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  1. Assuming you have a cabinet, fans and storage Ryzen 5 3600, MSI B450 Pro-VDH Max (You can swap in any decent B450 mobo), Corsair Vengeance 3200 16gb, Corsair VS450 PSU (spend more if you want a higher wattage one) and 1660 Super (Or search for a cheap 1660t, not much performance difference though) Will set you back almost 50k. Both Ryzen 5 3500 and 3600 have 6 cores but I personally would prefer 3600 as it has 6 extra threads and will perform better in other computing applications. But if you want to incorporate some other components or want a purely gaming rig, then 3500 will work well for you. For case, Antec NX600 works well but CM has good options too.
  2. Gym fee is for using the gym services and having someone who can give BASIC advice and spot you while lifting heavy weights. They have to spot many people and hence can't help you specifically unless you pay for personal training which can range anywhere from 5-12k a month or even higher depending on your gym. PT does help but only consider taking it if the trainer is good and you are serious about it. If you don't want any interaction, the floor trainers will be more than happy to let you do your own thing. But basic advice will help you a lot because people don't even know how to do push-ups properly. I see so many people doing 20 push-ups in the beginning and flexing hard but not being able to do even 5 the way it is supposed to be. So take the advice when you need it or are unsure and do your own thing otherwise.
  3. Every trainer is like that, they won't help you unless you pay them, they are there to make money. And in the starting everything will seem random. People don't quit because of the trainer, that's just an excuse. They quit because they don't have the will power or the dedication. You can always change trainers and gyms, there is no lack of options. You don't have to start with heavy weights, you won't even be able to. Start with cardio and with 2.5kg weights, or atleast start with cardio. But do it asap, you will regret in future if you don't.
  4. The amps and voltage depends on the device you are charging from. Cable is just a medium to transfer it. PC's usb port will in no way offer enough juice to fry the controller, even if it's a fast charging one. Also, the motherboard's usb port will provide the same output wherever you use it in the world, the power is already converted down via your PSU and motherboard power delivery. Use it however you like. There will be no problem.
  5. DS4 and Xbox Plug&Play kit charge via Micro USB, so until you are using a charger which is rated for the correct output or just charge via console, there won't be any problem. Plus Australia uses 230v and almost all of our Indian devices are rated for 220-240v, so almost any charger will work. I personally have never experienced my DS4 going dead while charging from any phone's charger (OnePlus 7/Galaxy S9). So unless you charge it via some charger made for Ipad or something, you will be good to go.
  6. I don't think he is getting tax credit on those cars. In this case, he is just rich and his dad in into cars.
  7. Businesses anyway transfer GST to end customer. If you don't take tax credit, the same tax is carried over more than once to that customer. I mean, tax credit was one of the reasons that prices of many services went down. And you can easily claim credit for the devices you mentioned. Lol, companies take credit for 2-3 Lakh MacBook Pros even if they are overkill because the status is necessary for the business. You just have to justify if the scrutiny comes up, so even though drones and cameras might be difficult to explain. Laptops, printers, mobiles are easy but need to have enough turnover to justify that 2-3 Lakh high end devices.
  8. Well, that's upto how thoroughly the tax authorities audit the details. There is only so much you can do. Plus this is credit, you don't get this discount upfront. So govt. earns a bit through the interest via their investments. It's a complicated game and that's where CAs come in.
  9. Lol, no. Working people work as employees. They are providing their service for an income and they paying tax on that said income. And if a Freelancer wants this credit then she/he will have to register with GST but they will have to pay 5,12,18 or 28% GST on the value of goods/services they offer in addition to the income tax which they would have paid if they didn't term themselves as a business. Much of this tax is transferred over to the end customer but still the freelancer ends up paying more. Only makes sense when your business is doing well and you need bulk input and hence Tax credit actually save you money. Tax credit in GST is beneficial because in earlier service tax, it was applied on inputs and not final outputs. So same input used to get tax multiple times. Also, GST registration requires atleast 20 lakh turnover. So, I think your friend is just lucky to use his dad's business to get GST free stuff by showing that the device bought was required to create the end product even if it wasn't.
