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  1. That is vanilla version. Don't buy it. The expansions introduce a ton of changes.


    The complete edition was going for Rs 500 on one of the e-tail sites a week or so ago. Most of the time it's around ~Rs 800-1000


    It activates on steam, so maybe you can activate it on your windows and then download it to your linux too. (I'm not sure about this part - wait for someone else to confirm)


    Yeah thats going for 800-900 bucks.


    So Newegg codes won't work on Indian Steam store? Any idea?

  2. I


    try downloading via proxy, though it's a hassle but there's less risk of a corrupt download and incase if it's corrupted, others can help you :|


    I use Linux at home, so there is no proxy available. Even on my work machine I tried the Ps3Proxy but that also gave lot of corrupted downloads.


    Airtel is f**king stupid to do random redirections. The least they can do is check the user agent and only redirect browser requests

  3. I was downloading Xcom from PS Store when my Airtel was FUPed. Now when this happens all requests are redirected to some silly warning page.

    I had finished downloading 5GB but now the download shows as complete (Total is 7GB) . when I click on install, the file size is only 1KB and says download error. If I redownload the file, it starts from 0%. Is there any way to recover the 5GB already downloaded?

  4. Get a cheaper set of headphones and a decent case.


    Arey yaar this is a new case. Richie street just had few zebronics models which are more expensive than this. :( They didnt even have the higher end cabinets.


    Are the bays supposed to fix back in place? There are no wedges on it. I dont want to glue it back on with a tape as it looks bad.

  5. I bought a zebronics defender cabinet today for my computer.


    But the front bay (for optical drives) does not stay on at all. I tried fixing from both ends but it keeps falling down. Do you guys know any solution other than gluing it?


    Any help for this? It is driving me crazy :samui:


    The second bay is loose and falls down often.



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