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  1. Speaking of mounts, anyone knows where to buy a DS4/Phone mount? I had one ages back, can’t seem to find it. Amazon or FK have no such listing.
  2. Software sales are up 80% year on year. They sold 91 million software units in Covid quarter.
  3. Sony shares are at a 19-year high. Analysts are bullish on PlayStation 5, say stock could rally 20%
  4. leaving all the cloud stuff aside (haven't tried anything yet). Remote Play on PS4 has been working great since years (ps4 was fine but they nailed it with pro). I used to stream a lot before (mount+ds4+phone). As long as the pro is connected to a good fiber line (mine is 1gbps spectra), and you have good wifi on phone, it works really great. So traditional mobile games will certainly get dominated by these cloud run games eventually. Streaming would obviously use less battery and not make your phone heat up too, so additional benefits.
  5. Who said they don't? If you are talking about the comment. That person thinks that gamepass itself is leaving. He isn't talking about any game. Thanks to the epic music video. Why the f**k would a company make a video around the fact that the games leave its service. and one should play them before they leave and keep a tab on when they leave and say goodbye game when they have left.
  6. Think they made this in 5 mins after watching that "wear your weakness bastard" Game Of Thrones Tyrion scene That's literally a flaw that they are highlighting with a song. But then, these guys have highlighted stuff like always online, drm, no resale of discs before.
  7. Oh yeah. Haha MS trying to acquire it makes more sense now. They've already seen so many flops apart from the Windows scene. I am actually someone who liked Windows Phone and Lumia Range. Used that 1120 or whatever for a good 1yr.
  8. Only if the ban is lifted. Har kissi ki kismat @hope jaise nahi hoti.
  9. More than 5 positives + >98% or 95% Trader rating could be the 2 conditions. Profile already shows the percentage. Mine is 99%
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