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  1. 17 hours ago, GunnerY2J said:

    Drishyam 2


    Extremely overrated and a very disappointing sequel.

    Nothing of interest happens until the last 15-20 minutes.

    Even then the twist is very filmy.

    The first had all that build up and even then sensible.

    Akshay Khanna was portrayed as a mastermind but didn't do anything of note in the movie, only to say punchy dialogues here and there.

    He was getting irritating and even almost funny, actually the movie was so empty that i think I'd only remember akshay Khanna's role in it.


    Terrible movie only going over for the hype of the first.


    I share somewhat similar sentiments. This movies was way below the first one. The twists could be seen beforehand and Akshaye and Tabu had too less and insignificant screen time. Should have seen this on OTT as this didn't deserved a theatre experience. Heard they are now making a 3rd part which is stupid as this concluded it well and should be left alone now.


  2. SKY is Magic. Best batsman for a reason..


    Pandya is a grade A egoistic moron. Should have given strike to SKY in last over but wanted to show he is the Man. The Hooda and Sundari copied his stupidity and SKY didn't get to play single ball in last over when he just smashed 22 in 19th over. Morons in Indian team is why we won't win an ICC TROPHY.

  3. 44 minutes ago, AtheK said:

    They should have three different captains.


    1. Pandya for T20, with Kohli and Rohit shown the door.

    2. Rohit for ODI till next World Cup 

    3. Virat for test.


    that will be best setup.

    1. Kohli won't be dropped as he was highest scorer in Asia cup and world cup. Rohit should be but he won't be dropped either.

    2. Rohit should retire after Wc2023 and let someone else captain after that. Although my hopes for 2023 world cup is way less even if it's in India considering how mediocre we look in front of England and Australia.

    3. This should never have been messed up. We lost the England 5th test cos of this and golden opportunity of winning series in England. Rohit wasn't even a certainty in test team 1.5 years back and now he is Captain.  

  4. On 10/25/2022 at 1:55 AM, playstationdude said:

    I guess ill just rent an eeco cargo van and sit with hired help to hold the TV. Distance is only 31km, roughly a 1hour drive. Seems like a safer option than packers and movers.

    Also f**k these companies to make the oled tvs so thin, loosing sight of practicality over aesthetic.

    Move it on a Sunday. Traffic is bare minimal so you will reach quickly and without stress on TV. 

  5. So Pandya will be captain in t20 and Rohit will be for Odis and tests. Which means they have just sacked Rohit from t20 captaincy and not sacked him as a player in t20. I hope new selectors have the balls to change this Hero worshipping culture and select players on merit. Rohit and KL have no business playing in t20 set up.


    Also what hypocrisy from bcci. Kohli asked this to happen last year. To make Rohit t20 captain and let him captain ODI and tests and BCCI said no there can be no split captaincy. 

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  6. How much is for extra?

    On PS app I can only see option to renew Deluxe membership which I currently have and after 25% disc it's coming to 4311. I was thinking of getting extra instead of Deluxe but no option to opt for it. Mine is expiring on 25 Dec.


    Edit- in change option there is option to downgrade membership but got renew there is no 25% discount on extra and only on Deluxe.

  7. 19 hours ago, AtheK said:

    No Kohli too, we just can’t have such players in T20 fold, William son is also a liability Like him, anyway by the time next WC comes along he would be 36, time to drop them is now. Let them be playing ODI that is what suits him and rohit best.


    Kohli isn't an issue right now. He averaged 52 with 150 SR this year. And we need one experience guy to hold the team together. Plus he is big match players and 8/10 times performs in crucial matches which require strong mental ability which so many of our Indian cricketers lack. He is 34. With his fitness he can even play till 40 but I will keep him for another 2 years to make sure all new players adjust well in the set up. 


    Rohit, KLPd, bhuvi, Shami, Ashwin, DK should be told bye bye for T20. 

  8. 10 hours ago, san_Assassin said:


    Sometimes Sunny G makes sense. However, IPL was never the issue. It's the BCCI, selectors and the management which is the problem. Didn't other country players played in IPL, CPL, BBL and what not and still performed. Our guys barely play for 70-80 days a year and they still want rest. What has Rohit and KL done in World cup that they demand rest. Till the time this Superstar culture and bcci only bothered about making money will stay we not gonna win any trophies. Except for Paytm bilateral trophy as usual.

  9. 7 hours ago, R3D_D3ViL said:

    Monica O my darling is so so good. Had the most fun watching this movie this year. Strong performances all around…Radhika Apte steals the show…Sikander Kher is revelation. The bgm is just right…makes it sound like watching a retro 70’s bollywood thriller.  The dialogues and lines are killer. Dont give this one a miss. 

