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  1. F**k that looks so good! I'm so ready to dive back into GOW.
  2. This game is overwhelmingly huge. I had to rush through it due to time constraints(short college vacations) and I left most of Skellige unexplored but still it took me more than 120 hours. I couldn't believe at the amount of content the devs were able to put in, that too without sacrificing the quality of individual quests. The variety is fookin good. Amazing stuff.
  3. Aloy


    Good Luck! You definitely need it! As your first souls game, it's either going to be one of your finest gaming experiences or one of the most frustrating ones. Just don't give up too easily because not giving up and pushing through is an integral part of the souls games. It's what makes them so fresh and exciting. Now go on fellow hunter. I wish you bloody hunting
  4. Indeed. Good thing that it's not finalized. ------ I know I'm asking too much but I'd love the game's intro to be like GOW3 in terms of pure epicness. GOW3 was my first game on PS3 and I was awe-struck by its opening. The art direction, the visuals and the majestic music came together to orchestrate that wonder. I still remember my first playthrough vividly.
  5. Aloy

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    The first post of this page cracked me up lmao
  6. Haha. The gameplay was the best in the series IMO so I enjoyed replaying it, cause it added some variety to combat encounters. My rating for the series goes like, UC4 > UC2 > UC: TLL > UC3 > UC1 (Dunno about Golden Abyss).
  7. I know the general consensus is not this, but for me UC4 is the best UC game. Perhaps that's because I had so much of an emotional connection with the characters when it came out such that I overlooked its shortcomings (which I still don't see, the pacing never irked me). Even after 4 playthroughs, I enjoyed it a lot. But one thing's for sure, It's miles better than UC3 so don't worry about that.
  8. Lost Legacy builds up the characters which were introduced in UC4. The dynamics between Chloe and Nadine make the game so good. Though it's not necessary, I'd recommend first going through UC4 before picking up the lost legacy. There are lots of hints and references to the main game which you wouldn't understand if you jump straight to the latter.
  9. Aloy

    Dragon Ball Fighters

    Welp, have to deal with this then. But the game sure seems worth the price, especially from what I played in the beta. As a huge DBZ/Super fan, I must get it!
  10. Aloy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Yeah even I'm not that impressed by those shots. I was expecting something more, especially after what they did with GTA5 on last gen consoles and modern open world games like Horizon. Obviously, it's very early to judge anyway. As for "Graphics mean jackshit", they play a role for me but it differs from game to game. An example would be a tellTale game, where I'd would appreciate more visual fidelity as it helps in refining the emotional connection with the game.
  11. Aloy

    Dragon Ball Fighters

    Well alright. I'm just frustrated. We finally got an amazing DB game after a long time and then these things happen.
  12. Aloy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Reminds me of Django Unchained.
  13. Aloy

    Dragon Ball Fighters

    Oh It's indeed available on GTS but what's with the price (4.3)? That seems unusually high or do newer AAA games really cost this much nowadays?
  14. Aloy

    Sea of Thieves

    Initially yeah.. but for how long? Does it get repetitive and did you try it?
  15. Aloy

    Sea of Thieves

    I watched H20 Delirious' closed beta gameplay and it looked really awesome. The art style is perfect for the type of the game and they nailed the atmosphere. From what I noticed, the game's a blast with a friendly pirate crew. Not sure about the fun factor if it's played with random players.
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