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  1. Most hyped game for me this year. Survival horrors are always welcomed
  2. When kratos wields Mjöllnir
  3. Happy 10 years to the best TPS ever and one of my most played sp games. Still think about it and afresh in my mind.
  4. If open world done right, this game is going to be huge and fun to play. So many possibilities. Cant wait.
  5. https://www.neogaf.com/threads/playstation-network-launcher-could-be-coming-to-pc.1636827/
  6. I hope proper investigation is done before any conclusion.
  7. Dont watch dragon ball but the drumming is badass.
  8. So she claimed she gave away the divorce settlement to charity which actually she didnt. ye to fraud ka case bhi banega re baba
  9. Lic ipo to fuss ho gaya
  10. I wish we get silent hill 1 remake too, never played that and heard very high praises. Silent hill 2 is epic, cant wait for the remake.
  11. But biologically how is this even possible? How can a man get pregnant or even deliver a baby ?
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