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  1. Damn that 360 degree mid air shot was sick. The sound effects are so crunchy and treat to ears. So good.
  2. SpearHea:D

    Dark Souls

    10 years to the best game ever made. Only game capable of coming on par with RE4. Also the Best series ever. Thank you so much from software. A game of f**ckin forever 11/10
  3. Master chief finally arrives from uk after a long wait. Looks stunning and badass. Some sort of game addon code, if anyone wants to use it.
  4. Got myself a riding jacket. Viaterra Munro quality is awesome and quite comfy even with all the armors placed. Now a long ride tomorrow morning
  5. https://www.neogaf.com/threads/china-calls-for-less-effeminate-men-in-videogames-and-bans-gay-love.1618695/ https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/china-slows-new-game-approvals-calls-for-less-effeminate-men-in-videogames/ Would love to see the comments of keyboard champions, celebrities on this or maybe this is china so their righteousness will vanish in thin air.
  6. Anyone holding equitas holdings shares ? Currently on 3x profit. I am in for holding it for long but some part of me says to book the profit. Any advice on that?
  7. Real example of " गोटे भारी होना "
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