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  1. 8 hours ago, AtheK said:

    After a lot of deliberation picked this over the bose comfort 35, and these are one brilliant sounding headphones.

    Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk

    These are great, QC35s doesn't even come close. I have been more than satisfied with mine, and battery life is amazing.

    Only thing is hardware level equalizer which is built in the Sony Connect doesn't support LDAC, so it will still use SBC if you want to crank up the bass or overall sound volume. Still sound damn amazing, ANC haven't faultered either.

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  2. 19 hours ago, AtheK said:

    ya the screens are damn expensive on these phones, my s7 edge is lying in the drawer.

    Not only screens and not only Samsung, my friend broke the back glass on his Pixel 2 and Google charged him 8.8k for it (just that small pane of glass).

  3. Amazon basic is certified 18gbps, I have been using it for months with my UHD player, no blackscreen, handshake or HDR issues.

    Internet is full of articles which state how superfluous the claims of various hdmi manufacturers are which drive up the price while the spec remains the same.

    Buying a hdmi cable for over 1k in this day and age, is stupidity.

    Buy only if you think having a reflecting sticker on the box stating "Certified 18gbps" will make it perform better.



  4. 18 minutes ago, djanuj said:

    Guys. Can anyone suggest good HDMI 2.0 cables for 4k? My TV installation Engineer showed few cables but were 1500 plus. On Amazon their own basic costs 350. And claims 4k@60p. There's also Mivi 4k HDMI v2.0 cable for similar price. But I don't have trust in their writing....can anyone suggest good cable for 4k? Need 5-6 Total Cables.



    Amazon basics cables are good enough, been using them for months now, no problem whatsoever. Ps4 Pro, 4k bluray all run fine.

    Plus they are the only ones which mention 18gbps transfer rate, which is the spec of HDMI 2.0 while all other including MIVI titles it as V2 but has mentioned 10.2gbps transfer which is HDMI 1.4 spec.

    My advice is to stay with amazon.

  5. 1 hour ago, sid_008 said:

    Guys need help deciding between the Pixel 2 XL and S9+

    Had almost decided to go for the Pixel 2 XL, but a friend of mine who owned one, told me that his phone had a series of hardware issues especially the screen. Not to mention B2X the service partner was a pain to deal with. Guessing that his might be a one of case, anyone else had any hardware issues with their Pixel phone ? 

    I discussed the issues I faced quite thoroughly on this thread a few months ago.

    I had to put in a replacement request twice in a month since both had screen and charging issues.

    And B2X is the worst after sales service there is, they took 20 days for the first and 2 months for the 2nd replacement since they "didn't" have panda color in stock but every representative I talked to told contradictory things thus I didn't believe their word at all.


    Coming to the phone itself, it's just amazing. You haven't experienced Android in all it's glory until you use a Pixel device. Camera is probably the best out there and performance/sot has never faltered me. Don't forget that you get updates each month while with Samsung that might never be the deal.

    Screen is good enough, color shift and all others problems have been solved for units manufactured post Dec '17, two of my friends got it recently and they haven't faced any problem.


    But if Pure Android and quick updates aren't your thing, S9+ is a better package for all the reasons people mentioned above.

    Though, I always find Samsung Phone's lag after a while, my brother in law have owned S5-S9+ and after 6 months, I find it throwing lag or glitches in UI, same happens with my batchmates in college who own S8 and S9+.

    But that might be just personal use case.


    S9+ is still a great phone though.

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  6. 16 hours ago, Playstationdude said:

    Reebok and Nike are too expensive. I've had a good experience with cosco but you're right, even I can't find them online. Had purchased them on Flipkart earlier.

    They are indeed expensive, but one day I found the Reebok padded gloves being sold for 700 on Flipkart, so I bought them. They are back upto 1600-1800 now. They work great for the first month but then the foam slackens though still does the job.

  7. 25 minutes ago, niks_flashbullet said:

    Did you try putting lotion on it? When i started working out i had callouses on my palms, lotion helped & moreover I started using chalk for most of the heavy lifts.

    My grip strength suffered whenever i used gloves. Try using lotion on palms & use chalk for your lifts, in a couple of weeks it will get better.

    No matter which glove or protection you use, skin will thicken but in my case, my skin sometimes stretches so much that it tears in pull ups and the rest is done by the rough grip on the rods. So i use gloves to save it from tearing apart. Never had problem with losing strength with them.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Playstationdude said:

    I have lost mine as well. But you need protection from calluses that usually pain while doing pull ups, right?

    If so they work fine for that.

    I can't find them anywhere to try first. Will keep looking, if you buy any else and the review is good then let me know.

    Reebok and Nike one's are build good but foam support flattens quite quickly, so looking for a more robust pair.

  9. On 4/4/2018 at 3:17 PM, Playstationdude said:

    Yes I have. The ones from Cosco are pretty good. Even better get the ones with gel.

    Although I've reached to a point where my palm skin has become so hard gloves or no gloves, it virtually does not affect me :P

    But still get the gel based cosco gloves. Your palms will thank you.

    I recently misplaced my gloves, so need a new pair. I can't make out from the pics whether Cosco Gel pro has gel support only for the lower palm or does it have for the upper palm, right below the finger joints as well? Upper palm is where i need support the most.

  10. 3 hours ago, L33TWiZaRd said:


    Recommend the Onkyo HTIB. I recently upgraded mine from an Onkyo 3300 to an Onkyo HT-S9800THX. It is amazing and well worth the money.

    I am in love with the sound fidelity and channel separation the unit offers and was a major-major upgrade for me personally.


