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  1. ah so they are hacked accounts. Thats a shame. Wouldnt wanna get myself banned haha. Can a mod close this thread please?
  2. Hey! So i just purchased my ps4. A guy on one my facebook groups reached out to me that if i dont want to purchase a 3-4k 1 year subscription of PSN plus, i can purchase an psn plus account from him for an 1k ish amount. And then that will let me play multiplayer on my own personal account too on the same device? Is this possible? If so, is this safe? New to this, so im sorry if this sounds stupid haha. Regards, Bax
  3. Ah! I didnt know the site went down. That could be the reason too.
  4. Would you happen to know any of those whatsapp groups bud?
  5. True... But i still remember how it was cheaper to play a game and sell it off a month later for a 500-600 cheaper, which made it seem worth it... Any recommendations on any site that still have good trading of games? Maybe even one of those renting services that rent per game?
  6. Hey! So i have been gone for a while now from this forum. I used to follow this forum alot when i had an xbox or ps3. I just got my ps4, and i thought i should visit this sweet place once again to find a platform to trade once again. But what's up with low traffic in the buy and sell forum section? Did something change in the last few months due to which there are lower no. of sellers? I remember a time when there were 10-20 posts of ppl selling chunks of good popular games every day.
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