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  1. You can try used cars if you're okay with that. You might be able to find some less than 2year old mint cars from genuine owners. you can even do that as a stop-gap arrangement for one or two years, till you find an upcoming model which you will totally like.
  2. Nope, not a zomato pro plus user. Still i get better coupons/ card discounts in zomato than swiggy, these days.
  3. I read somewhere last week that Swiggy one is available only for few cities mostly Tier II/Tier iii. Not sure though. Mine too has been automatically upgraded to Swiggy one, last week. Totally agree with that tweet. It’s absolute crap. For most of the restaurants i used to order, I’m now getting better rates in zomato than with swiggy one(more coupons in zomato).
  4. You can checkout teambhp classifieds. I’m not sure, but some genuine deals might be there. In olx, the description given by genuine owners will be quite different from the usual resellers. Usually resellers will have the same description in all their ads. You can apply some filters such as odometer reading, no. of owners, no. of years etc to narrow down the list. If you have the budget, you can also apply filter to see some like new cars (1-1.5 year old) at good rates. Or if you have the budget and time, wait for Kia to launch their new MPV next month. Will be priced competitively. If you’re looking for Innova AT, go for the pre-facelift 2.8AT. Engine is too good.
  5. https://twitter.com/gamestheshop/status/1461990198066221072?s=21 New LE Xbox Controllers up for preorder in GTS in case anyone is looking for it
  6. Guys, is there any reliable telegram channel or bot for Series X stock notification? Please do message me if it’s there. Thanks
  7. can we change address once order is placed in amazon?
  8. Guys, if I am having a US region Microsoft/Xbox account, do I need a credit card issued in the US to make a purchase in Xbox Store?
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