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  1. What exactly happened? So if all feedback’s etc gone. How will people trust the seller/buyer?
  2. Ya. Now showing unavailable. Did you get a chance to buy it?
  3. Unable to add in cart. Says it’s not for sale.
  4. Guys. There is an apparent scam going on relating to Paytm. Our data has been leaked by someone. Not sure by whom. It can be Paytm or Paytm shipping partner xpress bees. If you receive any call from unknown number stating themselves as Paytm representative that you have been selected by lucky draw or similar type of selection and you can have gifts ranging from 40-80k but for that first you will have to recharge 3000 in your wallet and then share OTP asking you to pay “Fees”. Do Not Share OTP with anyone. Nor accept any such offer. Because people who did later realised that the amount was withdrawn from their wallet and Paytm did nothing to help customer. Just asked them to file FIR. The scamster already has all your details like address, order details etc. But do not entertain them unless it’s related to the order updates.
  5. If I go to Paytm Mall I am getting 520 cash back. What’s the difference between that and this? Except for 100 rupees cash back? Also is Lenovo Laptop good? Is there any issues with the quality service etc?
  6. Expensive. No future upgradibility
  7. Dell g5 or Lenovo Y720 both are around 1300. Else MacBook Air
  8. https://forum.xda-developers.com/gear-s3/how-to/gear-s3-android-wear-port-wip-t3584588 just FYI. So root is definitely available
  9. I also want to tell you that I have installed AdGuard so if in case it is relevant. Also the ads are still not blocked. Any iOS ad blocker which blocks ads from apps and browser? I am tired of this! Android had this option I also want to block YouTube video ads
  10. And if it doesn’t work then? How to deactivate? Because it will ask for the code to deactivate as well
  11. Sold phone yes but I have the app on old android phone. If I delete that then I will be screwed as I will have no way of getting codes to access my account
  12. Friends I have iPhone 6S and I have installed Steam. Somehow the SteamGuard is not showing any codes on the app. I get codes on Android but not on iOS. Any way to fix this? I am in a fix. Sold my Android recently and I have 2 step authentication activated via Steam Guard. Kya chu****pa hai yaar yeh. And no one has complained about this? PS : Tried on 4 iOS devices and same issue that I faced. Installed steam on very old android phone and codes are shown. See pic of my iOS issue. Is this a Bug? Or is this what everyone face?
  13. They can keep packages if it is prohibited or has some violations as per the law. However they will know exactly who bought this product so they can contact them directly rather than relying on seller who provides the data
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