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  1. swift


    This country's stupidity is beyond my understanding.
  2. swift


    😂😂😂 Mera Bharat mahan.
  3. I wish they would remaster Tiberian Sun.
  4. To be honest i haven't played that much this year but if remakes counts then i'll pick Legend of Zelda : Link's Awakening
  5. Finished the game today. I really love it, hope they would make Link to the past remake as well. I find on Cave 7 and 8 confusing, took me a while to figure it out 😅.
  6. I got few more questions guys. 1. I was told i have only 10 days warranty (lol)so where and how will i have it replaced if something goes wrong after 10 days? 2. Games which are sold here are Eu or NA games? 3. Which Nintendo Account (region)would be be better to create? 4. Suggest me a good controller.
  7. Okay then. So, bew one cost 25k and buying 2 games along with it will be 33k.
  8. Might use mostly on tv but how long does batt last on both models?
  9. I'm planning to pick up one but not sure which model i should go after, the new one or old one.
  10. They will announce during these pre season tour. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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