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  1. Eagerly waiting for the release.
  2. Jeez the underwater levels in this game, so beautiful. Also faced the first escape sequence, very good.
  3. SpearHea:D

    Death Stranding

    Thanks guys, twice i faced them. I Panicked and started running, although smashed the hell out of square and escaped.
  4. SpearHea:D

    Death Stranding

    How to spot BTs? I press R1 and it shows them for a second and then i am on my own. Is this how it is supposed to be? The device on my shoulder starts going crazy in BTs direction too
  5. Some human spirits simply cannot be broken.
  6. Its constantly raining here in rajasthan, and the climate is getting colder. Usually at this time summer starts and weather is near35- 40 degree celsius. If the warm weather reports are true then this current situation is making things worse. Its like humanity is being punished for their sins.
  7. SpearHea:D

    Doom Eternal

    The Whole level leading to BFG pickup, with the constant Warning in the background that the " bfg 10k is firing " and the screen lights up with green color as soon as it fires. Constant action going on screen with badass music and then finally you pickup that baby in style. You get to hear " Warning slayer has the BFG " Had goosebumps and a big smile on my face. This game oozes style just like 2k16 doom.
  8. SpearHea:D

    Doom Eternal

    Arc complex slayer gate
  9. Snake is what i call people like these. Pretty sure he had some propoganda behind his statement, which got caught, what an a**hole.
  10. SpearHea:D

    Doom Eternal

    This game is Fire, love how so many enemies are thrown at you once.
  11. SpearHea:D

    Doom Eternal

    Steam is a beast. Better to join hands with it than going against it.
  12. SpearHea:D

    Doom Eternal

    Me while playing those slayer gates
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