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  1. BF1 blows most of the mp games out there out of water. Been playing relentlessly in lockdown and can safely say its the best battlefield game after BC2. The atmosphere, gunplay, maps, elite classes, gun sounds, music, behemoth is f**ckin amazing. Some of mine clips
  2. The vaccination numbers are making so many peeps whine, saying how its bad and not worth mentioning.
  3. please be true, one of the best survival horrors of all time. No co-op crapola like DS3 please.
  4. Gamepass is turning out to be fantastic with every passing day and some ppl cant digest that. All those AAA games day 1. Awesome Show by MS.
  5. this looked sick, excited for it.
  6. SpearHea:D

    Elden Ring

    so f**ckin good man, the character design, the combat moves, the atmosphere. Typical from software stuff.
  7. Finished the dlc, final fight and the fight in sewers was awesome. Jab 2 log pyaar se mil baat ke kaam kar sakte hai to attitude kyun dikhana, the end with sable was nice.
  8. Steam gifting. Got RE8 for 2800 on day 1. Bought from a guy on ivg and in past from a gaming fb group.
  9. Pc has always been the best place to play battlefield. If one knows the way then, 20-25% discount on steam day1. Cheapest and best.
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