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  1. So I guess this was clarified before that he doesn’t have to. I think. But I don’t know much honestly.
  2. What if you factory reset it and flash new unlocked OS?
  3. I couldn’t. It shows as free but when I press shop now it shows me price of 4.5 euro
  4. Well I have not used it myself. So no idea. But i do have airfryer and it’s really good. I always wished something similar come up in over form. And havells did that. So I guess it should work well. I am really satisfied with AirFryer!
  5. If you want to go for oven. Do check havells AirOven. It’s similar to Airfryer but with bigger capacity.
  6. https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2020/05/04/lgs-2020-4k-oled-and-lcd-tvs-dont-support-full-hdmi-21/
  7. Honestly. 2020 LG Models are a downgrade. They have removed HDMI 2.0 from their devices and kept the price costly. So I would recommend if you could buy 2019 version or buy other brand. I have LG tv 7500PK. 55 inch. And quite satisfied.
  8. It calls amazon “home server” and uses Alexa tech
  9. So if we use uPlay windows app. And keep it logged on the entire night. Will I still get the game? Or do I have to watch the stream?
  10. Made walnut, roasted almond brownies today for dads birthday!
  11. Made walnut, roasted almond brownies today for dads birthday!
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