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  1. It has all genres so start with something that u like. You can start with Outriders if you like shooters then Doom/Gears5/Halo MCC If u like rpg try Outerworlds. Souls: Remanent from the Ashes Adventure:Sea of theives Ori, Grounded and many more
  2. So I just activated 36 months GPU. I was able to purchase gold with same CC. Thanks you @thegr8anand..you are really great
  3. Giving away some codes to fellow gamers. Enjoy. Redeem before 31 Jan Game Pass (1 month) YFRVK-Q97WD -KQJJ7 XCHPD- 4 FCDZ 4DJ3R-CTR3X- YGHDT- JVRT2-TG9JZ Gold (14 day) FNV8H - MVRMM-7X2TR-8TRHM-FGCMR
  4. Folks, Right stick on my LE Kate Diaz controller is acting weird. It's taking input without moving/pressing it. Any idea if I can get it repaired? Any shops in Bangalore?
  5. Dang I already have an active GPU. Let me create another account to try this Thanks @thegr8anand
  6. So I bought Game Pass Ultimate at Rs 60 for 3 months. Finished Star Wars Jedi, Control and about to finish Dark Siders Genesis Loads of game in queue: Gears5 flc, Forza horizon 4, Ori games, Sea of theives If this is not Gamers at the center then nothing is. Happy Gaming 😀
  7. If u were smart, u could have checked the purchases I made on IVG, but it's ok, I think I expected too much of idiots who do console wars. """"those shitty exclusives""" It's ok, I am sure u won't mind future Bethesda exclusives on MS platform...oh wait Now u will say I can just play them on PC but deep down u know u cants afford a PC I don't understand why u in this thread when u just hate Xbox
  8. Sea of thieves became top seller on Steam, I hope u know that. And wait for an year, horizon, GOW, and other exclusives will soon launch on PC
  9. """"""Sony PS5 Games Might Cost Up to Rs 4,999 in India, that’s a Whopping 25% Increase from that of PS4""""""" This is sad Source: https://www.mysmartprice.com/gear/sony-ps5-games-might-cost-rs-4999-india-thats-whopping-25-increase-ps4/
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