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  1. Would love to see the outcry from Gamers(TM)
  2. Aloy

    Elden Ring

    Did u ever finish Demon's souls?
  3. It's prolly so far away better to forget about it right now
  4. Aloy

    Ghostwire Tokyo

    Dekha na..mast lga. Day 1 kinda title.
  5. Aloy

    Ghostwire Tokyo

    aajkal daam 500 nhi 5000 ho gya hai
  6. Have heard a lot of good things about them but damn they are expensive. Gotta save up.
  7. Aloy

    God of War

    We live in weird times.
  8. Completely out of the loop so wanna make sure, buying the PS5 version is pointless 'cause the PS4 version will offer free PS5 upgrade, right?
  9. Aloy

    Gran Turismo 7

    My fav. GT focused youtuber.
  10. Aloy

    Ghostwire Tokyo

    Bhaiya yeh Aloy ko aapne dp mein 500/night wali kyu bna rkha hai?
  11. Aloy

    Ghostwire Tokyo

    The recent reveal brought this game from "eh...whatever" to "damn..might be day 1". Amazing art direction and aesthetics.
  12. Though I'm really enjoying the Switch, can't say I'm a fan of the joycons. The lack of a proper D-pad and the binary shoulder buttons(as in they are unlike Xbox/PS's shoulder buttons) hurts. Also the ergonomics are not the best. There are some shady third party joy cons on Amazon which seem to provide better ergonomics for like 5k but can't trust them.
  13. Aloy

    Gran Turismo 7

    sh*t looks insane...though I wonder what they could have achieved if this were a curr gen only title.
  14. That's weird. Tried some time ago and my visa debit card worked on the Argentinian store. They don't take PayPal as that would be the safer and better option.
  15. Oh nice. Celeste is like 1500 on the US store but just 230 in Argentina. Thanks for the tip. Though I noticed on that site that almost all first party ninty games are still pretty expensive throughout the globe. One small thing, switch online worth it?
  16. Recently bought a switch. What's the best way to buy games? Physical games seem to be the way to go but unable to find the good ones ( say Mario Odyssey) in 2nd hand markets. Also, does paypal work on the US store, to buy a digital only game like Celeste?
  17. Today's Slime isekai episode was so lit that my laptop was about to catche fire... Also started watching Hotori Bocchi no MaruMaruSeikatsu...it's really really wholesome. When feeling down, these are the best kind of animes
  18. Dunno what's wrong with me but I have no urge to play almost anything. Started Heavy rain, dropped after a few hours Started Bloodstained, dropped past the 70-80% mark Started Plague Tail but still at around 50% and have no urge to continue Got COD vanguard installed( the alpha) but played 2 matched and dropped it Have like 20+ games in the backlog but still feels like I've nothing to play I only enjoy Rocket league from time to time but even then it depends on the mood. It just feels bad that I'm losing interest in gaming
  19. The name's weird because the source is a light novel but the actual content is pretty sweet. One of the best isekai shows for me, right up there with Re zero and konosuba Edit: Also following Girlfriend Girlfriend. I guess I like my trashy harem animes lol cause I find it funny
  20. Kindly stop talking about me getting wet.
  21. Aloy

    Tales of Arise

    Tried the demo and I liked it. Visually the game's a looker except the pop-ins, weird to see em on a PS5 title. The combat is obviously pretty deep which is a plus. The character designs could be better though. Except the main guy, the rest are not interesting to me, in terms of design that is.
  22. Started watching "that time i got reincarnated as a slime" aka slime isekai and oh boi I'm hooked. Ended up watching up to the latest episode on YT (surprisingly all of it is legally available on YT, even the ongoing season, lookup Muse Asia). One of the best world building I've ever seen. Can't wait for the latest episode which comes out this Tuesday! Rimuru gonna slay
  23. Aren't these kinda things illegal? Put these morons in a jail damnit.
  24. Added to "things to do after retirement" lol
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