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  1. rAgHaV

    What you bought this week

    1. Kingston 240GB SSD (Flipkart) - 2.5k Replaced my default PS PRO 1TB Hard drive with this. Also turned the default drive into an external HDD for the Pro itself. Feels really snappy. Have all 22 Games I currently own installed to the external HDD of pro while the 2-3 games that I am actively playing are on the SSD. Load times are 40-60% faster than the default drive across the board. Nice upgrade imo. 2. Ipad 9.7 2018 (6th Gen) (Flipkart) - 20K Was a Windows Guy since forever, got MacBook Air 2017 around Oct last year. Haven't touched a Windows PC since then. Felt like giving this a try since my previous experience with android tablets was really awful Amazing purchase, been using it since 3 days. Loving it so far always felt like buying the surface pro but MS India completely ignores the Indian market always so this is a great buy for me. Can do almost 99% of stuff that I do on the MacBook. Only con is that the charging time is 4 HOURS LONG 0-100% takes 4 f**king hours. Backup is amazing though, easily lasts 2days for me with kind of heavy usage. Still, 4hr charging time in 2018 is insane.
  2. rAgHaV

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Hahaha. I was thinking the same. That he is talking about [email protected] 28.5k. Was kinda pissed cuz I got it for 30k on day 1 of BBD Anyway Ipad pro @ 28k missed it.
  3. rAgHaV

    Marvel's Spider-man [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    ^^ Oh yeah Dunno why but it was in my mind all the time. Maybe it's because infamous 2 was the last superhero type game that I enjoyed this much loved all Batman games but infamous 2 was crazy fun. This game beats it easily and every other superhero game I've played this or last gen. Really wanna buy the DLC pass. Hopefully it will go on sale. Will hold on to my copy till I'm done with the DLC packs.
  4. rAgHaV

    Marvel's Spider-man [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    Finished the game a couple of days ago. Got the plat too, very organic trophy list. It's my favourite PS4 exclusive after HZD now (yet to play GOW) EASILY the best superhero game I've ever played. Heck it almost feels like a brilliant 20hr Superhero movie. Insomniac Infamous 2 was their last game that I truly enjoyed, second son and first light had jaw dropping visuals but the crazy fun was missing. This is easily their best work to date imo. Bring on the sequels Spidey games are gonna earn Sony a lot more money than the movies tbh
  5. rAgHaV

    Marvel's Spider-man [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    Game is DOPE. Campaign progress tracker says I'm 41% done with the story. Enjoying every moment of the main story, it's like living the best spidey movie ever made. Looks better than the movies. Already more fun than all Batman games (never played origins but loved all others). Did that a few hrs ago, my god the setpieces are insane. game is so f**king immersive. Easily the best superhero game I've ever payed. Nothing comes close IMO. Side stuff has also kind of grown on me hated them at first but now I mix it all up so the flow feels good.
  6. rAgHaV

    Marvel's Spider-man [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    Started this yesterday. 4 or 5hrs in. Looking really good so far. The Open World polish reminds me of Infamous Second Son, that game also had the perfect game world size for such genre along with breathtaking graphics. Although the side activity stupidity of Second Son is also present here, in a minor way though. At least they've tied these activities with upgrades and sh*t, gives you a reason to complete them once in a while. Anyway I'll be just focusing on the story, amazing detailing all around. Loving this spidey more than any other version. Game is the perfect 4k HDR showcase too. So colorful and vibrant, everyone connects with spidey too. Gonna be the best selling ps4 exclusive overtime easily.
  7. rAgHaV

