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  1. I have that but punisher blows off heads because of penetration power. I was using sentinel since start.
  2. So many new areas in castle, this is a an awesome remake. Not just a graphical overhaul. Only complaint is they took away laser sight from weapons . Using punisher just for the laser lol
  3. Man all these tension filled gameplay scenarios mikami designed back in the day, its still a joy to play it. What a game.
  4. Started it, incredible visuals. But the amount of stuttering man, wait for patch.
  5. https://www.naughtydog.com/blog/celebrating_the_release_of_the_last_of_us_part_i_on_pc
  6. Hate has consequences Wtf. Why release a statement at all, just to whitewash his image. Innocent death cannot be justified. f**k Off Stupid gun laws, how can guns are freely avail at certain age freely, cant digest that. Human race aint saint.
  7. Game was delayed because of tv show right? Should have used that time. Anyways friend bought it, will play from his library.
  8. They upped the castle atmosphere to new level. When you enter it, moon light in the background, crows flying around, leons' sexy hairs reacting to the wind. Amazing work capcom.
  9. f**king glorious. Took me 6-7 tries.
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