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  1. Lord the sound and skills. Pure eargasm.
  2. https://www.neogaf.com/threads/whoever-made-this-tifa-ff7r-statue-only-have-one-thing-in-mind.1636222/
  3. Damn, she was absolutely gorgeous in never back down. Had a celebrity crush on her back then.
  4. Holy sh*t some statements are exact copy.
  5. King of the hill is intense and catalyst is an amazing verticality map. More today after office.
  6. For damage control wb came out and said just 10 minutes of amber heard in the new movie. Thats in reaponse to the online petition to remove her They know now nobody gonna watch that movie with her in. Funny thing is jhonny depp was removed from movies on mere accusations and here despite having evidence amber heard is still in. Equality much.
  7. Anybody applying for lic ipo ? Doing for me and moms.
  8. live on steam YAY. Bring it.
  9. Still no update on steam.
  10. ^ Thats a solid line up. Looking forward to Indiana jones most.
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/CombatFootage/comments/uglpqa/indian_soldiers_firing_a_shoulder_launched/
  12. AAj mast dophar mein soke puri raat khelunga.
  13. ^ No offence bro but you should work on yourself first if you think of yourself as a loser. Because ppl esp. women hate men who think like that. Sole purpose should be improving yourself right now. Remember, the way you treat yourself people will treat you like that. Everybody goes through hard times, everybody gets feelings of as if they are not worth it. Everyone on this planet got their struggles, daily life is a struggle. Someone is happy with their married life, someones is hell, someone got lots of money but miserable, someone works hard to make two ends meet but is happy, someone got their dream job, some ppl are slogging it, someone is brilliant mind some ppl are average, someone got health issues but loving family, the list goes on. All i can say, everyone lacks something but you are in charge of yourself, apart from that no one else. friends, family can go along till a way but ultimately its you. So focus on yourself. One of the many things that is stuck in my mind
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