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  1. 18K via Cashify. Could have gotten more had I sold it directly to someone maybe, but it was a quick and hassle free experience (a lot better than when you sell old phones to them imo ).
  2. Finally got it FK Open box for this and the Pulse headset. PS4Pro traded in.. after catching up with the base games, thinking of getting the PSVR2.
  3. Finally got the PS5.. #131 Astro's Playroom. this game was too much fun.. PS Labo be Like
  4. Just finished it. Liked it a lot, Every thing was 2x of HZD.. Saved NG+ Play-through for PS5, Horizon DLC might be the number 1 reason for me to finally get a ps5
  5. #126 Horizon Forbidden West Saving NG+ trophies for PS5..
  6. Been playing this since a couple of weeks (PS4Pro).. almost 30hrs in.. my god what a sequel better than the first part in every aspect (which was my asli GOTY back when it released). Easily the most beautiful game I've ever played Gorilla Games truly nailed every aspect of their game this time. Will save my NG+ playthough for PS5.. been doing that for many great PS4 games in my backlog lately..
  7. https://www.polygon.com/23340800/new-ps5-model-1200-lighter-less-power Anyone who has purchased it recently (officially) did you get the CFI-1200 model?
  8. Same, took me a good month to get used to IP13 screen when I switched from OP6, initial days I was like “ye toh downgrade ho Gaya “ but now super used to it and find other screens unbearable
  9. For that usage iPad Air 5 64GB at 54K INR might be the best pick, as you mention that she already has an iPhone so iOS/iPad OS integration will work really good for her. It’s the cheapest M1 Device out there (same chip in 90K MBA), and the stuff you mentioned literally flies on it. Edit: No idea if Wacom pen works with iPad or not, if not then in case of Windows Laptops I’d go with this or any ASUS Laptop in the budget you mentioned: https://www.flipkart.com/asus-vivobook-s14-oled-2022-intel-evo-core-i5-12th-gen-16-gb-512-gb-ssd-windows-11-home-s3402za-km502ws-thin-light-laptop/
  10. Yes you can do that but without internet at both ends it will not work. If PS4/PS5 is connected to a Fiber broadband connection with Ethernet and you have a good internet on the other end (from which you’d remote play), then the latency is really good, main thing is having Fiber broadband at both ends and making sure that the console isn’t using WiFi, for me WiFi on PS4 Pro almost always kills the experience, maybe on PS5 it’s a bit better.
  11. I've been experimenting with multiple formats since Vita Remote play days too. iPad app gives me the smoothest experience as well. One thing I always do is that I use the second user account on my iPad so that when I log into remote play using the iPad, and then press the ds4 ps button, the ps4 switches back to my main account which means that the ds4 is directly connected to the ps4 BUT the iPad acts like a mini monitor of sorts. this trick can be used if you are experiencing ds4 issues, of course for this to work the ds4 and ps4 have to be in range. also ps4/ps5 being connect to LAN is a must. Just makes the experience so much better.
  12. Checked just now. Sold out Usually how long does the stock last? Earlier wasn’t tracking since I was busy with clearing the ps4 backlog. Also, does it randomly go live like this or do FK/Amazon announce the dates beforehand?
  13. What does the “Remaining Time” section in the Game’s Info Panel [PS4 Menus] actually indicate? I downloaded a bunch of games from the Catalogue, almost all of them are showing 13 Days in the remaining time section while Control in specific shows 365 Days.
  14. Btw even on PS4, Ghost of Tsushima has that single player DLC version (in the Game Catalogue). Also, the disc edition ps4 save works with the digital edition. Sucker Punch Also, paid 700rs extra and upgraded to Deluxe for Mafia 1 remake
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