    What you bought this week

    My Flipkart BigBillion/Amazon GreatI Indian Fest Gaming Purchases Upgraded my entire PS setup that I've been using since the past 4yrs or so. Almost everything I was using previously with my base PS4 was bought in that 1st Big Billion sale in Oct 2014. All prices mentioned below are after bank discounts/cashbacks 1. PS PRO Official Indian Unit (Flipkart) - 30k 2. 4K UHD HDR10 Gaming Monitor (Amazon) - 35k Was using a Dell FullHD Monitor with my base PS4 Previously (ever since I got the base PS4 in Oct 2014, that was the first Big Billion Sale day ever). A TV would have been much cheaper but I've always been a Console+Monitor gamer so this was perfect for my need and viewing distance (less than 1 feet). Easily the best display I've ever used, first I connected my 2017 Macbook Air to check the 4K, MBA with this monitor makes the normal MBA screen look like a GameBoy Advance ka display Really flawless monitor, I was really not expecting this big of a difference but Spiderman Running on Pro & This Monitor >>>>>>>>>>> FullHD Base PS4 Spiderman The 4K Monitor jump weirdly feels even bigger than a jump from say a 40inch 1080p TV to 40inch 4K TV. Mainly due to fact that the low viewing distance with monitors amplifies every little detail, good or bad. But yeah, Amazing jump. Truly surpassed my exceptions, even using a game like Spidey as example that runs from 50-70% of 4K. What is increasing the overall picture quality so much (almost 2 or 3 times better) apart from the resolution bump is HDR. Monitor switches to HDR seamlessly, even has a really good FakeHDR emulation setting for NonHDR stuff. When the title does support HDR, you don't have to do anything and the monitor does the switch automatically. The GAME modes of this monitor are insanely well calibrated and so so refined. It's pretty amazing how well calibrated the default settings of this monitor are. Will try HZD next as I guess that is the only proper 4k game. Will try god of war soon too. Monitor even has freesync, only xbox one X supports it though. I hope ps5 uses this too, at least that way the monitor will be useful even in next gen when we actually see True4K console games. 3. PS Gold (1st gen) Wireless Headset (Amazon) - 5.7K Again, huge jump in the sense of immersion as I've always used normal headphones (<2k ones) plugged into the DS4. The VSS effect is really good. 4. APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back UPS (Amazon) - 4.6K Replaced my puny CHAMPION UPS Sad that I wont be able to sing this song whenever there is a power cut anymore 5. Spidey and AC:O (Flipkart) - 5.6K Combined Total Fatka - 80.9K EDIT - Noticed another major improvement. Might not matter to the majority but I use it at times. Just tried Macbook Remoteplay with the PRO. Holy sh*t, It is so much better than the base PS4 remote play. Base PS4 Remote play is good with Vita/PS4 direct connection but the PC/Mac remote play apps were not as smooth. Mainly because the base PS4 takes about 100ms to process the image on the fly so no matter how good your router/ps4/mac setup is, there always is 100ms + networking lag. With Pro, that 100ms lag is GONE. Even on 1080p/60Fps Mac remoteplay (with the PRO hardwired to a router) I could not notice ANY LAG whatsoever. Smoothest Remote play experience ever. No reason to remote play on the vita now. Pro>Router (Via Ethernet) and Router>Mac (Via 5ghz Wifi) feels INSTANT. Mac almost feels like a monitor that is attached to the pro in this case. Incredible stuff.
  8. rAgHaV

    Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

    Awesome trailer. Have ordered this game, will get it tomorrow. Starting it as soon as I get my Pro. Hope that all the Day 1 glitches have been fixed. This is like the first AC game since ac2 that I'll be playing in the 1st month of release.
  9. rAgHaV

    What you bought this week

    It was listed for 35K (7K less than official India MRP of 42K), HDFC was running 10% Off upto 2.5K and additional 2.5K If cart value exceeds 40K. So I added the 2 games to make the cart value just above 40K and got 5K discount on the PS4 for a landing cost of <30K.
  10. rAgHaV

    What you bought this week

    Will Post actual pics once FK ships the stuff
  11. rAgHaV

    What you bought this week

  12. rAgHaV

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Says Brand Authorised Seller for that 4TB HDD, so I guess its safe then.
  13. rAgHaV

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    f**king hell, none of my Flipkart orders are moving. Stuck on the processing order screen since 2 days Estimated delivery is 20th-25th Oct. 7 Orders total, all have the same dates. Amazon is slow too, ordered a UPS on Day 1 of the sale, not shipped yet. Usually I get Amazon Stuff within 24hrs and FK I dunno. Haven't ordered sh*t since last year's sale but they used to be super fast then.
  14. rAgHaV

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Yup. Landing cost was 49K with the HDFC discount.
  15. rAgHaV

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    2 Units were available Was able to add to cart, then deleted it just to show my 30K normal Pro dominance