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  1. Yes my bank is okay. The sites didn't even get to asking my bank details.
  2. Got a job recently and wanted to contribute but that razorpay site threw an error. Paypal also not working,
  3. Easily my most anticipated game! I've been out of proper gaming for a while but I expect this will pull me back.
  4. Not sure if the correct place to ask but here we go. Lookin for a UPS for my PS5 +23inch monitor+maybe laptop. 10-15 mins of backup would be okay. I dunno anything about UPSes so would appreciate some recommendations.
  5. Is that possible given the limited ammunition? And nope, i ran away (i mean slowly walked away) at the sight of every licker
  6. I dunno about the rumors (haven't been up on gaming news) but in my mind a PS5 Pro at $500 differs from a really high end system say at 1000$ which would basically be PC Ultra equivalent system made for even the most demanding AAA games. The pro consoles would just elongate the lifelines of the current generation by focusing on the shortcomings (Ray tracing i think)
  7. I'm sure they must have considered this at some point of time but in the present market such a product would have a very niche audience IMO. Also considereing the present dire condition of the silicon industry, it seems even more unlikely. Personally speaking, if such a product existed with a solid support of games form the industry, I would gladly take it as I prefer consoles over PC. Helps me differentiate my work space from my game space.
  8. Aloy


    Don't worry I'll join later in the suffering. PS+ extra made my unbearable backlog even worse to look at lmao
  9. Wow PS+ extra looks amazing. AC Valhalla, Returnal, Death stranding and Guardians already pay for its price and over that we get like 50+ random games that I would have never bought on my own. Great way to expand my palate. Delux doesn't look that enticing atm though. If only they add Def jam fight for NY, DBZ Budokai tenkaichi games and the punisher 2005. Now I see how gamepass owners feel
  10. No, i think 120 mode hovers around 100 fps but it looks fine to me. The jitter is more noticeable in the 40-60 fps range
  11. Without VRR, inconsistent fps feels worse than locked fps, even if lower at least to me. I did try it but the downgrade in terms of smoothness was noticeable to me, at least during encounters.
  12. I will be starting my first ever job in a like 2 weeks as a software engineer and kinda very nervous. Can anyone give me some pointers? It's remote for the first month
  13. I'm playing in 120fps mode. Disappointed that the RT mode is not locked at 60 otherwise would have chosen that.
  14. So I went through with it and was pleasantly surprised to see they there are new areas and scenarios in Clair's run. But damn, there are a lot more fookin lickers everywhere. Good thing that the game is much easier the second time 'cause now I know what i'm supposed to do. Burning down every licker on sight lol
  15. Yeah I'll eventually give it another go. At the moment, I'm playing like 4 games in rotation so can't really afford to add another one into the mix lol.
  16. That would definitely be Astro's playroom
  17. Definitely high framerate mode IMO (if you have a 120/144 fps display). It's not locked 120fps i think but it's good enough and it really helps in an action game such as DMC. I consider ray tracing pointless here as the implementation is rather trivial and in an action game you wouldn't even notice the difference. Ray tracing with performance mode should be 60 locked I think. So basically, these 2 modes are good 4K/60 FPS with ray-tracing off Up to 120 FPS with ray-tracing off (rez is prob dynamic)
  18. Is there a proper UE5 game out there adopting nanite and lumen? There's the Matrix demo but well it's a just a tech demo, not very interesting.
  19. Even now it's hard to get a PS5, almost 2 years into the generation?! Unbelievable stuff
  20. Started Fire emblem three houses a week aga and I'M LOVING IT. The gameplay and the characters, both are amazing. Chose Golden Deer for the run. Also playing Super mario odyssey on the side. My first 3D mario and it plays great. The level design is fantastic. The only issue is BOTW. I spent about 30-35 hours into it and then dropped it. It got boring as there's basically no proper storytelling, the open world itself is mostly barren and i'm not the biggest fan of finding good weapons which become useless after a fight. The best part is definitely the ruins and their puzzles but that's not enough for me to pull back in. It's just weird, I was expecting a lot more from apparently one of the best games of all time, which sits at 97 meta I think. For now, I'd easily put mario and fire emblem above BOTW.
  21. Exactly why this remake makes zero sense to me, even if they update the gameplay and this is coming from someone who conisders the first one the top 5 games of all time. Complete waste of ND's time and resources. Also a cashgrab at full price without the MP component, which was amazing in the OG. It only makes sense if I consider it as a practice run for ND on the PS5 to develop tools, just like what they did with the TLOU Remsastered on the PS4
  22. Completed Leon's first run yesterday. The game is basically RE4-2 in some aspects but much much more stressful. Definitely not a game to chill lol. Began Claire's run right after that but was disappointed to see that it's exactly the same. I was expecting a completely new compaign. Also, I thought Leon and Claire were doing different thigns parallely, then how come they start off the same?
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