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  1. If i believed critic reviews then i would have missed this masterpiece. This is a 9.5/10 game.
  2. I have given up on terminator franchise, genysis was so f**ckin lame. I'll keep on watching T1 & T2 again & again.
  3. Damn, had exactly the same experience. I kept this thing to myself and very closed ones. My father expired On 9th Feb 2018 due to Stage 4 cancer. Exactly one month later i.e. 9th March 2018 and at the same time of his death which was in the morning 5:30. His voice woke me up, i quickly got up and saw him sitting on my chair, i freezed at my place. He was sitting on my chair, looking at me, using his hands to roll up his folded sleeves like he always used to do while talking. His spoke to me and his words were " I am now going, be happy, make progress in life and take care of our family ". He got up and went outside the room. I was stuck on my bed, sweating. I went out few seconds later and there was no one and i swear i wasnt dreaming at all. I have seen other supernatural stuff with my own eyes when i was a kid and i was believer that stuff like this happens. But this was very close to heart and personal.
  4. Well they announced for PS4, XB1 and PC. Considering New gen is starting next year, dont think it will take 3-4 years to launch. Or Maybe Cross launch along PS5, XB2 and PC.
  5. I agree with you on this one. And its so obvious and funny at the same time.
  6. That game is going to be a sleeper hit.
  7. It was a given that it will come to pc. Some ppl wont be happy about this
  8. Yeah, much better.
  9. Lol, thats a Hyperbole. Far away from a horrible experience. Horrible experience would be control PS4 pre patch combat encounters. Clocked in 50+ hours and only fps problem i noticed was in saint dennis. And that too was nothing major.
  10. SpearHea:D

    Diablo 3

    Confirmed https://old.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/dkbibs/new_artbook_leak_confirms_diablo_4/
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