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  1. This section was lit. The thirst for revenge in her eyes and on her face.
  2. Happened in my playthrough too, i was amazed. It was almost like the gif.
  3. The gameplay is dope, cant get enough of it. The way the body falls lifeless after headshots, limbs blowing off and the enemies crying in pain, stuff feels uneasy at times. Taking my sweet time to play this gem.
  4. SpearHea:D


    Hardest part of the dlc was the well. After nth attempt was staring at the screen, holding my forehead, asking myself why am i doing this. The dlc is 10/10 Epic bosses, epic levels and epic ost.
  5. Awesome collection. From where you got that punisher one?
  6. The first encounter with sephraties and that whistling while hunting. Intense stuff. Felt like MGSV when i took them down one by one.
  7. When i used to play pokemon go, came across this near banswara rajasthan.
  8. 1 crore? Thats batshit crazy. I hope its not at all true.
  9. Avalanche studio ? that is bit of worrying As for controversy, these ppl get triggered at the drop of a hat. They go on witch hunt, destroying ppl rep. Yesterday had a topic on resetera, cd projekt red replying to elon musk's tweet with a keanu's breathtaking gif. They had a problem with that too . Also Remember the jedi fallen order reveal, everyone was like a meh, a white male as a hero, now whos the racist ? https://www.resetera.com/threads/cyberpunk-2077-twitter-praises-real-life-billionaire-cyberpunk-villain.236896/
  10. The headshots and gunplay in this game, cant get enough of it. The whole hillcrest section was amazing, with amazing buildup music, the warning dialogues, the chase, huge number of enemies with dogs. The end setpiece. That sh*t was intense.
  11. A prequel would be good, play as young dutch, recruit your gang, young arthur, jhon, etc. wild west is lawless,brutal and dutch ven der linde at its peak.
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