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  1. I received my Hdfc card today. However, they have misspelled my name on the card. Should I get it corrected or leave it for the time being?
  2. Rather than prepay the card if you are buying the product from Flipkart or Amazon then the best way is to buy there gift voucher and redeem them in your account. So you can pay 20k from voucher balance and 61k from card. I did this in recent sale without any hiccup.
  3. NOOO I saw its trailer when we went for Ps-1. This doesn't look good and same old generic Akshay Kumar movie.
  4. PS-1 I had high expectations considering the good word of mouth reviews. It's a very well made movie no doubt but somehow fell short of my expectations. For someone who has seen Game of Thrones it's easy to relate with different kingdoms, the politics, power struggle for throne etc. However, movie lacks action set pieces and twists which are necessary for such a story. It looked like this was more a build up for Part 2. Everyone has acted well and Ash looks absolutely beautiful as the queen. Let's see how Part 2 pans out in few months. Lal Singh Chaddha In one word - Snoozefest. I thank my stars I didn't watched it in a theatre. Aamir needs to do some introspection of his acting skills as this was absolutely below par. I didn't even finished the movie cos I was really bored.
  5. Ya. But Flipkart cheaps didn't mention open box delivery so had to request the delivery guy to do it still.. do make sure to make a video of it.
  6. I think it went for 90k for sometime in Flipkart when sale started.
  7. I will always suggest to get expensive stuff from offline stores. This year itself I ordered a 55 inch Sony from Amazon and on delivery it was a damaged panel. Spoils the mood. Best get it offline. You will get similar deal if you try few stores.
  8. I share the same sentiment. Touchwood. Only time I had an issue was when I ordered a smartwatch and received an empty watch box from Amazon. That was last year. I even forgot to make unboxing video. However one call to CC and they didn't even asked for a proof and issued another watch. Maybe, it depends on your shopping history and being a Prime member helps too.
  9. For the life of me I can't understand why Shaw isn't in the squad. 56 average with 126 SR. There is no other opener who is doing this. He needs to have someone's nudes just like chahal has to be in team.
  10. Let's not blame the bowlers too much. Even Rabada, Nokia, ngidi touched 50. It was flattest of tracks with relatively smaller square boundaries. Arsh had an off day at death which happens to bumrah also. Harshal is a concern as his bowling form is down since he is back from injury. But the replacement like Siraj or Shami aren't great too so we are stuck. Australia is a different ball game. Grounds are big and these 68 meter sixes won't fly there. I hope we can somehow play Bishnoi as he brings a lot of variety.
  11. How is Bavuma in SA team let alone be Captain is beyond me. So, our top 4 is in solid form now with DK and Hardik finishing up. Chahar and Arsh are very good open bowling options with Arsh bowling at death also.
  12. This is why I completely avoid trailers or just see first few seconds to see if something interests me. Trailers are now atleast 3 mins long and cover almost every crucial scene.
  13. Vikram Vedha I haven't seen the South one so my expectations were purely based on the look of trailer. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Saif looks Suave and does justice to his role of Vikram the righteous one. But, Hritik is smashing it as Vedha (Betaal). His UP accent could have been a tad better though. I was quite apprehensive how will they do justice to the concept of Vedha narrating stories, however it's very well executed and everything comes together in the end. Judging by the climax I believe there might be a sequel brewing up. I will rate this a solid 4/5.
  14. I have an ICICI account for last 20+ years. Never had any issue. Plus their mobile app is infinitely better than HDFC and Sbi I have used..
  15. Any good optician usually have 15-20% discount going on most of the time...
  16. This. Most of the time I hear Kohli, bumrah, Rohit, Jadeja are resting. Even odi against SA all are on rest. Look at Pant, people make fun of him but he rarely ever misses a match due to fitness, same for Kohli. Rohit is half the year on injured list. KL is joining him since sometime. I think NCA is main culprit. Even Shastri was lambasting them in an interview. They aren't able to do rehabilitation of players in a good way.
  17. Some have it. Some don't. One of Asics had it. Another didn't. None of the Nike have. However, all 3 of them turned out to be genuine.
  18. My 50% hope of reaching semis is now 10% only. Although Deepqk Chahar and Arshdeep are a good combo but we needed Bumrahs death bowling badly.
  19. 106 is quite good after 9/5. I was expecting a 60-70 all out but we didn't had a 4th seamer for finish it off.
  20. AFAIK wireless charging isn't recommended by most tech reviewers especially for iphones as it heats the phone more and iPhone battery can't take heat and degrades faster. Wired charging is better and safer for battery.
  21. Flipkart are idiots. Among the sea of my orders there was an orange Reebok shoe which was a steal deal. Flipkart sneakily at last moment changed the complete product in order history and delivered another dumb looking Reebok shoe. I opted for return citing wrong product sent. After series of calls and emails and sending them pics of ordered shoe and delivered show, they finally cancelled the return citing their delivery partner has delivered the product in perfect condition. Absolute morons. So, I opted for return again citing wrong Size. This was accepted in a minute. What jokers 😂 Thankfully my Iphone order wasn't cancelled and there was no hiccup while delivery except for the open box fiasco. @AtheK- My nike and Asics shoes also turned out to be original.
  22. Win toss. take fielding. win match. easy peasy.
  23. No way it's going to be offered for 50k again. And no one got it for 46k. Least price people got it was for 48k due to Axis cashback. In May itself I got it for wife for 70k after cashback. So at 52k it's an amazing deal within a few months.
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