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  1. Are they still taking orders for this ? I want to buy one too.
  2. I have the Dark Horse one which is on the right. Boy this CE statue is huge.
  3. Feeling sad for Willaimson if NZ loses. Guy deserves the cup after what happened in 2019 Final.
  4. He made it to the crease in 1:55. This Al Hasan has been an idiot since ages now. From abusing umpires in Domestic cricketers to acting like this at the Int'l stage, nothing has changed.
  5. AFG on fire. Warner gone. lmao. Also What the F did Shakib Al Hasan do ? I would pray for him losing every remaining match of his career. If he would have timed out Kohli, He would need Z protection.
  6. Spider-man 1:1 Wearable Helmet & Ironman Dreadnaught Edition 1989
  7. Exactly the same phones. Even if the difference is only 4-5k, It's wise to go for 13.
  8. Translation : “I have still not decided I wanna live or not.”
  9. iPhone 13 @ 49k is still a sweet deal. 46.5k (after cashback) if you use ICICI Amazon Pay Card.
  10. Congrats. Please send the link to the wallpaper.
  11. Business Regalia First CC to drop these features. Now I need to search for a better CC. Suggest one please.
  12. Zig Zag roads are HaGiang Loops. That's extreme north of Vietnam. If you are up for a bike trip for 2-3 days like Leh - Ladakh. Do it. Sea and Beaches are perfect at Da Nang. (Central Vietnam). That's a proper urban settlement.
  13. This has to be trashiest WC of all time. Reminds me of the 2007 WC which had overpriced tickets, very long Super 8s, elimination of Ind and Pak, and complete dominance by Aus which made every Aussie match a one sided one. No hype this time even though host country is India. Ind vs Pak rivalry will be the only thing worth watching. Here's the 2015 WC Theme song which was thee best of all time.
  14. You can not take a bath. and it's not only because of arrangements, it's also because of severe cold on most of the treks. Last trek which I did had -20 at a base camp. Some treks like Valley of Flowers have hotels/homestays where you can take a bath but only 1 out of 20 people take a bath because of cold weather.
  15. Couldn't join you due to some personal issues which need to be sorted. Glad you enjoyed. We'll plan something soon.
  16. Cummins Calmness is brilliant. Getting results and shutting down people who are ready with pitchforks. Rohit Sharma said the WTC series should be a 3 match series to which Cummins said - Olympics are 1 match. When told by reporters that Ben Stokes said he wouldn't have liked a win in that manner ( about the Bairstow dismissal ), Cummins replied "OK."
  17. I am enjoying this Ashes Drama Series 2023. Khwaja has shared a video about facing racist slurs and abuses from MCC members and some members tried to trip the fielders when they were entering the field. What a salty bunch of losers this England crowd. Did not know this saltiness is not only restricted to Soccer. Rooting for Aussies this series. Thrash them 5-0 ffs.
  18. S Broad refused to walk when he edged the call to the slip fielder.
  19. Match is interesting. regardless of who wins, I love this attitude by Stokes. Also, Broad and Lords crowd don't know the rules. Bairstow dismissal was fair.
  20. West Indies out from the World Cup in the qualifiers itself. Lost 3 out of 3 matches.
  21. KP is always angry but he's damn right this time.
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