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  1. Not gonna comment on Zodka but before the Ps5 and Xbox Series X were shown off, they were speculations and hypothetical too. But some speculations carry much more weight than others and one can take a logical guess if the industry is making this much noise about lockhart that it's coming. It's same with CPU's and GPU's, before the new 3000 series RTX cards comes out we can't say AMD won't beat them but we can make a logical guess.
  2. Not possibly, Definitely. These masks are made keeping a particle size in mind. I have seen many such "cloth" masks which also mention it, they look like cloth with within they have a proper filtering layer. Handkerchiefs are not made keeping them in mind. Now many people are indeed wearing masks which are just cloth but I don't think your handkerchief can create a good enough seal around your face. No one on this forum knows what kind of masks the other is wearing but when you directly say that you are just using a handkerchief then you are bound to feel the brunt. Get a proper mask brother, it's for your safety only.
  3. There is a Digital Foundry video where they compare AMD cards over the last few generations by limiting each to 4TF. The architecture improvements of each gen resulted in better performance when compared TF for TF. And in the end they try to mimic the new RDNA 2 architecture and find out that a 4TF RDNA 2 gpu should outperform One X's gpu. Combined with better CPU and SSD, it should perform much better. It's not a foolproof methodology but good enough especially coming from Digital Foundry.
  4. For marathons/long run try Asics Glideride. For everyday running Asics Nimbus 22. For speedwork Asics DS Trainer 25. Cumulus 25 has more cushioning so that's a personal preference.
  5. It's quite simple. For deadlifts and Squats applying force through your legs (feets) into the ground is the main thing. Hence, you want to cut out anything which will absorb that force or the normal reaction (feedback). That's why shoes like Nike Metcon's/ Rebook's Nano feature no soft cushioning, it's hard so the force is directly transferred to the ground.
  6. Being a sneakerhead and having tried almost everything on the market, I can say that they do make a lot of difference. But you have to understand the nuances of each shoe and what's it really made for. Trying to keep it as brevise as I can, Pegasus is a running focused shoe in a sense that it provides a lot of feedback, you can feel the track and adapt to it quickly, dynamic force distribution through the feet, basically what a running shoe should do but you won't really prefer these for walking because of that feedback, that's where Ultraboost come in. They try to eliminate as much of the feedback to reduce heel pain. Like you can walk for miles and still feel light in the legs. You can jog in these but because of the lack of feedback, they might feel unresponsive. So it's about finding the right fit. You can really give Asics a go for running otherwise Pegasus are good too.
  7. Not to promote my own post. But if you can get Buds for cheap then I would recommend those. Apart from battery life/mic there is nothing much to spend more on the plus. So check them out.
  8. Bro, there is no way it will be out of stock unless it's a global shortage. Most people in India don't buy a 40k console Day 1, let alone a 60k one, even ps4 pro seemed too out of place for people. People won't just abandon their ps4s. Sony centres, GTS, Amazon will surely have it in stock.
  9. They haven't made the price public, no one knows. Stipulating 399/449 for digital and 499 for disc based. So expect anywhere from 50-60k range in India.
  10. Best way is to hope that it's a global launch and pre order will be available. Otherwise, find a mule who can bring back from abroad maybe then you will have it on Day 1 (Indian Day 1). I think 55k-60k (disc version).
  11. You can take any normal cheesecake recipe, omit the crust. In the pan, line it up with double parchment paper such that it extends out, pour the batter in. Bake it at 200°C till it's brown on top (make sure your temp. reaches the set temp., most multi ovens are off by even 20-50°C, you will end with different result otherwise). Follow this for method/ recipe: I personally changed the recipe to (room temp. ingredients leaning towards cool): 900gms Cream Cheese (get the one which comes as brick not spread) 225gm Sour cream 235gm Sugar 4 eggs 1 tablespoon vanilla extract (1/2tbps if essence, please don't use alcohol based essence) 1/4 teaspoon salt You can follow the video recipe too but I recommend it only if you can find full dairy based heavy cream, not that non dairy, fatty, needs to be frozen stuff. Don't use orange essence or something like that, use Bloomed water if available (available in places like Modern Bazaar) otherwise go vanilla.
  12. Baked after quite a while. Basque Cheesecake came out quite well.
  13. That is generally the case but google and you will find many studies regarding that some bacteria will still penetrate. So good quality and fresh meat is important. Either cure the thin pieces or atleast cure till rare.
  14. Denaturing means breaking down the structure of proteins which make the tissues in the meat. That is the reason meat turns tender. Using higher temp. denatures the meat and kills the bacteria. The denaturing allows lower heat to penetrate the tender tissue and not use high heat. But give enough time, the meat will turn tough. Using acid like yogurt/lemon does the same thing but it does not kill bacteria, it only tenderizes. That's why only meat such as beef are cured because they don't have the same parasites as Chicken. Also fresh fish or one which has been blanched before. Acids changes the environment of the meat into such that bacteria can't live but that is true only for thin pieces. It does not work for pieces we generally eat. Can only impart taste. Give enough time, the meat will turn tough by curing too. For curing the pieces of meat you showed? It would take a day or more, so that yogurt did not help you in curing the meat. Best way is the way when you can consume it safely. Raw meat might give more nutrients but will make you susceptible to microbes too. So the most nutrition you can get while being safe is by cooking meat like beef/lamb on heat till rare. Just check while cooking, use Youtube. For pork/goat medium rare is good enough. And chicken/fish you really want to cook through i.e. not pink, just glistening.
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