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  1. 16 minutes ago, Bird Bird Bird said:

    This was a GwP. Super cute set. 






    Also built the skating shoe - great pastel colors, hit with my elder daughter who also loves to skate. 








    Adorable tyres! 




    Looks amazing when done. 









    Do you dismantle all of your legos after building them for the first time? Or do you store them on a shelf?

  2. 15 minutes ago, achilles said:


    Can go for either. If F1 pro is meaningfully better that works. I haven't tried either yet. 

    F1 pro is 2500 which includes everything i.e. Race, Quali, Practice, Replays, Driver Cams, supplementary shows. Works quite well, few people can share.

    Fancode is 599 for Race, Quali and Practice. I have not used Fancode yet, so no idea about whether it is ad-free or how is the streaming quality. As for the sharing part, 2 screens at once.

    I have not subscribed to Fancode yet, the old F1 TV pro is yet to expire so undecided which one to get for renewal.

  3. 15 minutes ago, achilles said:

    Who's subscribing for this season? Anyone up for a shared sub? 

    F1 TV pro or Fancode?
    Not sure if Fancode will add ads at some point or not, there are no replays/extra camera views on Fancode btw.

  4. 16 minutes ago, Root said:

    Fancode has acquired broadcasting rights for F1 in India, subscription available for 599.


    And I bought F1Tv pro just last night :)

    I am not sure if Fancode is Ad-free, I asked them on Twitter and they said they don't have the information.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Snake said:

    You won’t but the people will in gaming will, the PS console brand ain’t dying. 


    sony london hasn’t made anything that sold well nor critically acclaimed.


    Days 8 was just a demo and not everything translates into an amazing.


    so calm down with your analysis. Don’t be the next pachter

    I have used a product for X years = Le me business and stock expert

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  6. 31 minutes ago, AnK said:

    Extended warranty is useless which they offered.


    For two years after the first 3 they were asking 30k.


    It also included insurance if accidental physical damage occurs but only after first 3 years ie. in year 4 & 5.


    If something happens before that they won’t cover it….which was quite pointless.

    This pricing doesn't make sense.

    During offer periods, you get 3y as base and extra 2 for 15k, which I find to be decent.

  7. 11 minutes ago, AnK said:

    Online prices were no less then 1.45L for C3 55” just a month or two ago.


    1.06L is just unreal if with bill & sealed.

    It's not unheard of, it's based on luck.

    Plenty people got C2 a year ago at 1-1.1L

    Have to go and check during Dussehra or end of the year.

    I need to upgrade as well and looking to score a decent deal on C4 towards the end of the year.

  8. 31 minutes ago, North said:

    I know anything the agents do can be done ourselves, but I didn't want to risk it here since this is work trip and not a holiday. I had to get it in time for my trip. Thanks for the info, but I have just applied for B1/B2 even though this is purely a work trip. Good to know it won't really matter. 

    I do have my ID card + invitation & supporting letters from my workplace. I have been provided the account login but I haven't changed it, so agent can also parallely access.

    I do have relatives and friends in the US - but nobody I'm meeting so is that something I need to mention? If my flight goes through Boston and I have time I will meet my cousin but i doubt it. 

    Its the qualification question i'm worried about - since this is my first gig and I'm 4 months into it. But I'll get something ready, thank you for the help as always. 

    Change the login if you already have the appointment and paid them, these people are sh*t, they can try to extort more money by withholding your account.


    Mention about friends and family, tell them you don't plan on meeting them because you are going to different city and you have to be back by XX for YY.


    Qualifications: You specialise in ZZ and you have put yourself in a position where your work is valued and demonstrated your skills which are crucial for this ABC project.

    Don't overthink it, you will most probably not even have to go through all of this with the work documents.

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  9. 1 hour ago, sadge said:

    Brand new. This is with 6-months debit card EMI (CD). He says it’s no cost emi and showed me the offer numbers. (ICICI). I’ve never taken loans like this before - he said something about consumer durable loan (interest given as discount). Was a little skeptical so decided to give it one more day.

    20% off on extra 2 year warranty which comes to around 15k. I don’t know of the extra 2 yr is worth it. Told me the panel alone costs almost 80k.

    That said currently they have clearance sale of demo units. So I made sure it is new and recent manufactured.


    Asked about 55C3 and Reliance Digital said no stock in showroom. Price is definitely not 1.2-1.3L right now.

    That Debit card thing is normal. Will show as a consumer loan on your CIBIL, nothing wrong in that. Might bump your score actually.


    Take the warranty.


    Currently 55C3 is going for 1.6L on website, locally you can get it for 1.4L, just like C2 is going for 1.28L online.

