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  1. rAgHaV

    Cyberpunk 2077

    f**k Day 1. I haven't bought a game in Year 1 since years. (only a couple of Sony exclusives being an exception) Tum sabh test karo DLC ka paise do, phir bhai goty pe chaapa marenge.
  2. rAgHaV

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Sony be like MS Tujhe Exclusive Deke Teri Lunga.
  3. Mumbai ne kaha IPL ki Hilti Duniya ke hum Don hain, Dilli ne pucha kya tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai?
  4. Can't get any more clear. Day 1 purchase for me. Sony India
  5. PS5 Pre-Orders In First 12 Hours Beat PS4's First 12 WEEKS Of Sales
  6. Been playing GoT 3-4hrs daily since last 3 days (after updating to 8.0) Haven't faced a single issue. (Pro with SSD) I am playing the SP part, haven't tried the newly added legends mode.
  7. rAgHaV

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Few hrs into act 2. The gameplay keeps improving such an amazing game. Every 2hrs the way I play it keeps changing. overall Menus, combat and upgrade system are simply the best I've seen. Beats every PS4 game for me in terms of pure gameplay fun. Also idk what it is about the visuals but initally I was kind of disappointed with how the game looked (started it right after finishing tlou2 maybe that's why) but now must be 15hrs in or so and some areas look so so stunning.. Truly breathtaking stuff.
  8. Wooden texture one looks so bad. It's like some android from Detroit Become Human is chilling in the RDR2 world
  9. Does the xCloud beta work in India yet?
  10. Seriously. Horizon is that kind of game that you'd never delete from your Hard Drive. I've always had this 1 racing game that I always go back to regardless of how active I am with gaming in general. Used to be Driveclub now it's Forza. Even if PS5 can do 70% of Forza Horizon 4K Ultra level PC graphics I'd be more than happy
  11. Yup. 1,2 and 3 were 10/10 for me. Finished all of them on co op with Karooo when I got a 360 ages back he was sweet enough to replay all 3 games with me as I needed someone for co-op. Think I am 3hrs in or so. Visuals and gameplay make it really fun. Although gears once had really amazing characters and story too. Gears 5 and Forza at native 4k alone make the gamepass 6k 3yrs deal worth it for me Forza Horizon and 7 both are amazing. Last racing game I enjoyed this much was Driveclub.
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