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  1. Yeah thors wakanda entry basically caused a mini theatrquake I started enjoying the wakanda section only after his entry. Before that it felt boring but mainly because I've always liked thor/rdj way more than captain Hated spiderman solo movie. Loved him in this
  2. amazing movie. I too did not enjoy the wakanda section that much. btw in the trailers, I'm pretty sure HULK was shown a lot in wakanda fight.. but in the movie itself it's just Bruce In hulkbuster armour with terrible cg at times. Kinda makes you wonder if they changed that entire section in last few months..
  3. rAgHaV

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Finished the DLC as well. Really fun DLC, just like the main game. Farmed that lvl50 firehawk for the best mods Thought I'd need the best setup for the Ultra Hard New Game+ mode but that mode was a joke. 10 times easier than your normal first playthough.. mainly because you know how everything works and have the best mods + skills unlocked from the very first mission. I didn't die at all in that playthrough, did it just for the final 2 trophies Really fun game overall. A few adjustments in the difficulty and experience model could have made it a lot more satisfying experience since if you are doing all the side quests, you are practically overpowered for EVERY mission, this was not the case with Witcher (on hardest difficulty). It's still the most fun game since Witcher 3 for me, enjoyed it a lot more than other PS games like UC4 etc. Anyway I guess we are not going to see any more DLC since the complete edition is already out Hope they keep Aloy for horizon 2.
  4. Yeah. BS decision, region incompatibility is one thing but this is pure bs. Anyway, will just wait for the expansion pass to go on sale then. Don't wanna start the game from scratch yet just for the DLC.
  5. rAgHaV

    Ni no Kuni 2

    Yeah 1st part was magical and one of the most gorgeous games ever.. Only okami artstyle comes close imo This with HDR 4k is going to look insane.
  6. f**k man, why did they screw the GOTY edition like this. So wanted to play the DLC with my old save. If I get the GOTY edition and play the DLC directly will my character adjust to it or do I need to be a certain level for the DLC to unlock. Buying and selling GOTY edition would be 100 times cheaper than buying the expansions for the original disc on PSN.
  7. rAgHaV

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Yeah. Tbh I hardly ever used fast travel even though I got the golden fast travel pack early on. Mount Skills are fun too, you can even pick up stuff while riding (this was added in frozen winds skill tree I think). But overall I spent most of the time in my game while on foot. Theres something about the controls that makes even normal running and climbing super fun funny how GG got so much hate for controls back when kz2 released. I guess mastering that aspect was the number 1 on their list this time around.
  8. Does the expansion pass ever go on sale (PSN) ? It's 1.7k INR right now. My save file of the normal Indian dis edition won't work with any other region DLC or the game of the year edition. Really wanna play the DLC and New Game+ now, since I played this in 2015. Also are the DLC packs really 30hrs + like the PSN description says ? I spent almost 200hrs + as well in the base game.
  9. rAgHaV

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    ^^ that's next on my list, once i'm done with HZD DLC and New Game+ would be my 3rd open world game in 1 month.. haha I'm gonna game like this from here on. Don't play anything for 2yrs and then buy the complete editions of all great games released while you were inactive
  10. rAgHaV

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Finished the base game, starting Frozen Winds now. Really loved the game overall but it was really light on content. I finished everything in 45hrs or so. LOVED the story too. Content wise it isn't even 1/3rd of Witcher 3 but then which game is ? Really impressed with GG Got so much stuff right in their first attempt.. Just hope that they increase the amount of content in HZD 2.
  11. rAgHaV

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Yeah. Gameplay is definitely one of the best in any open world games this gen. I loved witcher gameplay as well though. Witcher sucks if you aren't playing on the hardest difficulty. HZD is the only game this gen where I literally didn't have to touch a single setting. Controls, layout etc everything is perfect. f**k even the brightness setting was spot on for me.
  12. rAgHaV

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Actually witcher side quests were so good that you couldn't even tell what's a side mission and what isn't. (played the game back when it released so can't even recollect which missions were secondary now). HZD starting ones were fun but now they're basically short fetch quests. Still loving the gameplay so its not getting boring at all. Still its the only game apart from Witcher that I got so addicted to. Time f**king flies. Not one dull moment so far When the f**k do I get that golden travel pack. Every merchant I've encountered so far only has the normal one.
  13. rAgHaV

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    I'm actually praising Witcher and HZD both. Tujhe zillat lag rahi hai toh mai kya karu.
  14. rAgHaV

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    10hrs in. CAN'T STOP PLAYING. The last game that I enjoyed this much was Witcher 3, nothing else comes close. Easily the most gorgeous game I've ever played. Controls have set a new benchmark for open world games, I'm doing every side quest before progressing with the main quests Side quests are really interesting and kinda fun just like Witcher 3.
  15. rAgHaV

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    ^^ Yeah, they never sold beyond the first few months or so. Here horizon is showing great legs by consistently selling well
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