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  1. swift

    Lies of P

    The title of this game always cracks me up because of that joke someone said “ lies of Phil Spencer”.
  2. finally platinum it. I really enjoyed the game but platinum was too much for me.
  3. Decided to treat myself with these for my birthday. Zelda poster not included in the pic bec I didn’t frame it yet.
  4. So far my experience with gamesloot is good but gamenatiom on the other hand is somewhat disappointing.
  5. On 8/8/22 i plat Goosebumbs: the game(33rd plat) which was an easy plat but with without guide one would keep on circling. Btw not sure if this is the right place to ask but couldn’t find a thread for it. Anyone playing Warship Legends?
  6. True,no trophy system makes games less interesting and as for the stamps i have 11 to unlock.
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