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  1. In India we have Netflix, Prime and Hotstar. Any other notable streaming services available? And how to get invitation in Flixfy? :-/
  2. Thanks for the suggestion guys...will definitely keep on my mind....may be in Dec i will upgrade my PC. Thanks again
  3. Guys I am a PC gamer mainly although I own a PS4. My PC is almost 4 years old now and I want to upgrade it. I am currently using- Processor - AMD FX 6300 Black Edition, GPU - AMD R9 270X, RAM - 8gb DDR3, Motherboard - Gigabyte, SMPS - Crossair 650 Watt I am thinking to update my processor to AMD Ryzen and GPU to Nvidia GTX 1080ti. Will that be a good combination? I mean will AMD processor and Nvidia card get along with each other? Or I have to put i7 or something for compatibility issue? And what is this Bottleneck thing I am coming across all over internet? Also please suggest me a good motherboard and SMPS to get along with it. One more thing I wanted to clarify that I am using one UPS, but if there is voltage fluctuation or power cut my computer turns off immediately if I am playing any game but keeps on running on normal desktop mode. I tried to get one APC UPS also but while playing game the indicator light becomes red and it continuous beeps even if the power is on. So i am using one more cheap UPS but again my computer shuts off when power is gone. Sorry for this long post and any discussion/suggestion will be immensely helpful for me. Also if this place is not right to post this thread please feel free to move it. -Cheers
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