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    PS3 won't boot

    Hi guys! So i took my PS3(fat 40 gb model) out after a very long time(almost a year & before that also it was lying idle). I charged the controller. The problem with my ps3 for a long time is that the touch controls don't work, so everything has to be done by controller only. when i started it with remote it started but no picture came on my TV. I had to switch it off from the back switch as there was no other way. Later i found out that it was hdmi cable problem. After changing when i again tried to boot it won't boot. i tried directly pressing the ps button, connecting it with a usb cable and then pressing the ps button and even a different controller. I figured i had to open it and give it a clean, which i did. opened till the heatsink part and cleaned everything. but still it wont boot. i even pressed those spring like clips on motherboard to get it to start but it won't. the red light is always on. no other light comes. i can't put bluray because there is already one inside and eject button is also not working. i dont know what to try anymore. Any help please. PS- anyone know good place to get it repaired in delhi, who charges fair, are honest and know what they are doing with ps3.
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