    Enjoyed it thoroughly. Rajkumar Rao is becoming my favorite actor. Although Radhika Apte imo was strictly OK and others did a better job. We loved the retro feel especially the music was always on point. We need more such well made mystery thrillers. 


    Anyone else feels with the open ending they left a scope for a sequel?

  10. 2 hours ago, Big Boss said:

    Their best bowler got injured

    Only if will always remain in fans heart. 

    2 hours ago, silentassassin said:

    wouldn't have mattered tbh.
    They would have still won it

    This. Unless there was a hatrick and England forgetting how to Bat victory was a given by then.

    2 hours ago, silentassassin said:

    So, Stokes finishing 2 WC finals..

    What a turn around.
    2015 they were a pathetic white ball team.

    2 World Cups 
    1 lost final.

    Beastly white ball team now in matter of 7 years. 

    When you select correct players for correct format without caring for reputations this happen. Where we are still ignoring Shaw our best white ball opener like buttler and Hales.

    2 hours ago, AtheK said:

    Superb performance, best team won. 

    this is how you select and groom players, they don’t have root, we have Kohli and Sharma, f**k it.


    I don't mind Kohli at all but Nohit and KLPD should never be picked for a T20 again.

    2 hours ago, silentassassin said:

    Butler got out quick.

    But he basically made the job easier for the rest of the team.


    Our openers would have gone at less than run a ball as it's a small target.. 


    Our openers anyways would have done tuk tuk in any situation. They are sh*t personified. 


    If Pak had made 160 this could have been very very close. Kudos to their bowling for taking it so deep with just 137 where what our bowlers did is legendary now. 

  11. Are we really surprised by what happened?


    Our openers are sh*t to put it mildly. Both have no business being in a T20 side. 28 ball 27 in a semi final on a pure batting wicket is despicable. And the audacity to blame the loss on bowlers in post match interview.


    Kohli and SKY can't carry this team always and SKY too fails in crucial games. 


    Since eternity they can't decide if they want to play DK or Pant and musical chairs continue.


    Axar and Ashwin are played who aren't match winning spinners while performing players like Bishnoi are dropped. 


    Bhuvi was over long back. Still we keep playing him. 


    More than players Selectors should be sacked first for selecting so many ODI players for a T20. 


    England showed how T20 is actually played.


    And trust me nothing will change. If you have doubts then check the NZ tour squad.


    Forgot to add Dravid has been completely useless as coach. Just like Ganguly was as bcci head.


    I am not disappointed cos I expected this. 



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  12. NZ and SA are cursed.

    Wait for their first World cup continues as usual.


    Absolutely brilliant performance from Pakistan today. Clinical. From Out of World cup almost to making the finals. Enigmatic.


    Give us a India vs Pak tomorrow.

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  13. All 4 teams played better than others when needed we can say but Pak got lucky. They should thank SA for their eternal choke in ICC tournaments. 


    Semi finals will be exciting. No one can predict who will win. We may find it tougher cos England bats really deep and our batting line up relies heavily on Kohli and SKY. I will persist with Pant. He got out today to a freak catch but that was a good hit and we need that Intent against England. Plus his keeping is A class and he is a big match player who can turn things around when you least expect them. Only if DK had done anything in last 4 matches it would be easy to recommend him. 


    Ideally we should play Chahal against England who are quite weak against leg spin. But, he has no match practice. So, barring injury same bowling attack will play.


    Hardik is a big worry. He has completely forgotten his hitting abilities. We need a finisher and we need him to strike a few. 


    On paper England are favorite so I am keeping expectations low but hopeful our experience may take us through.

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  14. Avatar is only for the visuals. The first one was same. I found it strictly OK and not re-watch able. 


    I was in school when DDLJ released. My friends dad used to own the biggest theater in our city so we will bunk school and watch it whenever we can. Forgot the count how many times I saw it that time. Good times. 

  15. 3 hours ago, KnackChap said:

    must be his fitness and disciplinary issues that are keeping him away from the team. 

    Nope. As per our genius Chetan Sharma there is no such issue with him. In fact they actually don't have a solid reason to keep him out other than preferring the guys they like. 

  16. Chutiya selectors are at it again. 


    Why isn't Shaw selected with best avg and best SR is inexplicable.


    Why our best spinner before world cup Bishnoi is dropped with no poor performance is again something selectors can't explain.


    Why we keep going back to flop spinners like Chahal and Kuldeep and not try new guys.


    Why are Rohit and Rahul rested. If you want them to continue in Indian team then make them play all games.


    Hardik as Captain is maybe a sign we may move on from Rohit in t20. Sooner the better. 

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