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  1. Changing wifi to 5Ghz made textures better with minimal to no lag
  2. Pretty playable for me with minimal lag It's so convenient to try new games as it requires no download My analog stick broke right before recording this video lol
  3. Got a great hack to use Xcloud in India Connect to VPN Open gamepass app Select the game you want to play Once the game starts disconnect VPN (so that you can go back to your normal internet speed) Been playing all day on my phone, Xcloud is not flawless but works great with my 100mbps connection. Just love how easy it is to jump back into games between Xbox and phone. Really think 4-5 years down the line cloud gaming will be the real deal
  4. lets see if he apologies to the people for his irresponsible behavior holding rallies
  5. https://www.deccanherald.com/national/west/fadnavis-faces-flak-as-22-year-old-nephew-tanmay-gets-covid-19-vaccine-976427.html Former CM Devendra Fandavis 22 year old nephew gets his second of Vaccine
  6. Love how some people who were going on and on about the situation in maharashtra Totally ignore what's happening in Bengal
  7. armaan


    What's the best place to farm im level 14 trickster and just killed the spider boss.
  8. I came back from Dubai last month had to quarantine for 7 days in a hotel and 7 days home quarantine which is the rule in Maharashtra which most of the people know about and are following. About the police being corrupt that's the case in the entire country not only in Mumbai.
  9. my friends grandparents came back today unvaccinated in Mumbai today because of no vaccines being available.
  10. armaan


    this is soo annoying finally got some time to play, back to fifa I guess
  11. armaan


    anyone else not able to connect to server on xbox? was just about to start the game
  12. Looks like outriders coming day one to game pass! https://twitter.com/XboxGamePass/status/1370494813531869186?s=09
  13. How are so many fans allowed in the stadium? Feels like covid never happened
  14. bro obviously! we are waiting on our doctor to get back! also i think there are a couple of people here who are doctors so was just trying to know their opinion or someone here whos family member or friend is on blood thinners
  15. thanks alot guys for the replies, we are waiting for our doctor to be back in town as he is not currently in town.
  16. Both my parents take blood thinners so wanted to know if it is safe for them to take the vaccine ??
  17. waiting for this to come to gamepass!
  18. I need to get a Laptop for work just basic emails and MS office planning to go for Microsoft Surface GO.
  19. just starting of destiny 2 any wanna join? add me silentdevilred
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