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  1. No Sign of the Phone being delivered




    Amazon executives are saying the delivery boy is on Holiday today and will be back only on Monday


    I know its an old post. but just thought i should share my experience. it happened to me when the delivery guy himself marked product as delivered. i went home to see nothing is actually delivered. raised complaint with amazon and mentioned its highly unprofessional, etc. they assured me to investigate the case and will terminate the employee responsible for it( to which I replied, I don't want employee to be terminated due to delay in delivery ). the product was delivered next day in the morning at sharp 8 am.


    This is something not expected from amazon though. and since then I have not faced any such issues. usually amazon is able to deliver before the promised dates.

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  2. any Galaxy S7 Edge users here ?


    I am planning to switch from iPhone 6s to S7 Edge.

    iPhone is a excellent device but nothing can be done on the go.. especially copying videos and songs are a pain...


    read excellent reviews about S7.. so any inputs will help


    one of my friends bought it. its an amazing phone with plenty of gimmick features (if you like those). but at the core its an android and will be able to do what you require of it.

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