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  1. I recently completed Last of us again for the third time and i still didnt get why ppl call it a interactive movie. Gameplay and the epic moments like like sweage escape, car push, etc is the the highlight of this game. Its actually the best ND game which is filled with gameplay. Ofcourse the ending was really something and the story/characters here are equally good but the gameplay on survivor, man oh man. Taking down enemies one by one with 2-3 bullets in your inventory, when sh*t goes down, using brick, bottles and using melee like crazy. The powerful shotgun blast and rifle damage, all good to land and hear. Even the map layout is good and gives lots of room to flank. Its a joy to play this game. Few more days
  2. Is mumbai that bad place to live in due to population ? I see lots of posts on facebook like " once you live mumbai, theres is no place like it " , " i would rather live in mumbai than anywhere else " Tbh, i twice visited it and hated it lol.
  3. Most of the times player base overreact, this seems like a similar case.
  4. If the special edition isnt confirmed here, i might too give in and get this.
  5. Best game of this gen and one of the greatest ever.
  6. This sounds promising. Nice
  7. Yes. Personally i would only go out when necessary. Things arnt normal right now and wont be for a long time. Get a haircut at home if possible, i got it.
  8. Nope, better than first part in every way.
  9. Special edition is avail. on prepaidgamercard.com. Heard about it for the first time so placed a cod order.
  10. That was okayish, art style and graphics looked very good. But gameplay, nothing major.
  11. Maybe they will enforce strict lockdown again if it gets ugly. But lets see what they do this time, opening up public transport would be the biggest issue.
  12. Awesome, never played the first one. Will play now. Love Mafia II, one of my fav. stories in gaming.
  13. About time we need a game, where one could fly like that tech demo. Control's levitate ability was awesome. Anthem did but need in a sp focused game. This is how uncharted 5 and next tomb raider look like on next gen.
  14. I am playing BF1 and BF5. BF1 is fantastic, i missed this gem when it released. The guns, animations, sounds, maps, slower gameplay, everything is fantastic. Servers are fully loaded too
  15. Days Gone trash ? Hahaha, No. Even if you compare gears 5 to days gone as a game, DG blows gears 5 out of the water. Gears 4 was a much better game. Days gone is a must play game of this gen.
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