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  1. Xperia s is for 28000, so basically anything under it till it doesnot have issue for a year or so is good with me..... Xperia s specs are best amongst the mentioned and I really need device which looks stunning as well. Xperia p in silver color also looks very amazing....


    Nexus main thing is you have to buy it from grey market. One review said screen is prone to scratches, but if this is the best flawless option, then I can go for this as well...


    Also if you guys know any other good phone, then pls tell....

  2. Ok, posting a question, had done so earlier in android thread, but responses were very less....


    Help in choosing phone....this is first time I am feeling so confused...pls help guys


    Phone I am currently looking at:


    Xperia s


    Xperia p


    Galaxy nexus ( no warranty and service support)


    Pls suggest any other good models also....I was preferring xperia s but mixed reviews confuses me....if someone is currently using it then please tell about some people complaining about yellow tint on screen...


    Also tell if I go for galaxy nexus where should I buy it from in mumbai or delhi....

  3. Xperia Sola is also another option in 20k range, it has dual core with mali GPU. I never used Xperia P so can't say anything but it looks good from what I can tell by reading random opinions. None of my friend has xperia P. Just few days back, my friend and I had to choose between sola and p and he chose sola because p was 5k more :|


    About 800 or Xperia p, that is all about android or WP. I don't like WP much but that is just my personal opinion. Totally agree with the build quality though, lumia 800 looks great.


    20k , ATRIX 2 , no comparison ...


    Thank you dante77 and sackboy for your replies....

  4. Thanks for reply bro.... Just checked xperia p today. Its around 24k, but screen was impressive. Share your views on this model.... If its actually good I can stretch my budget....


    Also, personally I didn't like one v. I know htc UI is good, but dont like black apps menu. Sony's app menu is like glass slides. Dont know about UI's of other brands.


    Also lumia 800 and xperia p are in same range. Build quality of lumia is too impressive. It feels very solid to hold. Really got confused between lumia and xperia today..


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  5. Hi friends. Was going to buy android around 15000. I am thinking of xperia mini pro, xperia pro, htc one v. Other than screen size all are 1ghz processor and 512 mb ram.


    With specs, looks matter too for me. So pls suggest any model even other than the mentioned ones.


    also I was inclined towards mini pro as I dont keep cell for more than 6-7 months.


    My requirements:-

    Gaming: light gaming like air control, angry birds, etc...max to temple run as it is slightly heavy


    Camera: 3.2mp or above


    Apps: most of my phone space will be occupied with different apps.

  6. I placed a order using my visa debit card. And then cancelled before it was shipped. But my account is debited.

    When I contacted play-asia, they replied, its confirmed my order is cancelled and they charge credit card only when they are about to ship the product. While authorising card some banks hold the money to be paid. It will get automatically refunded to your account. I

    ts been 5 days, but I have not receiced the money back.

    If anybody faced similar situation or could provide some advice or help in this matter, then please reply....

  7. guys does a 360 requires you to pay for playing multiplayer games?If true then What are the rates?


    yes you require gold membership of xbox live. i think it cost around 3000 for a year. also had seen earlier some people on ebay were selling 12 months membership for around 2200. search ebay once.

  8. I was going to buy a new ps3 and then I read about k and j model comparison. Are the newer ps3 k model. I read these k model have smaller heatsink, noisier fan, no wifi and eject button lights. What should I do wait for a newer model to launch or search if anyone has old stock of j model. Kindly help as I am very confused right now. Also read new variants of ps3 are about to be launched in 16, 250 & 500 gb. What if there quality is further compromised. Should I wait or buy right nw.

  9. i have transcend external hard drive 320gb. on transcend there comes a software storejet elite. i used this software to encrypt some files and now the storejet elite does not work and complete drive becomes non responsive. is there any software to recover encrypted files. also if using a software i am able to recover files, should i then format the hard drive. will formatting hard drive ensure correcting of any probable issues with the drive.


    please reply!!!!

  10. I have downloaded killdisk and using US DoD 5220.22-M(ECE)(7 PASSES, VERIFY) for deleting drives other than system drive as I dont have it in bootable form. And was thinking to use boot and nuke for system drive.


    Also have used dell backup utility for windows install. Will this be enough before selling my laptop.


    Should I erase complete disk with boot and nuke, will it serve the purpose.

  11. selling a laptop. wanted to know how should i clean it completely before handing it over to buyer. how to delete all your files permanently and safely. also if all this is possible without deleting windows. by permanent deletion i mean, person is unable to use data recovery tools to recover my pc.


    please help!!!

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