  10. The price which doesn't include GST is for a business account. Basically it's GST Tax Credit i.e. At the end of the fiscal year, you can just deduct the tax you have paid on any device or service you bought/used to create your final product. Tax is only applicable on the final product. I am assuming you will need a GSTIN ID for that i.e. register a business with GST identification. Idk how your friend registered a business or might show no end product or uses some actual business's account to buy it personally. But as a personal user who doesn't know anyone who can order it via their account, I don't think there is a way to get this discount without any future implications.
  11. It shows that it will work only for Brazil Accounts. Do you get Xbox live Gold for every account on a particular console like PlayStation?
  12. GT sport is absolutely fantastic. You might feel that it's a bit too tough if you haven't played simulators before and even otherwise some challenges might be way tough. But now I am at a point that I have gotten Gold in every race, challenge, circuit experience and school part and still it's amazing to try to beat your record on Nurgburgring especially with Merc AMG GT. Give it some time, you will like it.
  13. I did. Was told that it might be a bug and acc. to their system I have only used 10gb instead of the 40 it is showing now. Though, he didn't seem sure. Gonna keep a look at it for a few days.
  14. Any other ACT users here? Can you check if your detailed usage in the ACT app or website looks okay to you? I think ACT is billing way too much data out my FUP. The preview on the app is fine but the detailed usage shows almost 5x data usage. Even on their website, for the same session they have deducted data way too many times. Here is the screenshot: https://ibb.co/HzvTk8d Can anyone please confirm?
  15. I think that is the case with only spare and free lithium batteries. In case of portable electronics they allow devices in check in if it fully powered down and can't turn on accidentally. Power banks are considered free lithium batteries.
  16. Has anyone ever brought an Xbox One X or any other console from US? Is it fine to bring it in carry on in sense are there any security check troubles? To take it out during scan? Or luggage is the best bet?
  17. They gave this offer to long time users. I got it and used for a couple months before switching to ACT. Just download on Airtel app and if you are eligible, then you will see a banner for it. You can check it out in data pack option too, costs 299. Works out well if you are able to get 200Mbps speed on 999 plan and put that unlimited pack on top.
  18. Finally shifted to ACT. Felt a bit conflicted leaving Airtel after almost 15 years but they didn't deliver more than 40Mbps and now it wasn't cutting it. 150Mbps is amazing, Netflix 4k doesn't even flinch now. Provided TP Link C5 is working good enough for now, probably in future will get something from Netgear.
  19. I actually like the design a lot. Gives Corsair One type of feel but in a smaller footprint and for me I never think of hiding the console in entertainment unit, kinda looks good to me in the open and this might look great sitting on the console table with green glow on top. Also, the "Series" in the name makes me think that it might indicate Anaconda and Lockhart Series and it will be called more than just Series X. If Lockhart turns out to be 199$ or a bit more, that might be a no brainer for me as a person who doesn't keep a pc. Will allow me to play Xbox games with Xbox One X equivalent fidelity and have Ps5 on the side.
  20. Bro is DT Zone trustable? Because when my friend was trying to buy a used ps4, he contacted them via their OLX ad. Upon inspection he found out that they were actually selling showroom pieces and refurbs as personally used pieces.
  21. @CarbonCore Let me know too please. Also possibly of V2 as well. Thinking about getting one especially for handheld. Not sure how Palika prices compare to other retailers.
  22. It's not about muscle loss from cardio or the hard field. Any machine such as a treadmill or elliptical pushes your leg to drive you forward. An opposing acting force to get you going but that's not the case in football. You can train all your life on such machines and still gas out on the field. And any of those can help you build muscle but in treadmill you will need to use incline while in elliptical a higher setting. I assume this is just because you were out of the game a long time and your body especially lungs need to get habituated with metabolising that much oxygen. Just keep at it.
  23. Dude!! Got it! Never tried it before, this was no brainer.
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