    During Diwali/Dussehra, C3 went for 1.2L

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  10. 9 minutes ago, sadge said:

    Getting a quote of 1.06L for C2X 55 inch with 3 years warranty. Is this a good buy?

    If it's brand new i.e. not open boxed/demo unit. I think it's a decent price and you should get it. Probably push it closer to 1L.

    55C3 goes for 1.2-1.3 during sales.

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  11. 1 hour ago, North said:


    Going for a work assigned, but have opted B1/B2 - the option was there and I wanted to avail since US tourist visa also opens up avenues for holidays to other countries and I don't want to spend double time/money on this. 


    Yeah, I have biometric as VFS center in Shivaji Stadium, then interview at embassy couple days later. I got dates in a month because I paid a heavy fee to agents. Didn't want to miss the chance for a work-sponsored trip.  People say to carry ITR/bank statements, but 1. This is my first job, haven't filed ITR yet. 2. Bank statements for 3 months will be insane cuz UPI transactions for small items lmao. Hoping it gets approved man, v stressed. 



    1. Business meetins for work 2. Client in Rhode Island 3. HK/Vietnam/Singapore 4. B/Tech 5. 4 days (will prob get extended once I reach but don't think needs to be mentioned)

    I am very new to work, but will def try to justify it. 


    Yeah, I have 2 other coworkers going. 1 already has the visa, the other got an appointment for the next day so there won't be a match. DO they tell you instantly its approved? Does it matter who takes your interview? also let me know the turnover time for your passport please, when are you expecting it? This was helpful. thank you. 

    1. Most of the times it doesn't matter what you choose, stamping is for B1/B2 only.

    Even if you choose B2, stamp would most likely be B1/B2.

    They are just looking if you have gone through the documentation to evaluate your visa type.

    2. You need to carry your employee ID as well as a letter of invitation/intent from your employer.

    3. They won't ask for many documents, you can carry bank statements etc but I would be surprised if it comes to that.

    4. Agents don't do anything special, they just scrape the website on a periodic basis. You could have done it yourself by logging 1-2 times a day.

    I hope you have changed your account login.

    5. They will ask the following:

    Purpose of the visit?

    Your position and employer?

    Where will you be going?

    When will you come back?

    Do you have any relatives/friends?

    Will you meet them?

    Your previous travel history?

    What qualifies you as the person for this job? Basically, explain your skills and job.


    6. You can give detailed answers, there won't be an issue.

    Don't just say "for work". Explain the exact job.

    I would recommend that instead of waiting for the officer to ask you when you will be back, just mention that once you are done with the work you have to be back by XX because of YY.

    Although, if you are traveling for work and have the documents, it won't be an issue.


    7. Your passport will be kept and be available for collection/delivery in 7-10 days.

  12. 4 minutes ago, dante77 said:

    Aren't you from finance? 

    That was a part-time hobby. I am from data science.
    You can apply data-science pretty much anywhere and earlier, I was using it in finance. Gave that up to build better and more relevant things now.

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  13. Sora's white paper doesn't explain much but I do think that they have trained the model on actual simulation data rather than just videos.

    Think of it as model training on the internals of UE5.


    People are hypothesising that instead of just manipulating 2D pixels, it's modelling actual physics. I don't think that's the case here.


    But it won't be far, Meta might be the first to open source it with next versions of JEPA but it's coming.

    Sooner than latter, you will see VFX budgets and companies being slashed.


    As for the danger, well, you can't stop it.

  14. Improvised and booked 2 return tickets (DEL-LHR) on LOT Polish business class.

    It's not the best but given the constraints with TK devaluation deadline, it's better than any Economy out there.


    Paid 60k in taxes overall, so not a bad deal to get 2 return J tickets for the price of 1 economy return.


    Now time to say bye to Turkish.

  15. 8 minutes ago, rushab oswal said:


    i sold it few months back and bought it just a month before. When will the demerged shares arrive ? It was jan end then feb abhitak aya nae :huh: 


    Should already be in your demat.

    If using Zerodha, go to console and check portfolio, you'll see one with a random name. Google it and you will see it's for Klasspack.

    It will show in Kite when it starts trading.

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  16. 16 minutes ago, Bird Bird Bird said:


    Cant stress enough that if you're investing for long horizon, there is a LOT of reading involved. Concalls, quarter or annual reports, basics of cash flow etc. It does become super tedious at times, but can be fun if you really like the sector or company. 

    If you do want to get paid understanding of value investing, I can't recommend Dr Vijay Malik enough. See if you want to pay and attend one of his day long training. Check his blog as well to see his analysis on various companies etc. 

    Invest in flexi-caps.

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