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  1. This dude used to smoke ppl back in the day.
  2. Nice green in my portfolio due to adani stocks and bjp win
  3. Few days left of the greatest mp game ever. Enjoying the last moments with it, game closes down on 8TH. Those who love it time to jump back in. Few servers are still up. Had great Games for vietnam and base game last night. Thank you for all the memories BFBC2, you were the greatest.
  4. Leaker is lead devs' son. He about to get his father fired before Christmas
  5. Jaw dropping visuals man, its mind blowing how good the lightning looks.
  6. Metro tram added, more vehicles, updated vehicle combat, adam smasher boss fight updated.
  7. Man the atmosphere and physcological horror stuff in the bunker area, Too good. What an amazing horror experience. The way one particular character jumps back into the water
  8. The creepy sounds in rehab area, tense stuff. Play with headphones on
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