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  1. Well, maybe it's just a frontend error. Discount line item is showing wrong amount i.e. higher than what was given. If I adjust for it, then order amount is correct. 125 discount code is showing up as 128 in invoice. Basically they are showing a 3rs platform fee discount as a separate line but never charged 5rs as platform fee. Order amount is correct after adjusting for it. Great marketing for Swiggy.
  2. Check your orders, it's true. Boycott Swiggy.
  3. Great race. Sainz deserved it. Mega recovery by Verstappen.
  4. Just give them for laundry. Build it into your budget. Depends on where you are going, you can get it done for cheap.
  5. Disaster. Can't do sh*t in parc ferme.
  6. I am aware, have been there as well. Plenty of reliable shops around Bur Dubai and even outside it.
  7. Go and have a vacation Dubai. Get VAT refund on your way back.
  8. Have read the same. 14 pro just seems better if someone can get the USB version. Although 14/14 pro don't have great battery life.
  9. Seriously, USB type c was the best thing and Apple did not put it themselves. 15 is a far better value, only thing is USB 2 speeds for 15 vs 3 for 15 pro but I don't think it will matter on 15. And 15 does not have pro-motion afaik.
  10. I am gonna file a complaint against mine and change him. Mine is a joint account, with me being the primary holder. Had a decent sum of funds in savings for XYZ purpose and the RM kept calling me to convert them to FD, you know, telling me how inflation works. I rejected. He then calls my mom, the joint holder and tries to get approval from her for FD. What a leech. This guy couldn't convert my Regalia to LTD DCB via alumni route and then to Infinia. While grievance did both the upgrades swiftly. Absolutely useless. Plus, I am sure he eats gutka constantly, can't even speak without his mouth full.
  11. Add 5-7% tax on US retail rate. Still 10k difference between the non-pros. 45k delta between pros is an absolute joke. Although 10k difference can be closed with CC discount. Maybe that's why they have hiked the price in the first place. Perception of a discount.
  12. Do you have an HDFC bank account? Highly unlikely that your Infinia application will be accepted it you don't have a relationship or a weak relationship. (assuming you will be applying on the basis of Salary criteria). My cousin's application was rejected even after furnishing proofs of 5L+ net salary but in a non-HDFC account. Currently, they are expecting 10L+ limit on existing HDFC card + 7.5L spends in last 6 months or 3L+ net salary + 7.5L spends. Unless you have an HDFC card or a bank account with high quaterly balance/FDs, chances are less. Though, runs a campaign for providing Infinia every 6 months or so, they are a bit lenient then. RM will definitely ask you to open XX account with YY balance or shift your salary account to HDFC. You can still try via HDFC priority redressal.
  13. Laga di. This guy was so annoying, was expert in everything.
  14. Kal bhi le lenge
  15. My friend who got charged foreclosure charges, had the full loan amount (cost of the product), swiped and refunded. Same value got divided between 12 installments. I haven't bought something on EMI recently but I checked the history on my DC for x90H and it's the same, full amount charged and refunded. Maybe, this is also merchant based.
  16. Anyway, Dusshera is coming soon. Deals will come again. I might pull the trigger as well depending upon if one of the TV goes kaput (read: made to go kaput).
  17. That's unheard of. Basically he was charged the amount post cashback/discount and pre-interest at the time of the swipe? Weird
  18. You should have raised this to HDFC, if your slip mentioned EMI then it's their duty to convert it. You also lost any savings which would have come because of the preclosure. I would advise to send HDFC grievance a stern email and ask them to compensate you for charging all the money at once and not according to the EMI T&C. I hope you still have the slip. You can even go to RBI if HDFC doesn't offer you anything. This is incorrect charge on your card and it doesn't get any worse than this. For EMI, you will have an entry for 199+GST, sometimes it can be included in one of the installments and not charged separately. Check if the original amount swiped has this extra fee or not. Send a mail to HDFC grievance, show them the slip. Tell them it was never converted and you kept following up with CC and now it's been enough, you need compensation for the incorrect charge else you will go to RBI.
  19. Please check your slip. If it mentions EMI, you can go to RBI regarding this. If it never got converted to EMI then you shouldn't be charged any fees even the GST part.
  20. Wait, how is it possible? You got the EMI slip but the money was never refunded back to the CC account to be deducted in installments?
  21. Depending upon the merchant, they can be charged. Ex: Croma vs Vijay Sales vs LG
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