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  1. ^^ haha I used to watch this like 5/10 times when we used to do KZ2 Clan Matches on IVG. It used to pop up every time you boot the game.
  2. That's what I am trying to do actually I am pretty sure he is in my friend list on psn but I've never really checked my list in ages since I hardly play online. Will msg him on psn whenever I log in next. Just need to get the sales figure gap across to him and that should be enough
  3. Yup. MS Self pwnage was at Saha levels last gen. Sole reason why this happened: http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/03/ps4_has_reportedly_sold_a_ridiculous_68_million_more_units_than_xbox_one PS3v360 gen was like While Sony in PS4 gen was like & Most certainly MS in PS5 gen will be like
  4. Maybe they delayed it as the console is white in color. They'd need time to prepare a black version and then do this conference.
  5. rAgHaV

    God of War

    ^^ same. I got the Halo vibe too in that area. Btw MAX out BOI before anything else. He is super useful throughout the game. Overall game is harder on normal than previous games, but the challenges are much easier. Also Queens are the true bosses tbh, but overall yeah I think this game only lacked the boss fight vibe of previous gow games. It feels even more noticeable because gow3 was one "epic best boss battle ever" after another. This is my favourite Gow now though. Exactly the perfect experience. No other way they could have done it better. Part 2 will make up for the missing boss battles in this one I am sure.
  6. My base game character is lvl36. Booted the game yesterday. Turns out that I had done just the first mission of HoS. So watched that on YouTube and now I am good to go with my base game character.
  7. I do the same for all games that have that option. More than anyone being hardcore or casual, this decision boils down to your preference and the setup you have. As long as frame-rate is over 30, I will try to keep as high resolution as possible. HDR 4K 30FPS is the ideal scenario for my PS PRO + 4K Monitor setup. I'd prefer remote play on vita over 1080p 60FPS on a 4K monitor. (Only talking about SP games exclusively)
  8. rAgHaV

    The Last of Us 2

    Amazing how my vita has held up. Bought it like 7yrs back I guess, to this day the screen is flawless and remote play is like a dream (if both PS4 and vita are connected to fibre). Battery life is the same since day 1 too! I REALLY hope Vita would have PS5 remote play too, I always prefer Vita over 1080p phones for remote play. With phones you need a DS4 too but Vita feels natural as f**k and it has the BEST D PAD EVER MADE. Sorry for the OT, Vita meri jaan hai.
  9. PS4. I paid 1.25K, sharing it with my friend.
  10. Starting this tomorrow. Got the gold edition for 2.5k. Really loved origins and it's dlc when I played it 2yrs back. Hopefully this would be better. Also slightly OT but this music from AC2 is the reason why every 2yrs I play whatever AC games I've missed Was so f**king memorable. AC2
  11. Btw I was playing the 1st DLC 2 yrs back. Planning to resume it soon and do the 2nd DLC as well. Have completely forgotten how the save files work or what the 1st DLC was about (think I finished just a mission) can I delete all saves and use that pre set 30 lvl character to do the DLc from scratch (ps4) or is it better if I use my base game character? Any decisions from main game matter in any of the dlc?
  12. Yup. This game ruined SP gaming for me. Nothing ever came close to its epicness. Only truly enjoyed HZD and GOW ever since I finished this few yrs back. Must have played this for 200hrs or so. Remember so much of this game, amazing.
  13. I shared it with a friend (2 consoles 1 Account) so my share was 1250
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