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  1. DK is out with back injury so Pant will definitely play. Looks like this good for nothing KL will get another game.
  2. Why are people blaming Ashwin? He didn't made Kohli drop a sitter of Markram which could have changed the whole match. He didn't made batters bat like morons with no sense of responsibility (barring SKY) Did he miss those run outs which even schoolboys can do effectively. Rohit had 3 stumps in view and from 5 feet he misses with all the time in the world to hit. Did he select Hooda and waste a spot when a 4th genuine pacer could have been added on this Pace assisted pitch. SA left out Shamsi and didn't bowled Maharaj for his quota cos everyone knew this pitch has 0 assistance for spinners. So,is it really Ash's fault his Captain is bowling him in the end when batsman will hit out of the park. Our Captain keeps failing with the bat. His and Coach's selection are baffling. KL Rahul keeps getting selected when he has never done anything worthy in an important match against a good team. DK who has never done anything in any World cup still finds his way in team as finisher and behold, he fails again. Our whole batting is Kohli and SKY. One of them fails and we can't even make 150. If both fails we may get out under 100. Why is Vikram Rathour our batting coach who has done nothing of note in white ball cricket and under whom batsman keep on failing without any improvement. And then he goes on in media claiming KL is our best bet as an opener. Come on. Less said about fielding the better. Fielding coach should have been sacked months ago. They should learn something from Ireland how to field and defend an average score. Against Bangladesh. Drop KL, make Pant open who atleast have the Intent and in Australia he usually does great. Drop hooda and bring Akshar back. And make these guys do some intense fielding drills cos today was pathetic.
  3. In danger for lowest total of tournament..
  4. I so wanted to watch Kantara after the good reviews but sadly no shows running here.
  5. Nothing makes my day as Pak losing..and that too against Zimbabwe and this will ensure their exit from world cup. No way they can better India or SA unless rain creates havoc which I don't see happening. What a match, what a win for Zimbabwe.😆
  6. If Captain and Coach have any brain they will drop KL next game and make Pant open. A 15 ball 25 from Pant will be good enough for a start. We made 32 in PP and that too against Netherlands. What will we do against better teams. Including Pant also solves our keeper problem as DK is quite bad. We can't expect Virat and SKY to save us every game.
  7. T20 ICC rankings are sh*t. Malan, Williamson, Smith are same kind of players who shouldn't be there in the 11.
  8. Harshal has been sh*t in last few games. Why will you change your most economical bowler off late and someone who has just hit the winning runs against Pakistan.
  9. England 😂😂 Ireland was fantastic and with better catching could have embarrassed England more..
  10. 1. Valid issue. With Rohit blowing hot and cold as well if opening fails whole middle order comes under tremendous pressure and Virat won't rescue us always. Even SKY hasn't done anything of note in crucial matches yet. With Pant we atleast have a surity of Intent which Rahul can never have against good bowling. 2. I believe max should have been 140 when we had openers out for so cheap. We let the game move away in the middle. 3. SKY should be aggressive but he needs to read the situation too. Yesterday he should have stayed with Kohli for longer. We were chasing with a known target and not setting a target. Was no need to play so many shots so early. 4. That can happen to anyone anytime. Even Shaheen was hit for 19 runs in an over. Axar has done great for us recently so let's give him more chances. 5. Boobie made a rookie mistake. You never throw without backup in death overs.
  11. I do the same. If seats are available I always prefer buying in person.
  12. So skipping black adam. Will see when it's on OTT
  13. More funny was when they didn't chase the ball on free hit. They didn't even know that if it's a free hit ball is in play cos batsman can't get out. Similar like getting caught on free hit and you can run as many as you can.. 😂
  14. This.. That shot is nearly impossible to time for a long six.. Add the pressure and their fastest in form baller a this easily becomea one of the best sixes I have ever seen... I have received quite some flake here for supporting Kohli.. But, I have always maintained he is the best batsman for India since Sachin retired. Without a doubt and probably will surpass Sachin when he retires. The tear in Kohli eyes showed what this win meant for him. For me we already won the World cup with this match. If we actually win the final that will be cherry on the top.
  15. Kohli has been brilliant once again against world class bowling..
  16. Dravid needs to be sacked. This is a shitshow since long and his coaching is terrible.
  17. Was going to watch in IMAX. Seems local PVR will do.
  18. Such an entertaining few days. Everyone who went through deserved it. Windies have become a terrible team so no surprise there. Especially happy for Ireland and Zimbabwe going through. Sadly both Aus v Nz and India vs Pak might not happen due to 80% forecast of rain. Will be a bummer.
  19. Yup. This is an annoyance with iPhone.
  20. What an opening day. Namibia showed lot of heart and professionalism and embarrassed the recent Asia cup champs. Brilliant watch. And now Netherlands match is a humdinger too.. Nice.
  21. When you switch on the phone first time there is an option to move all data via Move to ios app. Just see a clip on you tube how to do it. I too got the IPhone 13 last month and transferred everything including WhatsApp chats via this method.
  22. Not surprised. VAG group cars have always been well made. It's just their atrocious spare parts pricing and pathetic After sale service which has let them down. Maruti and Koreans should learn from these guys and Tata how to make 5 star cars.
  23. Not sure. He has improved his short ball game and I only said he should be the backup in case someone regular gets injured. And judging by news of someone getting injured everyday in India team this is high possibility especially with Rohit Sharma. World cup officially starts tomorrow but real one starts from 22nd when Aus and Eng meet. Drawback of world cup in Australia is match timings on working days for us.
  24. Are we sure about Bishnoi cos the report I read mentioned him as well going to Australia. Iyer should have travelled too as he is in form and if someone like SKy gets injured he can be a good replacement .
  25. Shami is already on the way as Bumrah replacement which imo is a bad move.
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