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  1. How is borderlands 3? For 9.99$ do you recommend going for super deluxe?
  2. How is borderlands 3? For 9.99$ do you recommend going for super deluxe?
  3. How is Ghost Recon Breakpoint gold edition? For $13?
  4. Made rajma and Wheat Garlic Naan!
  5. Philips is the best branded air fryer. I also have other branded air fryer but felt Philips is the best. Just ensure that you buy higher capacity one. I bought the most basic one. And feel now that I could have bought with bigger capacity. Currently have 2.2litres. Plus another advantage of Philips is that you can also dismantle the cooking tray from the handle. Which is good for cleaning. Havells has this feature too. Price I bought basic one for 9.7k something. Next best after Philips is havells pro life grande. It’s 6.5litres. But costly. 15k something Then is Prestige air fryer Inalsa etc. PS : as a pro tip if you planning to bake I really suggest you buy baking tools. Like baking tray which can fit your air fryer and other stuffs (gloves etc). I had to do some jugaad of using aluminium dabba ka cover as baking tray because didn’t Have one plus due to lockdown cannot go to market to buy one. All the best!
  6. Made Dominos style Garlic Bread! On an AirFryer! It was damn tasty!
  7. Pizza Recipe! dough recipe! 500gms of maida (For Healthier option you can use Wheat too) 1 to 1.5 tea spoon salt 2 tea spoon milk powder. Mix the above prepare for the next items 350ml warm water mixed with 7gms of Yeast 3 tea spoon sugar Put the yeast in luke warm water and then put sugar and let it sit for 10min. Once you see lump free water yeast mixture mix that with maida and prepare the dough. Kneed properly to develop glutes. Do this for 15-25min. Kneed till the dough is smooth and non sticky. (Pro Tip : Use flour to prevent dough from sticking in to your fingers or hands.) Once the dough is kneeded properly. Take out a container and oil it properly (Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best) marinate the dough and the container so that dough does not stick to the container, and put the dough in the container in ball form. Cover it up with damp cloth and keep it in a warm place for 7 hours. Or use Cling Wrap and keep it in a warm place. The more you keep the dough the more it will rise and ferment and taste better. Once your dough rises to almost double the size, take out the dough and change it to another container this time air sealed and keep it in the fridge. The dough is ready to use. (A good way of knowing if dough you made is perfect or not is that it should be soft, fluffy and non sticky after 7 hours of fermenting which is once it’s almost double the size. It will be sticky a little bit. But otherwise it won’t be sticky.) you can make the pizza straight away too if you don’t want the dough to be refrigerated. Like once dough has risen, you can immediately consume. Which happened in about 2-3 hours. Now to make Pizza Sauce Take approx 6 tomatoes (put it in the cooker for 15min. 5 whistles). Once tomatoes are cooked take it out. Mix it in a grinder. Now once the same is mixed. Take it out in a medium flame pan. Add oil, salt as per taste, 3-4 Garlic cloves finely chopped, 3/4 teaspoon Kashmiri Red chilly powder, 3/4 sugar, little bit of water and corn flour to thicken the sauce (Corn Flour optional). 1 tablespoon butter. Add 1/2 tablespoon oregano, 1/4 onions finely chopped & 2tsp basil leaves finely chopped. Cook for 15min. Or till sauce thickens. Whichever is earlier. Let it cool for 5min Again put the same in the mixture and mix the same. Once its smooth the sauce is ready. Now to prepare the pizza Pre heat your oven with baking tray at 200 degree Celsius for 15min. Take out the baking tray with baking gloves put some oil and spread it with oil brush. Ensure the oven is closed. Take out the pizza dough. Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil take small ball out of the dough and prepare the shape as per the tray and put it on the tray. With your fingers spread till the tray is filled with dough. Oil the dough from the top. Using a spoon spread the sauce on the pizza. Just ensure sauce is not spread till the end. Put the sauce in the centre and start spread it till it reaches the border of the dough. Keep little bit of the corners dry. Put 3/4 of your toppings, then little bit of cheese, then balance 1/4 of the toppings. Put little bit of oil in the pizza. Now with the baking gloves out the tray in the oven. And bake for 15min at 200 degrees Celsius. Or till your pizza base is golden brown and crispy. Ensure pizza baking tray is kept in the middle so that heat is from below and above. In my case I have OTG so the pizza cooked well only thing was the underside of the base was not crispy. So I used air fryer and made the base crispy and it turned out damn good. If you face similar problems and don’t have air fryer then you can use OTG too. Enjoy your Pizza!!
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