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  1. Good to see gaming going mainstream
  2. Decided to jump directly into TOTK. Played for an hour so. The game has a good tutorial so had no issues. I'll surely miss out on references to the first game but I looked up a summary of the BOTW so I think it's fine. I'll take me like 2-3 months anyway to finish this.
  3. Man PC gaming is amazing. I was able to setup both BOTW and TOTK on Yuzu switch emulator (Disclaimer: I own a NSW and the games). It looks so clean with 2x upscaling to 1440p! Now I'm wondering If I should directly jump into TOTK or first complete BOTW. The only issue is time 'cause I know both are massive games and the hype is kinda pulling me to play TOTK directly. Recommendations?
  4. Aloy

    Resident Evil 4

    Indeed. For someone who considers the OG as one of the best games of all time, this game is a love letter to the fans. So much attention and love is poured all over it.
  5. ^^ If Kratos is gay then what are we lmao
  6. Guys, why do you fight over systems...Just get all the platforms and be done with it
  7. I tried PayTM. Pretty quick and hella convenient. Feels weird though that CC doesn't work.
  8. Bhai at least BOTW looks more appealing than Kingdom hearts
  9. Yeah It's probably that. Open world games demand too much. I kind of left HFW after 5 or so hours for the same reason, too much running around and long downtimes. I will definitely give BOTW another try though. I feel out of spot with all the hype around this franchise. Heck, I bought a switch specially because of BOTW.
  10. I really don't understand the reviews and scores. I tried BOTW once (gave it like 10+ hours) but found it boring. The open world was really bland and the combat is also sub-par. Seeing the same kind of reviews for a sequel which largely looks the same albeit expanded makes me wonder, am I out of touch or what?
  11. That's turned on for online intl purchases with a reasonable limit.
  12. Aloy

    Atomic Heart

    Played it on PC. Really enjoyed the game. 8/10. Perfectly scratched that Bioshock itch for the time until Judas releases. The only issue is that I didn't enjoy the open world enemy design. The game made it really annoying to explore the open world with its infinitely spawning super aggresive AI.
  13. My HDFC CC doesn't work on Steam (both normal and domestic options). What's the best alternative?
  14. Yes my bank is okay. The sites didn't even get to asking my bank details.
  15. Got a job recently and wanted to contribute but that razorpay site threw an error. Paypal also not working,
  16. Easily my most anticipated game! I've been out of proper gaming for a while but I expect this will pull me back.
  17. Not sure if the correct place to ask but here we go. Lookin for a UPS for my PS5 +23inch monitor+maybe laptop. 10-15 mins of backup would be okay. I dunno anything about UPSes so would appreciate some recommendations.
  18. Is that possible given the limited ammunition? And nope, i ran away (i mean slowly walked away) at the sight of every licker
  19. I dunno about the rumors (haven't been up on gaming news) but in my mind a PS5 Pro at $500 differs from a really high end system say at 1000$ which would basically be PC Ultra equivalent system made for even the most demanding AAA games. The pro consoles would just elongate the lifelines of the current generation by focusing on the shortcomings (Ray tracing i think)
  20. I'm sure they must have considered this at some point of time but in the present market such a product would have a very niche audience IMO. Also considereing the present dire condition of the silicon industry, it seems even more unlikely. Personally speaking, if such a product existed with a solid support of games form the industry, I would gladly take it as I prefer consoles over PC. Helps me differentiate my work space from my game space.
  21. Aloy


    Don't worry I'll join later in the suffering. PS+ extra made my unbearable backlog even worse to look at lmao
  22. Wow PS+ extra looks amazing. AC Valhalla, Returnal, Death stranding and Guardians already pay for its price and over that we get like 50+ random games that I would have never bought on my own. Great way to expand my palate. Delux doesn't look that enticing atm though. If only they add Def jam fight for NY, DBZ Budokai tenkaichi games and the punisher 2005. Now I see how gamepass owners feel
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