u will find out more... whats the plan u are using??


    Same here in Kolkata. Landmark, Crossword, Planet M and many other big stores asked me to come after 3pm. And all the stores are 100% sure about having GTA V copies at 3 pm.


    WTF is this! :ranting: I will have a heart attack if I don't get a copy today! :samui:

    Enjoy that shi* :P:


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