    Coming to what you have stated with regards HDCP 2.2 not being important, I personally feel that having HDCP 2.2 compliant devices across your entire setup is extremely important. You should ideally have all your devices connected to your receiver and then use the HDMI out on the receiver to connect with the TV.

    This eradicates any possible HDMI handshake issues and will give you full power of the receiver's audio decoding capabilities which will far surpass anything that your TV can do. Something else to keep in mind is that ARC doesn't support object based sound formats like Dolby Atmos or DTS:X.


    If you have a little more budget, suggest demoing the Onkyo 5800 or 7800. They both have the same speaker package with top firing Atmos enabled speakers. They only differ in terms of the receiver, the 7800 has two hdmi outs and more hdmi inputs and few more bells and whistles that the 5800 receiver lacks.


    In my A/V setup, my PC, PS4 PRO, Xbox One X and Tata SKY HD box are all connected to the Onkyo 9800 receiver. The main HDMI out is connected to a Hisense m7000 65" 4K HDR TV and the sub HDMI out is connected to a 23" Dell Monitor (SP2309W).

    I don't have any budget constraints but I want my next big upgrade/investment to be when HDMI 2.1 comes out, I would curse myself if I spend this much only to miss out on newer spec. That's why I want to keep it around 30k till the newer spec comes to market, but anyways i will look into what you have suggested before making a decision.

  11. My sony all in one died yesterday and thus need a new one. I am not looking to go DIY since I really don't have the time for R&D and like the integrated controls of tv and system, so mainly looking for another all one, can be soundbar design as well. Still I am open to suggestions for going some other way.

    I don't need 4k pass through or HDCP since I use HDMI ARC as my tv supports full PCM Dolby/Dts through ARC.

    I don't have a definite budget but looking for a price to performance one rather than high end.

    Right now I am researching a bit on Yamaha YT-1840, Onkyo HTS 3800 or Sony RT40 for a bit of a lower range. 

    So please suggest any you have in mind.

  12. 15 hours ago, CarbonCore said:


    B&W is all fashion and no comfort. I'd rather go with PXC550, has better sound, features and app customization. 

    Fashion? Yes, No Comfort? Again Yes.

    But I tried them myself, side to side with QC35, PXC550, and their sound stage and signature is much better than the other two, vocals especially females are kind of muted in Bose/Senn/Sony and gets lost in the background, they didn't in B&W, they do lack go bass though.

    Anyways, stacked up the odds, and decided to go with Sony 1000XM2, best ANC, most features, sounds better than Bose/Senn, comes very close to B&W and for a lesser price.

    Only thing I wary, is their build quality, will see how they hold up with use.

  13. 12 minutes ago, ayush12ice said:

    Hello guys in Gurgaon /NCR...


    What's the verdict on spectra internet? 


    Yesterday i saw a guy from spectra fixing a broken cable in the neighborhood. I never knew that it is available here, as their website does not list my place in their list. 

    Currently i am using airtel on 16mbps as that is the max they are offering here and there was no other option till yesterday. :P 

    If spectra is good, i think i might want to go onto that as the plans are way cheaper and speed is also said to be upto 1gbps.


    Pros for Airtel: 

    1. almost 0 downtime. 

    2. quick service if required. 



    1. Speed locked in at 16mbps (area limitation)

    2. Expensive compared to Spectra.

    3. Damn FUP. 

    Spectra's reliability varies a lot by region.

    Although it's not available in my area, a friend of mine has it. His main problem is downtime, every other day either something is wrong with the backend or fiber and he is left with hours without the service, but another friend of mine who lives about 6kms further than the first, has had no problems whatsoever with it, only rare speed droppages. This is in Delhi, not sure about about your area.

    To be honest, I am fed up with max 5mbps upload speed Airtel provides because of using vectorization, also vectorization is not even fully supported by many devices because they haven't used the Google's authentication yet.  No matter if they are giving me 100 down, with roll over, my FUP is 1.5tb almost every month, but I want more upload speed.

    But only thing which keeps me is their almost negligible downtime and response time. Maybe I will give a try to ACT in future.

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  14. 15 hours ago, Aftrunner said:

    If he needs noise canceling an open back headphone isnt gonna work. 

    I am a college student and noise cancelling is necessary during commute, through out college hours.

    Anways, does anyone has experience with Bower&Wilkins PX? Although they are a bit more expensive but apparently sounds better of the bunch, and ANC is good as well though not as good as Sony.

  15. 1 hour ago, djanuj said:
    2 hours ago, kunjanp said:
    Gaming headsets are well focused on gaming, they prosper when you want to boost a particular frequency with low latency but doesn't beat music orientated ones for the same price.
    H9 are out of my budget. 
    Bose make quality headphones but major reviews have put Sony ahead of them in ANC and Sound quality, I guess I will have to go and try them in my nearest store.

    I get what you are saying. But this is what I feel. Most major reviewers are given these sets for free. In return for favourable reviews. Many become biased overtime. I know not all are sellouts but majority of them are. So don't rely on reviews alone. Yes. I guess you should try Bose and Sony side by side at a showroom or Croma store etc. If I were you I would buy Bose. Or Sony MDR HW700DS (Because of HDMI input)

    Yes, a lot of them are biased that's why I take a lot of info. from Reddit users who give their own review, especially ones which have multiple headsets to compare.

    I need portable ones with Noise Cancelling so I am gonna choose from the three I mentioned until someone advises another. 

    Bose is all round, sound and build quality you name it, but Sony has been better in current products sound wise, I just need to see if woes about their build quality and being uncomfortable are true. Plus yet to see Sennheiser in open.

    Will update whatever I decide on.

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