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  1. YESSSSS! MITCHELL LANGERAK take a bow son ????DORTMUND THROUGH TO THE FINALS!❤#yellowlove #Borussia #DFB❤❤❤

  2. Sanchit Batra Ayush Sharma Gaurav Gupta

  3. Shrey Sabharwal Akash Panwar Ashish Bhatia Saransh Negi Kunal Dhand Devesh Gupta Lav Suri

  4. The best of UNITED i have seen since a long time ???? totallyy bamboozled city???????????? #4-2 # youngFellaini #GGMU????????????

  5. I kept ignoring her...????????she smiled,????but I kept quiet.????she began to????speak,but I didn't listen.....????????She kept calling my nameBut I didn't careI was notintrested at that time ????????when shebegan to leave,????I knew I needed????????her.I started running behindher,????????????????????????????.requesting..........????"MAMattendance"mam attendance ma'am... plz...

  6. Common India???? Win it!????????#INDvsAUS #BleedBluef**k amity for keeping classes today????

  7. Wherever you are????

  8. What a freaking half✊✊✊???????????? RONALDO BABYY????

  9. Mothaaaf**kerr???????????????????? mataaa????????????

  10. Jayant Chaudhary Harshit Verma????????

  11. Jayant Chaudhary bc hum toh fir bhi has rhe hote????????????????18 din maths ???????????????????? ek raat pehle shuru kari thi????????????????????

  12. Aur harao UAE ko Arsam Ali KhannSanchit Batraa

  13. Cristiano Ronaldo❤


  15. It's been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it.

  16. Another tournament in the bag ???? co-op this time ????

  17. Finallyyy 1-0 ????

  18. Ronaldooo❤5-1????

  19. From jodha bengali to haider , bang bang finally xD

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