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  1. Got an Ambrane Type C to C cable and it works flawlessly. Also got an Ambrane charging brick and it fast charges my Pixel 4a. https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B082LSVT4B/
  2. No surprises. I used to get a lot of requests from IDs like CuteGirl69 saying "Hi wanna have fun ?" when I had a PS4.
  3. Pixel 6 is 42k approx on Amazon. (If you use Amazon ICICI Card) and I am seriously considering it too.
  4. 4a was priced equally in India and Canada. 6a is 36k INR in Canada so should be the same in India. (even less with cards and discounts). 60 Hz is not a bad thing at all. If one can justify paying 30k for Pixel 4a (which was a huge hit in India), paying 36k for 6a isn't a bad deal imo. A better battery, Tensor chip, Ultrawide Camera is a good upgrade from Pixel 4a. Looking forward to it.
  5. What a comeback. Nidahas Trophy final over is the most watched Sports video on YouTube thanks to this guy.
  6. This is the reason Sachin is called God. To play under pressure for 24 years and still maintain that average is insane.
  7. We are really at peak smartphone. Mr. MCBCMKC here means we are getting higher refresh rate and more memory as if an average consumer needs those things. An avg. consumer needs a better battery life but doesn't give a damn about refresh rate. Give a charger inside the box ffs. Aise to bolenge fridge aaega ek din phone me. So we are not at the peak yet.
  8. iPhone 13 128GB is 67k on Amazon. (63.55k if you use Amazon ICICI Card)
  9. haha. Not gonna sell these on Amazon, Flipkart or Insta until I get a license. This is merely for online forums like IVG or Whatsapp/FB Groups.
  10. Yes. You can send me the logo of your choice via DM.
  11. Made some mugs like these and kept one for myself. Gonna start a new business so wish me luck.
  12. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/203349 https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/203361
  13. Making a Murderer is so f**king good. Watch it asap.
  14. Let's make this thread alive. I pre-ordered these two.
  15. Friend says no I can't format. I have returned the HDD back now and ordered a new one for myself.
  16. Any suggestions ? I have an external HDD but it's not being recognised by my TV. Is it because it's in exFAT format ?
  17. It runs for a while. If I fast forward it, it hangs. Only tried a 13 GB version of Avengers from a 14 GB old pen drive.
  18. I don't know if it's my TV or the slow pen drive I'm connecting. I am unable to watch proper 4k content from a pen drive to my TV. It's a Samsung TV with it's own sh*t OS. I just want to watch 4k movies which I download via torrents.
  19. Aus vs Pak complete series will be a draw. What a stupid series and pitches. Such a shame cricket returning to Pakistan and all matches drawn.
  20. One more item ticked off the Bucket List. Kedarkantha Summit done.
  21. 1st 4k TV. It's a budget one but has HDR so now I am tempted to buy a PS5.
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